Buying some underwear for the girlfriend

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Late in the evening, I enter the lingerie store, just before closing. I walk towards a nearby display, nervous about entering a store focused on sexual desires. The lone store employee walks from behind the counter towards me, and I watch her from the corner of my eye. As she gets close, I pretend to be looking at a garment in front of me, and she lightly slides her fingers over my arm to get my attention. I turn to face her, my right hand fidgeting on a black nightie on display.

“Can I help you pick something out” she asks, the corner of her lips turned up in a slight smile.

I glance down to see what she is wearing, a form fitting, short sleeve, purple blouse, with the top buttons unbuttoned, exposing the top of her breasts, I can see the top of her black lace bra as well. A form fitting black knee length skirt hugs her nice thighs. “Yeah”, I nervously reply, “I’m looking for something special for my err, girlfriend”

She points to the clock, minutes from 9 PM, “The stores about to close, so I’m going to lock up so I don’t have to worry about any more customers. Feel free to look around, I will come over and help you pick something out.“ She turns, and heads towards the front door, I watch her walk away, seeing her hips sway with each step, I can see the outline of her nice round ass. I try to see if I can tell what kind of underwear she is wearing, imagining her having a little thong, and I begin to get aroused. I watch her lock the front door, then I move to look at some outfits at the side of the store, so she doesn’t realize I was staring. I reach down into my pants and adjust myself as I am starting to get hard, and don’t want it to be so noticeable.

I find myself looking at a couple of different corsets on mannequins, breathing a little deeper, my heart beating faster. She walks up to me, and slides by me, then begins to pull something off the shelf in front of me. Her thigh brushes against me, the soft material of her skirt against my jeans. She leans up, grabbing something off the upper rack, her top lifts up, exposing a thin line of flesh along her back, I can see the top of a pair of black panties just above her skirt. She pulls the garment down, and steps back draping it over the front of her body, resting it over her own clothes, so I can see how it would look. It is red lace corset top, with satin on the side, with matching red lace thong.

“What do you think, looking for something like this? Feel how soft this is?” she asks, innocently looking in to my eyes. I run my fingers over the fabric, feeling along her side, my fingers sliding easily over the material. She bites her lip a little at my touch. Testing, I move my hand higher up, caressing her just below her breasts, pretending to inspect the material. She takes a deep breath, as my hand teases her, breasts rising and falling as she exhales. My fingers slide up, teasing the bottom of her breast, she closes her eyes, and lets out a subtle “mmm”. I slide my had back down her side, caressing her side, then pull my hand away.

“It is soft, I wonder how it will look?” I ask, thoughts of her wearing it running through my mind.

“What size are you looking for?” she asks.

“Hmm,” I slowly scan her body, “She is about your size. It is so hard to tell how it will look before seeing it on her, do you have one like this on a display?”

She looks around at the empty store. “Well, since you are the only one here, I could try it on for you.” She looks at me, waiting for a response. My mouth drops open a bit at the thought, “yeah, that would be great” She grabs my hand and leads me to the back of the store. Her perfume fills my nostrils as I walk behind her, enjoying the feel of her hands on mine. She guides me to a couch in the waiting area, and then proceeds into the store’s changing room.

I sit waiting, wondering what is happening, unable to believe it, the anticipation is getting to me. I slide my hand down, adjusting myself again, my cock pushing towards the top of my jeans, a large bulge in front of me. I stroke myself a few times while I wait, but stop before going too far.

She comes out, wearing a long sleeve, see through black top, opened in front, wearing the tight red outfit underneath. She moves toward me, seductively, my eyes looking at her chest, the top of her breasts rising and falling with each breath, then look down at her legs as she moves closer, they have a slight tan, and look so smooth. She stops in front of me, a couple of feet away. My heart beats faster, I scan again starting at her feet, she is wearing strappy black leather heels, her cute toes sticking out. I gaze up her legs, then quickly dart my eyes up to hers.

“What do you think, is this a nice fit?” She moves in and grabs my hand before I can respond, sliding it onto the fabric at her side. “Feel how smooth it is when worn.” I slide my hand along her side running it over the satin material, feeling her warm flesh beneath. I look her over, longing after her warm breasts. I look down, the clothing clings tight to her nice curvy figure. My eyes drift lower, the thong is partially see through, her skin visible in the pattern. She is definitely clean shave I think to myself, seeing her bare flesh beneath the bottoms, I can see the outline of her pussy, the thin material clinging to her.

“Can I see the back?” I smile, and twirl my finger in the motion to have her turn around. She turns, my hand still at her side, my fingers running along her back and resting on her lower back when she is done turning.

