Bill's Dreams (Part 1)

Chapter Forty One: Bill’s Dreams (Part 1)

Although I knew my nearly unlimited sexual desires were primarily inherited from my father and grandfather; I wondered about my earlier ancestors. I didn’t know if I could accept the theory of reincarnation; but I had recurring dreams about another Bill Bradley. This Bill Bradley lived in England in the late 1800s and his life during that time closely paralleled mine in the present. I did sometimes speculate that my dream Bill Bradley was actually me in previous life.

As one dream opened, I was watching a fire blazing away in a large fireplace. The leaping flames set dark ominous shadows moving about Earl Holcroft’s library. The Earl’s son Edwin had invited me to come up from Cambridge to spend the Christmas holidays. At first I put him off. Although I thought Edwin was a fine fellow and we got along well, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be stuck out in the country for two weeks at Christmas time. I had designs to getting much better acquainted with a very attractive parlor maid, who had recently started working at my lodgings in Shrewsbury Lane.

The next afternoon I was at Edwin’s rooms for tea when the subject came up again. Edwin said, “Look Bill old man, come on up to Thornfield with me. I know it’s a bit off the beaten path, but I believe I can promise you a good time.”

“I care very little for the country life Edwin. You should know me well enough by now to understand that the great out of doors holds no appeal for me.”

“I suppose I know you well enough to know what does appeal to you old man. I can assure you that there’s a whole bevy of fresh young things working in and about Thornfield. I expect your chances of success there will be far better there than your chance of getting that new parlor maid between the sheets. I imagine your landlady Miss Bullyfinch will be keeping a close eye on her. After all, your reputation is common knowledge around here. Most of the tradesmen and shopkeepers put their daughters under lock and key when they hear that Bill Bradley’s on the prowl. That fancy rig with the black horses that your father gave you is known by sight far and wide.”

“What do I care what some bloody peasants think man! We’re not in the dark ages. It’s 1896, almost the turn of the century. I’m not about to let a pack of toads like that cramp my style; nor Miss fucking Bullyfinch for that matter either!”

As it turned out it wasn’t Miss Bullyfinch or any irate fathers that caused me to revise my plans and take Edwin up on his offer. It was the lack of ready cash. The week before Christmas I ran into a damnable streak of bad luck at the gaming tables. By the time I concluded that my luck wasn’t about to change, I barely had enough to pay for my lodgings and a first class rail ticket to Yorkshire. I suppose I could have petitioned my father for an advance on my quarterly allowance. His detective agency in London was very profitable; but I had already been to that well far too often and I didn’t want to answer any probing questions about the state of my financial affairs.

Late on a cold snowy December afternoon two days after Edwin had departed Cambridge, I sat out for Yorkshire and the Thornfield estate. I wasn’t looking forward to the long cold uncomfortable train ride; but luck was on my side. As it turned out, I was asked to share my first class compartment with two ladies. These two females were a Miss Janet Tutwiler, who was companion to a very pretty young thing of perhaps eighteen or nineteen.

I guessed that Miss Tutwiler was in her mid to late thirties. She was a very attractive woman. The ample curves of her figure were evident even under the rather voluminous cloak she was wearing. Her charge, Miss Hannah Spencer, was a beautiful specimen of young womanhood. She had an unusually sweet countenance. Her large violet eyes were set off by her pale complexion and thick dark hair. Her budding figure was also very evident. As soon as I saw her, I felt that familiar twinge of excitement coursing through my body.

As the two ladies entered the compartment and introductions were made, I directed Miss Spencer into the seat beside me. I could tell that Miss Tutwiler wasn’t happy with this arrangement; but she made no comment as she took the seat opposite us. As our train pulled out of the station, I began my pursuit of Miss Spencer.

I discovered that Miss Spencer was returning from a shopping trip to Paris and had spent a few days in the Cambridge area visiting an elderly aunt. It was obvious that Miss Spencer wasn’t very happy being in the charge of Miss Tutwiler. She commented, “Mr. Bradley it’s such a bore to have a father as old fashioned as mine. To insist on me having a paid companion to accompany me everywhere is almost too much to bear. Good Lord, you would think I was just out of the schoolroom.”

Miss Tutwiler said, “You are just out of the schoolroom Hannah. But I didn’t know that I’d made your life so miserable.”

Hannah replied apologetically, “I’m sorry Janet. You are a dear. I didn’t mean to imply that you are personally to blame for anything. It’s just that I’m quite capable of taking care of myself and its high time father realized it.”

Miss Tutwiler said coolly, “Well then Hannah, it’s up to you to make your father see things your way.”

I asked, “What does your mother think Miss Spencer?”

“Mother died when I was just a little girl and from that point on, time has stood still for father. He never remarried and he still thinks of me as a little girl,” Hannah replied.

Miss Tutwiler interjected, “Your father is a very sensible man Hannah and knows what’s best for you. Although I assume that Mr. Bradley is a respectable young gentleman, the fact that you’re confiding in him to this extent, when you’ve just met him, tends to confirm my opinion.”

