The young women behind the glass (like multi-colored tropical fish in an aquarium) looked enticing in their body-accentuating dresses. Some sat silently, watching the patrons look them over. Others actively vied for attention, gesturing, hiking their skirts ever so slightly, showing more thigh than their competitors, some slowly massaging the tops of their legs, while others just smiled and looked you in the eye.

Cindy and I were in Thailand and were visiting one of the renowned (or infamous) massage parlors. We wanted to experience some of the attractions that Bangkok is noted for. We finally settled on two ladies for our experiences. Cindy went with one for a traditional massage and I with another for a massage that the Thai call “Body/Body.” I can’t vouch for Cindy’s experience but here goes with mine…

After proceeding upstairs to one of the massage rooms, the masseuse and I attempted some small talk as she prepared for the rubdown. She didn’t speak any English or any other language I could understand, and I didn’t speak Thai or the Chinese dialect of her home village. After a few puzzled expressions and not a few laughs, we finally exchanged names. Hers was Toi.

She indicated for me to remove my clothing and began to clean the large tub. Her movements were succinct and I enjoyed peeking at her anatomy as she bent to her task. She straightened up then adjusted the tap to very warm water before motioning me towards her. She carefully removed her garments, folding each before placing them on a chair, then stood naked before me. I thoroughly perused her body, starting with her feet, up her legs, loins, belly, breasts, neck, and face before she took my hands and helped me into the warm water.

Toi grasped one of my ankles and pulled until my chin just touched the surface of the water. She hooked the heel of my foot over the lip of the tub and began to cleanse my toes. Toi leisurely caressed each toe, squeezing and pulling, before moving to the ball of my foot. She glanced up, from time to time, noting my eyes on the dark areolas of her slightly swaying breasts, and a faint smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. She moved so that her nipple tickled my toes as she scrubbed the top of my foot and ankle. My state of arousal moved from being in my mind to one of a more physical manifestation. I couldn’t resist wiggling my toes against her nipple and pressing them into the softness of her breast. I was rewarded with the crinkling of her areola.

After Toi’s vigorous kneading of the back of my calf, she switched to my other foot. I reached down and idly fondled my cock as she ministered to me. Upon completing the ablution of my lower legs and feet, Toi climbed into the tub and knelt between my legs. She repositioned my ankles, on each side of the tub, and scrubbed my thighs and the backs of my knees. She progressed closer to my crotch and casually brushed against my cock, inducing a small spasm with each contact. She firmly grasped my cock and stroked it with a small lump of soap taking special care around the head. She moved to my scrotum, handling it sensually, rolling the testes back and forth, cleaning every wrinkle. Looking me in the eye, she moved two fingers to bathe my anus.

Toi moved to my belly and chest, massage-scrubbing all the while, and left me squirming when her knees pressed up against my balls. Neck, armpits, arms, hands, and fingers followed as I watched dainty soap bubbles on her breasts pop and create little rivulets seeking to join with the water below. She tugged on my arm and conveyed that I should turn over. I was placed on my knees, holding on to the end of the tub, my bottom up in the air, my cock hard against my belly. Toi moved my legs apart until my knees were pressed against the sides of the tub. She scrubbed the cheeks of my bottom and then cleaned my anus more thoroughly than her previous foray there. I probably moaned I don’t remember. She scrubbed my back, her breasts delighting me as they brushed against the cheeks of my behind. She had me relax and wait while she got out of the tub to prepare for the Body/Body massage. It was the most memorable bathing I’d ever participated in!

Toi placed an air mattress on the floor, then concocted a bucket of hot, sudsy water with which she doused the mattress. After creating a second mixture, she bathed herself with a large sponge while standing before me leaving the suds on her body.

Toi pointed to me and then at the air mattress. I got out of the tub, and she arranged me face down, positioning my arms down and out from my sides, and spread my legs to the edge of the mattress. After wetting herself again with the slippery mixture (she soaped herself down before each “maneuver” and sometimes during them), she kneeled, straddling one of my legs between hers and began to move her pubis up and down, pressing into the muscles of my leg. The scratchiness of her pubic hair enhanced the massage and contrasted with the slick softness of her inner flesh and the hardness of the nub of her clit. The folds of her labia tracked over my skin and slurped whenever she broke contact with my leg.

Toi picked up the pace of her thrusting back and forth before suddenly ceasing motion. After a brief pause, she switched to my other leg. It seemed to me that her pace quickened sooner, her motions were prolonged, and the pressure she exerted was greater on this leg. Toi arose from my body and positioned herself on one of my arms, massaging more lightly as she moved from shoulder to fingertip then back. Each time that she reached the extremity of my hand, I’d curl my fingers up and fleetingly slip them between the lips of her labia and into her vagina.

Next, she used her breasts to massage my back and buttocks. She turned me onto my back and used her breasts (sometimes pressed together in her hands) to massage my thighs, belly, and chest. She then turned around and on her knees straddled me, her crotch just a centimeter (I was in Thailand after all) from my nose. Toi used her breasts to massage my cock and balls, running each of her nipples, in turn, from the base of my cock to the tip, causing me to press up against the softness of her breasts.

Lastly, Toi soaped herself all over, pressed my legs together, and lay down on top of me. She moved her whole body against mine, her breasts beginning at my neck, her pubis at my belly button. Her labia bumped over my cock and down to my shins as her breasts pressed down my chest and belly to flank my cock and then back with each reiteration. After a few minutes of this stimulating contact, she rolled off me. My cock throbbed with unreleased tension. She rinsed me off, then herself, before drying me thoroughly. I thanked her and left with an audible sigh, a fire burning in my loins. I found a very relaxed Cindy who was amiable to comparing our experiences while in an intimate clinch.

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