Blackmailing My Sister In Law

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This was a little different from when I first wrote it 15 years ago, but changed it up some because it is based on a real experience.

I studied psychology in college as a minor and have this ability to get inside of peoples’ minds sometimes and almost can feel what they are thinking.  I travel a good bit so when I am in Nashville I stay with my brother and his wife Beth. She is a first class bitch.  My brother is not the smartest guy in the world in somethings, but has become very wealthy. His wife, on the other hand, is a freeloading, sassy, manipulative cunt. She is about five six with long legs, fairly petite, nice c cup tits, a toned ass and straight brown hair with dark blue eyes.
I can not believe Beth, she just prances around the house like she owns the place and being able to read her mind she is loathe to see my brother as anything but a meal ticket . Although she never screws around, I, by a chance of fortune caught her on video during her bachelorette party sucking and fucking three men in the men’s bathroom. I know she has had thoughts about me a couple of times. I caught her thoughts at least twice when she was wanting  me on my days off during the week. She would always go take a bath when I felt she had them thoughts. Today was one of those days.
Anyway back to the story. I was working a site with a crew but we got rained out early in the day so I was home by noon. Thinking no one would be there and I would have the place to myself I started to strip and take a shower. But to my surprise there was Beth, the Bitch walking through the room in nothing but a towel. Now I did not need to read minds to see she was irritated I showed up early from work.  But as she turned and looked at me I could start to read her thoughts and see in her eyes she what she was thinking. I watched her walk down the hall, grab a towel and head to the bathroom.
Well that was it, her attitude pissed me off so I decided it was time to do something about it, my brother may love her but I had enough. I waited till she was in the tub ad could hear splash into the tub, and I just walked in.
She gave me an evil look tried covering herself but it was no use, “Hello Beth” I calmly told her.
“What do you want Mark?”. “Well Beth, I am tired of the way you thrust yourself around acting all high and mighty, abusing my brother because he is pussy whipped and I plan on putting a stop to it.”
“Ha, so what are you going to do about it? Get out of here and never talk to me like that again or I’ll tell your brother” “. I gave her my phone and let her see the video of her having sex with the three men and told her my brother will get the video if she doesn’t do as I say.
I had her speechless and definitely pissed because I had blackmailed her. “Now you are going to do as I say, or you’ll lose your life in luxury”  Her eyes went from very angry to questioning.  I told her to lean back in the tub, and turn on the shower massage.  Then I had her use it to stimulate her pussy letting it pulsate against the folds of her pussy. She bit her lip and squirmed around causing water to spill out of the tub, but reluctant at first did what I asked.
I walked over to the tub and got my first good look at her naked body. I was surprised to see her pussy as hairy as I ever seen pics of one so I handed her a razor and told her to shave her pussy fully bare. I took her awhile and I watched with each stroke of the razor until all the hair came off leaving her with a smooth pussy.
She climbed out of the tub and before she could towel off  I grabbed her hair and pushed her to her knees and had her pull my hard cock out. She hesitated at first so I pushed her mouth against my cock until she finally opened her lips and started sucking on my cock. Her technique was good, but I was in a mean mood and holding hair and head firmly, pushed my cock down her throat until she gagged and threw up. It didn’t take too long before she was swallowing my load and I told her to make sure she slurped it all up. After she cleaned up all my cum I had her clean up again, clean up her vomit, brush her hair, and put on a sexy outfit.
I grabbed my phone and told her to get into my car, Beth wanted to know how far I planned to go with this blackmail and I told her I planned on going all the way with it until I felt she was ready to be fully submissive to my brother instead of a mongering bitch. We traveled to a very up-class motel in stay in a lot and whispered to a friend, I had made there over the years, to get me a room away from everything and I would offer him a reward with Beth.  He looked her over and said if he could fuck her in the ass he would get me a secluded room. I told him not a problem so he escorted us to a suite in the back on the hotel that was used by the hotel owners when they came into town. When the door was shut I turned Beth around and told her to undress. She looked at my friend and hesitated so I grabbed her by the hair, pulled her head back, stared into to her eyes and commanded her to undress again and if she even hesitated we would leave, and the video would be sent. Beth’s eyes started tearing up but she slowly undressed. When she was totally naked, I made her get on her knees and suck my friends cock. After a while I could see she was starting to get some glistening in her pussy so I had her bend over on the bed and spread her legs so she could get fucked. Beth slowly did as she was told and my friend slowly entered her pussy and started fucking her extremely hard.  Beth again was in tears, so I nodded to my friend and on que he pulled his cock out, rubbed some lube on it and on her ass and pushed his cock up her ass. Beth’s eyes got huge and she cried out in pain trying to get away. He held her down and soon Beth started moaning and was begging him not to stop. The different looks of total of fear, pain and then bliss on her face was priceless. Finally he shot his load in her ass and left the room. I let Beth shower then took her home. I caught it all on video with my phone and the way back to the house, I told Beth I would be leaving in a few days but every time I would be  in town to follow the job I would let her know and she had to send me a return message telling me how she wanted me to treat her when we were together alone again. And if I didn’t like it, we would do it my way. I told her the video’s would sent to my brother if she even refused and her life as a rich bitch would end.  Beth told me she had never been treated like that before and at first found it totally repulsive but she now found herself wanting something more, so she agreed to follow my command. I think my brother will be surprised in her changes as one of my stipulations was she had to start sucking his cock and having more sex with him. As for me I have the video of the day and I can’t wait to see what Beth wants me to do to her next visit. I am not finished with her though by any means and have plans that she doesn’t know about yet. But I will let her decide how she wants our next encounter will be and slowly expand from there.
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