“Really Janet, you’re suspicious of every young gentleman we happen to meet. I suppose I’ll die an old maid if you and father have anything to do with it.”

I said, “There’s no danger of that Miss Spencer. I hope you don’t think it too forward of me to say so, but you’re a very beautiful young woman. I’m sure that a number of young wealthy men have already set their sights on you. I wouldn’t mind joining the crowd.” Then I sighed and looked wistfully at Hannah and continued with a tone of regret in my voice, “I suppose it’s too late for me. I guess your heart already belongs to another. I’m sure that whomever it is, he’s not worthy of you.”

At the conclusion of this speech Miss Spencer blushed very prettily and said demurely, “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean Mr. Bradley. You’re very kind sir, but I know you can’t be serious in your estimation of my charms and I can assure you that my heart isn’t taken.”

“Ah then there is hope for me Miss Spencer,” I replied.

At this point Miss Tutwiler intruded on our conversation saying, “It’s obvious that our Mr. Bradley is quite the skilled charmer. It gives one pause to note how the words of endearment flow from his lips so readily. If I were not older and wiser I would almost be persuaded that he was in earnest.”

I knew that if I was to have any luck with the budding rose by my side, I would have to get rid of the sharp thorn that was blocking my way. I had some lovely visions of throwing Miss Tutwiler from the train; but I managed to hold my temper in check. By now we had traveled several miles northward and the temperature inside the compartment was steadily dropping. I noted that Miss Tutwiler shivered and pulled her cloak closer about her. I also observed that she seemed particularly uncomfortable. I began to suspect that it was “that time of the month” for her. I supposed it might explain her acerbic attitude.

Suddenly a brilliant idea crossed my mind. In the overhead compartment I had a leather traveling case which contained a large flask of brandy and some cups. More importantly, there was a packet containin
g a very potent sleeping draught. I got the case down and said to Miss Tutwiler, “You look very co
ld and a bit unwell. Could I offer you some very fine brandy? I can vouch for its restorative effects.”

Miss Tutwiler seemed to hesitate and I knew my fate with Hannah hung in the balance. I had to restrain myself from trying any additional persuasion. Knowing Miss Tutwiler’s personality, I suspected it wouldn’t further my cause. Finally she said, “Yes thank you. I t might do me some good.”

I raised the lid of the case blocking the view of my hands as I poured the brandy. Then I quickly dumped in a generous portion of the sleeping draught and swirled the liquid around thoroughly mixing it into the drink. I handed the drink to Miss Tutwiler and was gratified to see she drank it down almost immediately. Within a matter of a few minutes, she slumped sideways in the seat and the empty cup fell from her hand.

Hannah said, “My God Janet what’s the matter with you?”

I quickly rose from my seat, stepped over and lifted Miss Tutwiler’s legs up onto her seat. I swiveled her body around so that she was now lying across the seat. I retrieved the cup from the floor. Then I said as I sat back down, “There’s nothing wrong. I’m afraid your companion is just fagged out. I noticed that she was very uncomfortable so I gave her a little something to help her relax.”

I held out the packet containing the sleeping draught and Hannah asked, “What is that Mr. Bradley?”

“It’s a very strong sedative. I can assure you that we will have the compartment to ourselves for the rest of the journey.”

Hannah pretended shock as she said, “You’re quite the schemer Mr. Bradley. I don’t know if I should trust you. What you did to poor Janet was quite unethical.” Then Hannah chuckled and said, “I can’t help admiring your audacity though. You’re certainly very different from any other young gentleman I’ve ever met and I’ll admit that you intrigue me. What do you have in mind now that I’m without my guardian angel?”

I turned toward Hannah and fixed her with a penetrating gaze as I said, “Perhaps a bit of deviltry.” Then I leaned forward, cupped Hannah’s chin bringing her face closer and crushed her delectable lips against mine. I slipped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer. Hannah’s lips parted and I began to explore her sweet mouth with my tongue.

As we continued to kiss, I slid a hand down to Hannah’s lap and began to slowly gather up the material that comprised the long full skirt of her traveling dress. The thought crossed my mind that perhaps some day women would wear less bothersome clothing. It would make things more convenient for me. Finally I maneuvered Hanna’s skirt up to her knees and slid my hand beneath it. When my hand contacted the smooth warm skin of her thigh, Hannah stiffened and pulled away saying, “Really sir you’re going too far now!”

“On the contrary my dear, I’ve not gone nearly far enough,” I replied, as I pushed my hand up between Hannah’s legs. My fingers brushed up against the thin material of her knickers and I could fell the substantial bush of hair covering her quim. By now my cock was becoming hard and straining like dog on a short leash within the confines of my tight fitting breeches. Hannah began to struggle a bit half heartedly as my fingers found their way inside her knickers. I slid one in between the lips of her sweet little cunny and homed in on her love button. Then Hannah leaned back in the seat and let out a sigh of contentment as she spread her legs further apart.

