Beth was a average girl when we were growing up, she was my bothers age,one yr older.
She was the perfect tomboy, she played baseball, kickball, tag, and all
the games we played growing up.
I never thought of her as a girl, she was just one of the guys. Even thou
I was a yr younger, we hung out
more than she did with others. We talked about a lot of things I would
not talk about to my best “guy” friends. I remember her telling me when she had her first period. It was kind of weird.
Well, Beth graduated and went on to collage. I stayed at home and got a job. She would come home every holiday, and we would chat for a few minutes. Beth was going to get
married when she graduated from school, she had been going steady with a guy for some time. But when she came home after graduation, she stayed for the summer, that is where this story begins.
I had heard Beth was home, I even sent her a graduation card. One day when I was walking home from the store, a car drove alongside me, I heard a voice say “need a ride stranger?” I looked and it was Beth.
“Hey girl, congratulations!” “Thank you for the card Mark” Beth replied. I was in front of her parents house, and Beth stopped the car and got out.
She leaned over and kissed my cheek.
“I heard you were home, nice to see you” I smiled at her. Beth and I had kissed before, just quick hits on the cheek, so it was not unexpected she kissed me.
“come on in, lets chat” Beth let me in the house, and sat on her usual recliner. “So, what you going to do now that your out of collage” I heard your getting married” Beth frowned a bit, “No, not getting married, called it off a few weeks ago. Just seemed right” “I’m sorry Beth. He is missing out on a great girl” Anything you want to tell me, or is it to personal?”
“Not just yet Mark, maybe someday we will chat about it” Beth smiled, her eyes seemed sad. “What’s up with you Mark?” Beth smiled at me.”not much, just work a lot, drink some beer after work”
I shrugged when I answered. “No girlfriend to go out with?” she asked “No, not really, I have been out a few times, blind dates and such, but nothing serious” My face turned red when I answered.
“Why not? Beth asked, “your a great looking guy, talks nice, and a good kisser”
“Just things, different things I guess”, I cleared my throat as I answered, and looked at the floor.
“Want to talk about it?” she asked, maybe I can help, give advice?” “no, not just yet, I laughed, thinking of her answer to me. “Alright, tell you what, you tell me your situation, and Ill tell you mine.”
“its not that easy for me to talk about this, cant even talk to the guys at work, to embarrassing” I said.
“Oh?” Beth leaned forward in the chair. “well, that can only mean, you don’t like girls, or, well, you have a problem with us?”
I cleared my throat again, and I know I was a darker shade of red. “Beth, it’s just not easy for me, to talk about this” “Mark, did someone hurt you?” Beth asked in a whisper. I closed my eyes and nodded my head.
“Its silly I guess, but it just bothers me.” “What” Beth asked. Mark, tell me”
“If I told you I was still a virgin, would you believe me?” I nodded my head as I asked her, and looked her straight in her eyes. Beth did not seemed shocked, but smiled a bit. “Everyone is a virgin Mark, until the first time. I had a first time once Mark. So will you.” “Its not just that Beth, I had a chance for a first time, its just, well,she laughed at me”
We were in the car, and she wanted to have sex.
She slid her hand in my zipper and I cam right away in her hand, I mean right now! She freaked out, started to laugh and made fun of me, it was so embarrassing. Then to top it off,she told her friends, so now all the girls at work giggle when I walk by.”
Beth stood up, and said “come over her Mark” she held out her hand and pulled me up. “Kiss me” I paused for a second and she repeated “kiss me” I put my hand on her shoulder and kissed her cheek, just like always.
“No Mark”, she whispered, “kiss me” Beth placed her hands on my face and planted her lips on my lips, and kissed me, long and hard. She pulled me to her and wrapped her arms around me. I put my hands on her shoulders. Beth was a good kisser, and I tried to respond as well. We kissed for a minute, Beth pressed her chest against mine,and my cock was starting to get hard. “How was that Mark” Beth asked. “loved it Beth, thank you.” Beth took my right hand off her shoulder and slid it to her breast. I pulled my hand away, but she pressed it harder. “Its OK, I want you to touch it”
Beth took my hand and rubbed it in circles around her boob. Beth had nice sized boobs, I seen her in bathing suits before, many times, and her breast were some of the best I have seen, but never “naked”.
“Mark” Beth whispered in my ear, I’m going to make you forget about that tramp who embarrassed you. She had no right to do that. Don’t’t worry about anything that is going to happen, it’s OK, its normal” My cock was very hard now, budging in my pants.
Beth stepped back and pulled her shirt over her head. Her breast were even bigger than I thought. She turned around and looked back at me, “unsnap me”. I reached up and fumbled a bit, but got it unhooked. Beth let her bra fall to the floor, and turned back to face me. Her hands were at her side,and her boobs were staring right at me. Her nipples were hard now, sticking straight out. I hand seen my moms boobs once yrs ago,and my sisters friend. Beth had by far the best breast. No sag, just firm, like the ones I had seen in the girl magazines. “Take off your shirt now Mark” Beth told me. I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. Beth stepped forward and ran her hand on my chest, her finger circling my own nipples. “Do as I do, play with my tits Mark” Beth told me. My hand went to her boobs and I touched her nipples as she was touching me. We touched each other for several minutes.
