bobby’s homo erotic neighbour

It was getting easier for me to tell who was gay and who was not. After my first encounter with Frank this summer then taking a lover at the cottage a few weeks later, I was more in touch with my homosexuality and those who were also gay… my gaydar if you will. So when our next door neighbours split up a few weeks ago, I began to wonder about him, Kyle. He was a good looking man a professor at a local college. Not the one I started this fall but a local one anyway. They never had kids after ten years of marriage and she left suddenly in the early evening a few weeks ago and never came back. After a week or so of her being gone I noticed men leaving by the back door late at night half dressed. So I knew why they separated even if it wasn’t public knowledge.
My chance finally came as I got home in the evening from studying but had forgot my keys and my parents weren’t due home for hours. I was trying to find a way into the house in a hard rain when Kyle pulled in to his driveway. He noticed me as he was putting his key in the door. He motioned me over and asked what I was doing, and I told him how I locked myself out. He invited me in to get warm and dry off.
He led me into his which was impeccably clean and smelt like incense. He told me to go into the downstairs bathroom and get out of my wet clothes and he would bring me something to wear, and said he would bring me something to drink. As I stripped out of my wet clothes he knocked on the door and passed in a blue track suit. I put it on but it was a little small on me showing off my cock and balls, so if I got wood he would know.
I stepped out of the bathroom and he took my wet stuff and put it in the dryer and we sat down on the leather sofa on his den and we had a glass of scotch. We made small talk as he lit a fire in the fire place and I noticed a fur rug right in front of the fire place, good for screwing I thought.
He was in more comfortable clothing himself a pair of silk pajama bottoms, no shirt to show off his hairy chest and a sill robe. It made him look distinguished, and I knew I wanted him.
I looked about the room and saw no pictures of his ex wife and asked him what happened he said she just left. I asked if it had anything to do with the men coming and going late at night, he smiled and said he thought he was hiding that.
I got up and walked over to him and began playing with his chest hair.
“You did except they go out your back door, past our house and my bedroom window”
“I see” he said as he put his hand on my ass “you into boys Bobby?” he smiled.
“No I fuck men, Mr. Cummings”
“call me Kyle” he kissed me full on “if we are to be lovers call me Kyle”
“and you can do whatever you want to me”
He smiled a big smile as I pulled off the sweat shirt as he watched with lust in his eyes. I pulled off the track pants and stood before him naked in just the fire light. He began to trace his hand over my bare chest and lick his lips. I kissed him full on lips again as he played with my balls.
“So you like cock Bob?”
“Yes I do, I like rough cock, slow cock, any cock” I dropped to my knees and undid the string on his pants and let hem fall to the ground springing his full on eight inch cock. I licked it up and down slowly at first then sucked it hard and fast, showing how enthusiastic I was to please him.
“My my my Bob you do suck well, how tight is your ass?”
“Tight its been weeks since I took it in the ass”
“well then perhaps its time we did something about that. Eh”
He walked over out of the room and came back with a tube of K Y for the evening entertainment. I got on my hands and knees as he poured the lube onto his swollen member. He knelt behind me and pulled me back to upright as he kissed my neck, rubbed my cock with one hand and stuck two fingers in my ass with the other to lube me up. I wiggled with delight as he whispered in my ear. “I have always wanted to do this Bob, ever since I first saw you, you were only ten, I was married but I just knew someday we would get naked and fuck.”
“Really Kyle?”
“YEAH and I changed my mind call me Mr. Cummings while we screw”
“Okay Missster Cummmming” he bent me back over and rubbed the tip of his dick in my ass crack teasing me. Finally I felt his length and girth in, and I moaned my pleasure. He slapped his hands on my ass and started driving me hard.
“Your so fucking big my ass is loving your big cock Mr Chumming”
“my cock loves your ass too Bob!” he gripped my thighs hard and pounded me even deeper, I reached under and stroked his balls. As he rammed me.
He pulled out and rolled me onto my stomach, spreading my legs he rammed back in me. He leaned in and stuck his tongue down my throat, then kissing his way down t lick my nipples.
“Your nipples get so hard Bob” he said as he sat up and kept rubbing my nipple with one hand and started jerking me with the other.
“Oh god Mr. Cummings I am so close pound it out of you fucking bastard!” as I said that I shot spurt after spurt over his hand and my stomach. He just smiled and licked my come off his hand. It must have excited him as he finished inside me shooting hot white love into my ass. He leaned over and licked the rest of my juice off my chest and then laid down to spoon with me. We continued to make out and rub each other, until I was so hard I needed release again.
“Okay Mr. Cummings, time to ride me”
He got up and straddled me and lubed my cock and lowered himself onto it. ” I love screwing young men, their cocks are so fucking hard so much” as he rode my hard cock. I played with his cock which was hard again to his pleasure.
“Yes jerk me, jerk me hard” and as I pumped his prick it sprayed come all over my chest and chin. “Oh god that is fantastic!” he yelled.
I dropped a load into his ass instantly coming harder than before, he collapsed on top of me and stayed there catching his breath as we kissed some more.
I called my parents and left a message saying I was at a friends house and would stay there all night, and then spent the night with my new lover.

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    BRILLIANT…Really got OFF reading it !!!! good one triphammer73 !!

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