Being Worthy

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The cold, hard floor upon which I was bound and gagged in a fetal position, felt most unyielding. The panty-gag was soaked from my saliva, and the dildo in my ass felt most uncomfortable. Time seemed endless since my captors left me here in this dank basement.

How did I get in this position? It all started when I met this blonde, blue-eyed babe in a bar. Sitting next to each other on stools, the conversation began innocent enough. The usual pick-up lines were said: Do you come here often? Do you live around here? Would you like a drink? Eventually we agreed to get a booth. She sat next to me rather than across, which gave each of us the chance of a cheap feel and some kissing. The tight lavender blouse and the short black skirt she was wearing were like magnets to my hands, and my tented jeans served the same for purpose for her hands as well.

She asked me if I’d like to come to her place, which was an easy choice. Following her in my car she led me out to a rural area, with its rustic houses and thick woods. After a drive of about twenty miles, she drove down a long narrow driveway and stopped her car near a one-story rambler with a two-car garage.

Smiling at each other as we exited our vehicles, she came right up to me in the garage and put her arms around me and fastened her lips to mine in a passionate kiss. This chest to chest feeling easily stirred my loins to the point where my manhood was pushing steely against my briefs. Our tongues met as I ran my hands down her soft body to her rump.

During this passionate embrace, I knew I heard what sounded like a door opening. By now she was grinding her pelvis against my hard cock through my jeans. Then she broke the kiss, a hand grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head back exposing my face. A cloth was forced onto my nose. In five seconds blackness overtook me.

The next thing I remember was seeing the blonde’s face as she smiled down at me with a bit of a sneer. Shaking my head to clear my mind, I focused on her eyes. Those innocent blue orbs had a look of coldness and I knew this was trouble. My six-foot two frame stirred when I realized that I was spread eagled on the hard floor, and I was naked.

“Wake up, asshole!” she seethed while delivering a sharp slap across my face. Being assaulted by the very woman I thought I’d be fucking by now was a blow to my ego for sure. Frustrated by not being able to defend myself, some curse words formed. That only earned me another facial rebuke. The backhander infuriated me further, but then she reached between my splayed legs and wound her hand around both balls. The intense pain had me writhing. Tears actually formed in my eyes, when she released my nuts and jammed a balled up pair of panties in my mouth and duct taped my lips. “That’ll keep you fucking quiet!” She giggled as she squeezed my balls again and said, “Just testing.”

My captor then sat on my chest and leaned her face down so her lips were almost touching mine. “So you thought I was just going to allow someone I’d just met to march right in here and fuck me!” What could I say, she was right. “Do think I’m some fucking slut, who allows just any fucker to stick his dick in my cunt?” I shook my head no. She then reached behind her and grabbed my hard cock. “Let me tell you something buster! You are going to have to earn the right to fuck me,” she said as she twisted my cock painfully. Then she stood up, moved back a bit and slapped my male member hard, back and forth, twice each way. My protests were muffled by the panties as she glared down at me.

Then I heard her voice again. “Hey Andy, chain this asshole up!” Andy I found out is Cheryl’s live-in boy friend who does all the heavy stuff, like chloroforming unsuspecting saps, as well as carrying them, stripping them and tying them down. The lumbering big man handled me like I was a rag doll. Untying my wrists and ankles he literally grabbed my hair, forced me to follow him and chained my wrists and ankles until I was spread eagled in an upright position.

Once he had finished he smiled widely at the little lady who was about half his size. “That’s all for now, I’ll call you if I need you and I promise to suck your cock later,” she said with a sweet smile.