Beth bent over and sucked one of my nipples. “your turn Mark” she stood up. I leaned over and sucked her right breast. “Softly Mark, don’t rush” For several minutes I sucked each of her breast. She would tell me what to do. I circled each nipple with my tongue when she told me to. I could hear Beth breathing harder as I sucked her tits. Beth held my head and ran her fingers in my hair. “OK” Beth said “Take my pants off” Beth took a step back and raised her hands a bit. “go on, take them off” I knelt forward and unsnapped her genes. They slipped over her hips and I pulled them down to her ankles. I could smell her pussy through her undies. She had a wet spot on them. “now my panties”
I did the same with her panties, and for the first time, I saw a woman’s pussy, not just a magazine one, but a real one. Beth stepped out of her cloths, she had a shaved pussy, just a small tuft of hair. Her pussy lips were spread open. “Ever been this far before Mark?” Just shook my head. “Stand up Mark, time for your pants to come off. Beth pulled me up and looking me straight in my eyes, unsnapped my pants. “What ever happens here Mark, I don’t want you to worry, I’m not going to make fun of you. If you cum, its just a natural thing, you understand?” She raised her eyebrows and tilted her head forward. I nodded and smiled back at her, “I trust you Beth. I know you wont hurt me.”
Beth pulled my pants to my feet and had me step out of them. My cock was rock hard, bulging in my briefs, a small wet spot showing at the tip of my cock.
Beth blew a short puff of breath across my cock. She slid her fingers on my hips and pulled my shorts away, and pulled down. I closed my eyes and expected I would cum just like I did before. Beth looked up at me from her knees. “Ready Mark?” I nodded. In a instant Beth slid her mouth around my cock. She got it all the way in her mouth before I shot my cum in her mouth. I started to pull back, but she grabbed my ass and pulled me to her face. Beth kept sucking, hard. She swallowed twice. I know I kept cumming as she kept sucking. Beth took her hand
and cupped my balls and Begin stroking my cock. It stayed hard in her
mouth. Beth moaned a bit and sucked for a few minutes, swallowing again. Beth pulled on my hips, and looked up at me, “come down here and kiss me” Beth said.
I knelt down in front of her, and placed my lips on hers. We kissed like before. I could taste my cum on her lips. She slid her tongue in my mouth,and our tongues danced together. Beth placed my hands on her boobs again, and I pulled and played with them, just like she showed me. For several minutes we kissed, and touched each other. “There Mark, how was that?” Beth whispered. I started to cry a bit, “wonderful Beth” Thank you” “just so you know, the next one and each one from now on will be better, and longer” Beth kissed my forehead.
Beth felt my cock in her hand again, and stroked it a few times. “lets go to my bedroom and I’ll show you how to use this.” Beth stood up and pulled me up with her. She held my cock in her hand as she walked to the end of the house, to her bedroom. Beth laid down on the bed and patted the side next to her, “here” is all she said.
I sat next to her, my cock was still as hard as it was before. “you want the top or bottom? Beth ran her hand down my chest to my stomach. “I don’t know, what do you like the best?” I asked, not knowing the difference.
“I think I’ll take the top for this one, I’ll do the work, you enjoy” Beth smiled and kissed me, and pushed me back on the bed. Beth sat on my stomach and began rubbing her pussy on my belly. “Play with my tits”. As my hands cupped her breast Beth slid down to my cock, with a sly smile and wink she easily slid my cock in her pussy. I could never imagine the feeling of being inside someone. Her pussy was so wet,and my dick was rock hard. Beth gave low moan as she slid all the way down my cock. “You have a great cock Mark, so hard and big. Get ready! Beth Begin to ride up and down my shaft. Her boobs were bouncing up and down, I used the palms of my hands to let her nipples rub against them.
Beth Begin screaming in a low voice. “God, oh /God” She would press her lips together and hum.
“Thrust you hips in the air Mark! Beth screamed at me.
I raised my butt up, driving my cock deeper in her. Beth screamed again,”fuck me, fuck me” In a matter of a few seconds, we had a rhythm going, and the bed was bouncing with us. My hands still were playing with her tits, pulling on her nipples, playing with them.
For several minutes we fucked and moaned and rocked the bed. Beth’s back was all sweaty, I held her to keep her from flying off me. We fucked for a long time, I was surprised I was still hard. It was a few minutes later and I could feel my dick was ready to cum. “Beth, I m going to cum, that OK?” I was breathing very hard now. “I want you to cum Mark” Beth was out of breath now too. “Cum Mark, Cum.” Beth was screeching now. I felt my cum shoot in her, and gasped when I cam. Beth’s pussy got real wet in those short seconds of cumming. I could feel her pussy tighten around my dick and her body shook. Beth slowed down riding my cock, and leaned over, resting her forehead on my chest. My cock was still in side her, but not as hard now. She looked up and we kissed. Beth was licking her lips as they were dry. “you like?” was all she said.
I nodded with a big smile on my face.
“My parents are gone for the weekend Mark, will you spend the nite with me?” “Yes” I nodded, can we do this again?” Beth leaned over and kissed me again. She whispered in my ear, “Yes, and Ill show you a few other things you can do to”

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  1. great story hope there will be many more

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  2. great job, very real

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  3. rumbler77

    Great story, & well written! Please write more!
    Maybe, more explicit/descriptive next stories!

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  4. creameater

    wonderful first time, if only we could all have a first time like this.

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