Bored at Home

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I had been home alone for most of the day. I had spent most of the morning running errands and cleaning the house. I wasn’t preparing for anything special. I had a a somewhat busy morning and I guess I had forgotten to eat. It was early in the afternoon, and did not fell like going out again so, I decided to order in. Just as I had hung up from ordering my meal, my boss called to say she was short handed and wanted me to come in. I agreed, but explained that I had just ordered food and it would take me a little while to get there. I called the place where I had order and was told that it would be approximately a half an hour before the food would arrive, so I decided to take a quick shower. As I was stepping out of the shower there was a knock on the door. I quickly threw on a robe and went to the door.
When I opened the door standing before me was a very good looking man. I asked him to come and I would get my purse. He closed the door behind him as I went to the bedroom. I came back out and he was standing in the hallway staring at me. I hadn’t noticed that my robe had fallen open and realized that he was staring at my naked breasts.
He looked at my eyes and said,”You have beautiful tits, may I touch them?”
I could not believe this was happening and decided what the hell.
He walked over to me and gently began to carress my naked breast. He then moved his mouth to my nipple and began to circle it with his tongue. He then moved to the other and sucked it into his mouth. He sucked and licked my nipples until I was moaning with pleasure. He moved to slowly kiss his way down to the growing wetness between my legs. He dropped to his knees and began to kiss my wet pussy. I heard the slight sound of his zipper coming down and knew he was stroking his cock.
Just then he picked me up and carried me out to the kitchen counter. He got back on his knees and continued making love to my pussy with his mouth. As I was about to come, he stopped.
He stood up and looked directly into my eyes and planted a long passionate kiss on my lips. His tongue probing deep into my mouth as his cock slowly inching its way into my hole. He buried himself deep within me and I arched my hips to meet him, wanting to take him as deep as he could go.
Just then the front door opened and another man walked in wearing the same uniform as the one before him.
A slow smile creeped across his face as he stood in the doorway unzipping his pants. He took out his cock and began to stroke it, his friend still buried deep inside me. He looked up and said,”Let’s take her to bed.”
He lifted me from the counter and carried me to the bed.
He laid me across the bed so the my head was hanging off the edge. He bent down and began to attack my pussy with his tongue again. His friend stood above and slowly began to lower his cock to my mouth. I licked it with my tongue and began to slowly suck on it. I felt his friend enter me again. He was buried deep inside and fucking me in a slow rythm that had me squirming, wanting more.
The cock at my mouth was growing harder, finally his friend pulled out and came on my tits. The one at my mouth pulled out and moved down to my dripping hole.
He teased the outside and my clit with his swollen cock. He entered me fast and hard. He fucked me harder. I was about to come when he pulled out and came on my tits as well. He turned me over onto my stomach and told me to get on my knees. The man who had fucked me first was at my mouth teasing my lips with is half hard cock. The other was behind me licking my clit slowly. I took his friend into my mouth and he was hard within seconds. I sucked harder, enjoying the hot mouth at my pussy. I was pushing my pussy into his face to get more. I started to come and as I was moaning with a hard cock in my mouth, I felt his come pour into my throat.
As we finished, I laid there onthe bed with these two delivery guys thinking that I am definitely going to order from there again!

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