“Mind if I move this to get a better look.” My hands grab the top her flimsy shirt, and I pull it down, sliding my hands down her arms, as I pull it down. After it drifts off her body, I toss it to the side. She shivers a little, so exposed to me. I work my hands up the outside of her soft, smooth legs. My hands squeeze her ass, barely covered by the little thong. She moans out at my touch. I move my hands up her back, the corset laced up from behind, I think about untying the strings, but leave them alone, then run my fingers over her back, touching her soft skin. The sight is breathtaking.  “Beautiful, I like how it outlines your figure, and it feels so nice to the touch.”

She begins to do a strip tease, backing up as she shakes her body, her hands running down her side, and over her ass. I spread my legs and she is between my legs, inches from me, her flesh so close, I hold onto her waist as she moves in front of me. I pull her closer, bringing her ass to my lap. She begins sliding up and down, my cock sliding between her cheeks, as she grinds against me. She looks back at me, while sliding up, watching my face to make sure I am enjoying it.  She stops and turns around, still standing very close, my eyes are level where her chests, and I take a moment to view her firm breast.

I look back up at her bright sapphire eyes, and see her looking down at my crotch, she slides her tongue over her lips, the tip slowly sliding over the edge of her moist lips. I slide my hand to her back and pull her towards me. She puts a knee on either side of me straddling me. I slide one hand up her back, the top is low cut in the back, and I run my hand on her bare skin. My other hand I slide along her thigh to her butt, giving her a firm squeeze. She wraps her arms around my neck, pressing her chest against my face, she straddles my hard cock, and begins to gyrate back and forth.

“Mmmm, that feels so good, I really like this one.” I slide both hands to her ass, feeling her soft skin, squeezing her against me. I kiss the top of her exposed breasts, my lips tasting her soft skin. She grabs my head and holds me against her chest, running her fingers through my hair. Her sweet perfume fills my nostrils, as my lips press against her flesh.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?” She asks, her left hand slides down to my pants and unhooks my belt. “I think I found what I’m looking for.” I reply. She slides down, kneeling in front of me, unbuttoning my pants and sliding them down. She runs her hands over my boxers sliding them over my erection. Her eyes look up at me and then down at my boxers. I stare down, waiting, from this angle I can see her nipples under her top. She slides her hands up the side of my boxers, pulling them down, my erect cock popping up. She begins kissing my thighs, slowly moving up, her left hand teasing my testicles. I lean back, and rest a hand on her shoulder. Her lips move closer to my member, kissing around the base, hand sliding up my shaft. Her lips move to my scrotum, soft lips against it, tongue flicking onto my skin as she strokes me. Her lips circle to the base of my cock, gently kissing it, moist lips on my shaft, holding it in place. I run my fingers through her hair, and moan out.

She slides her tongue up my shaft, sending shivers through my body, her lips resting on the tip. She looks up at me with her big blue eyes, her lips around the tip of my penis. My hand on the side of her face caressing her skin, she takes me into her mouth, sucking on me, licking my cock. I watch as my cock slides between those moist lips, her right hand teasing my sack, and her hand left is between her legs, teasing herself.  My breathing is very heavy now, my moaning becomes louder. Watching as my hard cock fills her mouth.

She stops, and stands up in front of me, hand sliding over my hard cock. “We better take this off so we don’t ruin it.” She turns so I can reach the ties on the back of the corset. “Can you untie this for me?” She asks.

“Sure thing” I reply. As I untie her top, her left hand rubs against her crotch, her hand sliding over the thin material, teasing herself. She moans, as she stimulates herself sliding her fingers underneath her thong, fingering her wet pussy. As I untie her top, I kiss her back, lower each time as more of her is exposed. Her top eventually is loose enough and slides to the floor, let her breasts free. I grab her thong and push it down to the floor and she steps out of it, and turns toward me.

She continues to finger her moist pussy, I watch as her fingers slide in, then I wrap my lips around her nipples and begin to lick and tease her left breasts, my right hand on the other. She moans louder, the combination of her hand and me tongue exciting her. She leans in, whispering in my ear “Fuck me” She straddles my hard cock, easily sliding it into her moist pussy. I moan as I slide in. She begins to ride me, her tits bouncing up and down as we go at it as she slides on my cock. I hold onto her waist, pulling her tighter against me, pushing my cock as deep as I can. She grabs her right breasts with her right hand, her left on my shoulder for support. We both moan, as I penetrate her deep inside.

She slides up and down my shaft, my cock sliding in and out of her moist pussy. I slide my hand over hers as she fondles her chest. We stare into each others eyes.

“Oh yes,” I scream, “I am about to cum”, I hold her tight, and she closes her eyes, “Oh yes yes, cum inside me” she moans out. My cock hardens and shoots inside of her, I squeeze her ass as I cum inside of her. She moans and gyrates against me, her face reddening as she orgasms as well. She leans in and gives me a deep passionate kiss.

She looks at me, body covered in sweat, “Told you this would be fun, how about next time I stop by your work.” She laughs and puts her arms around me and collapses against my body.

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