Once Andy had left the room, Cheryl smiled up at me. “He doesn’t mind if I bring home a man to play with,” she said smugly as she reached out and pinched my right nipple. “In fact he has told me it turns him on watching me dominate other men, she said as she latched on to my other nipple and squeezed both hard, which had me yelping into the panty gag again

Seeing her walk around the room I wondered what was in store for me. By now I had accepted my position. If this babe was going to let me fuck her, I could surely endure what she was dishing out. When I saw her standing in front of me holding a long, thin piece that was shaped like a bow of a bow-and-arrow set, I frowned. On the top of the arched bow, there were two metal clamps and on the bottom end there two more clamps. When she smiled sadistically I stiffened when a clamp touched my right nipple, and yelped aloud into the gag. I howled even louder when the other clamp squeezed my other nipple. “Still want to fuck me, slave boy?” she sneered. The excruciating pain shot right through my being and my cock was at parade rest. Then she looked down. “Do you think you’re going to fuck me with this piece of shit!” she said as she squeezed it so hard my face screwed up in a mask of pain. Then she got on her knees. “Come on slave, get this big boy right up there,” she said softly as she began licking the head. The sudden pleasure sent a message to my brain and then back down to my now growing dick. “That’s it, here it comes!” Once my cock was rock hard, she stood up. Still smarting from the pain in my nipples, I watched fearfully as she pointed one of the lower clamps toward my groin. When the clamp was connected to my ball-sac., the predictable discomfort shot through me and was doubled when the other clamp was attached. I was in agony for sure. But then she began with the verbal degradation. “What’s the matter, dickhead, can’t take a little pain!” And, “I don’t think you’re worthy enough to fuck me, scumbag!” This humiliation was almost as bad as the pain. Then she held my shrunken cock by her thumb and forefinger. “You call yourself a man!?” With that she slapped my limp cock five times, causing me to slump in my bonds suffering at the hands of this sadistic bitch.

Then I heard the lady call for Andy again. “Take him down and put him on his knees!” But before the big man manhandled me again, the clamps were mercifully removed. Even though it did hurt, the relief was wonderful. Now I was in my subservient position and was looking at my beautiful babe, who looked like she needed to be fucked. The short skirt she was wearing allowed me to see up to her covered pussy when she spread her legs even slightly. And my cock was standing out straight. “Well slave, it looks like you’re ready to fuck me.” Then she cackled out loud. “But I don’t think you’ve earned that yet.” Disappointment set in again. “Oh don’t look so glum, I said I’d let you fuck me and that’s a fine piece of meat you have there, and I definitely want that in me.” That made me smile. “But first,” she cooed as she hiked her skirt up and spread her legs, giving me a full view of her panty-covered pussy. “I want you take my panties off!” When I crawled over to her, she swatted my hands away when began reaching for the waistband. “With your teeth!” “With my teeth?” I asked quizzically. “Yes and I better not feel your teeth or I’ll squeeze your fucking balls to mush!” At that point I was aware of Andy being in the room. It was probably a precautionary measure, because I wasn’t tied. Then carefully I moved my mouth so that I could get a grip of the waistband of her black bikini panties pullingit down as far as I could without tearing the fabric. To make things easier she then stood up, and I carefully worked my way around her form, taking the material down methodically until the panties were at a point where gravity took over. Once her shaved pussy came into view, Cheryl sat back down and spread her legs to the maximum. Her words were short and to the point. “Eat me slave!” Then I felt Andy grab me by the hair again. Forcing my face into the crotch of his lady, he said in a deep voice, “Suck that pussy, boy!” I didn’t have to be told a second time. Tonguing and slurping her clit for all I was worth, it didn’t take long for her to give out a loud, pleasurable cry. Thinking that I was getting close to fucking this sexy lady, I felt my cock reach its solid length and my insides were relieved thinking this ordeal was over.

Once the lady had calmed down, she looked at me as I resumed my kneeling position in front of her. Then without warning, she kicked me dead in the balls. Falling to my side in a fetal position, I heard her voice. “You still haven’t earned the right to fuck me! Maybe later” Rising from her seat, she instructed Andy to tie me up, force a dildo up my ass and to just leave me on the floor. “Besides,” she said, “I did promise to suck your cock. We’ll deal with this dick head later!”

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