While I skillfully continued my ministrations below, I glanced down at the bodice of Hannah’s dress. It seemed as if there were more than a dozen tiny buttons locking her breasts away from my view. Hannah’s gaze followed mine and in a moment, her small fingers were deftly unlocking another treasure trove for me.

Hannah had the most beautiful pair of breasts I had ever seem. Her large creamy white mounds were a wonder to behold and their light pink nipples were standing out invitingly. I instantly started to suck on them as Hannah began to move her bum on the seat pushing into my probing finger which was now well drenched in her love juice.

Very shortly I had Hannah’s level of arousal building to a fever pitch and I wasn’t far behind. However I wanted to do much more with this young beauty. I pulled away and knelt on the floor. I pushed her skirt further up and pulled her knickers down over her plump shapely thighs to her knees. Hannah brought her hands down and grasped mine saying, “No we must stop!! This is going much too far.”

I said as my breath came in ragged gasps, “It’s too late for that now. I must have you!” I roughly pushed Hannah’s hands away and quickly finished pulling her knickers down and off; dropping them aside on the floor. In the next instant I was spreading her shapely legs further apart and bringing my tongue to bear on her sweet love nest. Hannah let out a little cry of surprise as the tip of my tongue contacted her erect little love button. She asked in a breathless whisper, “My God, what are you doing? It seems somehow perverted. This can’t be normal.”

I stopped for a moment and asked, “Do you like it?”

“Yes it feels wonderful…but…”

“Then quit worrying and enjoy it. You’re too innocent for your own good Hannah. You’ve read too many romance novels, which were probably written by old maids. You need to grow up and I’m going to initiate you. It’s time you joined the real world.” After saying this, I went back to work on Hannah’s dripping cunny. At the same time I moved my hands up to her elegant breasts and sought out her firm nipples. I gently tweaked them between my thumbs and fore fingers. Very soon Hannah began to emit little moans of pleasure and within a very few minutes I brought her to her climax. Hannah clamped my head between her plump thighs as she cried out in pure ecstasy. When she relaxed, I quickly rose and literally tore at the buttons of my breeches. Then I yanked them down to release my stiffened cock from its confinement.

Hannah’s eyes flew open wide and she gasped as she saw me bringing the head of my throbbing cock to bear on her cunny. She cried out as the head of my cock made contact with the tight entrance to her love tunnel. “No stop, it’s too big! You’re going to kill me!”

As I thrust inward I said, “Don’t be stupid Hannah. You were made for this!”

Knowing that this was the first time for this lovely young thing, I wanted to go slow; but my state of arousal was just too high. I quickly drove my cock forward breeching Hannah’s maidenhead as I sank fully into her. She cried out loudly as I rammed my cock home. I said, “God’s teeth woman calm down! This had to happen sooner or later!”

By now Hannah was sobbing and saying, “Please take it out you’re hurting me!”

I didn’t bother to reply. I knew that soon enough all would be well. I just hoped Hannah wouldn’t wake Miss Tutwiler with her unwarranted histrionics. As I began to slowly pull back and thrust inward I could feel Hannah’s tight little love tunnel stretching to accommodate me. Before very long I was able to increase the speed and length of my strokes and I began to drive my rock hard cock home. As I picked up the force of my strokes, Hannah’s beautifully mounded breasts began to bounce up on each inward thrust. Eventually I could hold off no longer and I shot my load of steaming cum into her. When I withdrew, Hannah continued to lay back on the seat loudly sobbing.

I pulled my breeches back up and sat down again as Hannah continued her uncontrolled weeping. Finally I had had enough and I said, “My God pull yourself together! You act like you were the first woman on the face of the earth to be fucked! I can’t believe you’ve led that much of a sheltered life.”

Hannah got into a sitting position and suddenly turned toward me. Then she began to pound on me with her fists screaming, “You cad!! You devil!! You inhuman monster!! I hope you burn in hell for what you did to me!! As soon as this train stops,
I’m going straight to the neatest magistrate and have you put away!! My father will have you ha

At this point my patience had reached its limit and I said, “Miss Tutwiler was wrong on one point. It’s obvious that your father didn’t know everything that was best for you! You’ve turned out to be a spoiled little brat and it’s high time someone prescribed a cure for that!”

After saying this, I drug Hannah across my knees, pulled the back of her skirt up and began laying into her amply mounded bottom cheeks with the palm of my hand. Hannah began to kick her legs and struggle to get up off my lap as I continued to give her the ass warming that she so richly deserved.

Suddenly a bell began to ring and I had a moment of panic as I thought the train must be coming into a station. Then it began to feel like I was ascending from the bottom of a very deep well. My eyes slowly opened and as they began to focus I thought I saw someone standing at the foot of my bed. My heart leaped into my throat. Then I realized what I was seeing was my rock hard tool standing straight up beneath the bed sheet. I rolled onto my side and switched off the alarm clock.

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