Can A Kiss Happen Without A Propose?

Can a kiss happen without a propose?

2nd July  2016,8.30am.

It was time for the weekend support.

The hangover from the previous night was still not over yet. I got a call from Tania saying that she will be there in another 20 minutes to pick me up. I went through the alternate options:

1)    I need to walk to the bus stand to catch the bus and as it was a weekend so no scopes of share auto also. Too much of walking so PLAN CANCELLED.

2)    It was month end so UBER, OLA was not a possibility so PLAN CANCELLED.

3)    Last option Tania’s scooter ZINDABADDD.

Managing just to brush my teeth and wash my face I put on my jeans and shirt when the phone rang. Hey, Tania 2 minutes I will be coming down. Seeing me she gave that weird glance asking “Couldn’t you comb your hair also?”

Amit: “Hey moron, it added more to my sex appeal to this casual look you know.”

Tania: “Sex appeal really?? Fuck off man.”

Amit: “You want to try? But sorry it’s not available, today my ass has been pre booked by Priya, ones she releases I can give you the chance. Will you wait?”

Tania: “Get lost, Go and Fuck yourself.”

Wearing her juga-roo pillion helmet, we both went on our way the office.
9:10 am.

Tania: “Hi Priya, Good Morning!”

Priya: “Hi Guys, I asked you to come early, you know the criticality state this project is in right? It’s the reputation of the company and you guys are not understanding the seriousness of the situation”

Tania glancing onto me.
I smirked and said “Relax, Managers, are meant to be like this only. This is what they are paid for.”
Amit: “Yes Priya the traffic was too much today, seems like many are having pending work to be completed, didn’t look like it was a Saturday morning”
Priya: “Yeah Amit I know what traffic you are talking off, yours WhatsApp picture is showing me that.”

Tania: ”Who asked you to change your DP?”

Amit: “Trust me it was unintentional, but I will block this lady in WhatsApp today”

To get back on track:
Amit: “Hey Priya did you get an update from the onsite about the design change, actually our system is getting restarted, so couldn’t go through the emails.”

Priya: “Yeah they have confirmed the design change, they have updated the Documents too, I have verified it, and the completion date is by EOD today.
Make sure before leaving today there isn’t anything left on our plate, else be prepared to spoil your Sunday also.”

Tania: “Sure Priya, we will start working on it, and will update you on the progress.”

Priya: “Sure and if am not picking up your phone don’t worry drop me a message, am going out on a movie, I will reach out to you shortly.”

Amit: Such a whore she is.

Tania: Agreed.
Cutting the call we went to cafeteria, I got a mint with lime(with special instructions of putting 2 lime in it), Tania got a chocolate

We came back to ODC I was having my lemonade and seeing Tania flirting with the chocolate I asked her ”You know what chocolate does right?”

Tania: “Yeah makes me happy.”

Amit: “Stupid it actually enlightens the kam devata inside you, you don’t have a boyfriend so where does all this Kam go?? Do you masturbate?”

Tania: “Shut up Amit.”

Amit: “Ok.”

Tania: “When did you reach home yesterday?”

Amit: “12.30 am. And you?”
Tania: “12.00 am”

Tania: “What you did?”

Amit: “Half bottle of whiskey,8 beers pints,1 bong, MTV splits villa, where sunny boobs were so prominent I couldn’t notice the other female contestants only, till 5 in the morning this went on, at last, I died onto my bed.”

Tania: “Those prominent boobs didn’t urge anything in you?”

Amit: “It did but the liquor, bong,  tandoori chicken and namkeen won the race.”

Tania: “Not bad.”

Amit: “What about you?”
Tania: “My roommate have kept the dinner, so didn’t have to starve, after that watch Girl in the city latest episode, and then slept.”
Amit: “Cool.”

1:00 pm.

At last, our task was completed, it was only 1 pm and mission accomplished.
We decided not to reveal this in front of Hitler, and be silent.
Tania: “Let’s order lunch??”

I agreed to it.
We ordered 2 nonveg meal box from Box8 n 2 cokes. We bought the lunch at our desk only and I started watching “girl in the city” on YouTube, She too joined me. When I saw Meera kissing Kartik on her birthday,
I asked Tanya “How they kissed even without proposing, to kiss all you need is a sooji cake???”

Tania: “To propose you don’t need to speak and tell.”

Amit: “But they were in different tracks right?”

Tania: “But they halted in the same stop right in the last episode, remember she didn’t go to that guy’s flat.”

Though not satisfied with the answer, I liked this style of sooji cake and kiss a girl.


It was 3 pm,3 more hours to spend, We had a status call with Priya, luckily she took our call at one ring only, we informed her that we are on track and it will take few more hours to complete.

Priya: “Don’t leave the office without completion, there shouldn’t be anything left on our plate.”

It seems like we were the slave she was the mistress and together we are performing a femdom scene, and she is saying “Don’t cum till I say you to, you understand? Say yes mistress.”
“Yes mistress”

“Fuck you, I said after cutting the call.” Said Amit.

“Relax, please her so that she can allow you to cum.” Said Tania with a smirk.

Amit: “She is probably shaking her husband dick in the theatre, and what am I doing shaking the mouse in this graveyard ODC.”

“Bhenchod saali.” Said Amit

Amit: “So what’s the plan for today?”
Tania: “Planning for going out on a movie.”
Amit: “Hey that’s cool girl.”

Tania: “And you?”

Amit: “Enjoy the booze, update my porn collection, finish off the last part of my Stranger series and then last but not the least sleeping off the entire day.”

Tania: “What’s the current score?”

Amit: “217 not out, I recently found a new girl she is damn hot and she can take too proper dicks into her ass at the same time, can you imagine that.”

Tania: “aww www you are sick.”
Amit: “Hey that’s fucking hot, want to watch it??”

Tania: “We are in office”
Amit: “Which hardly anyone apart from the 2 guards at the entrance knows  :P”

Tania: “But if I feel uncomfortable I will stop it.”
Amit: “Deal.”

The video started I kept the sound at the minimum, the girl was nude and was stripping the guy, the monster came out of his pant and she started playing with it using her hand and mouth, and the second guy comes and starts playing with her pussy.

Tania: “How is she comfortable with both of them?”

Amit: “Because none of her resources are in idle state, It’s 100% resource utilization .”

Tania: “Shut up!”

Amit: “Is this the first time you are seeing?”

Tania: “I have watched ones before, but was not feeling good so turned it off.”

She forwarded the scenes and at last both the guys released themselves on her mouth, she swallowed it and kissed both the guys.

Amit: “Acha Laga(You liked it)??”

Tania: “Don’t know ajeeb sa laag raha h.(Feeling strange inside)”

Amit: “It’s the chocolate effect, I told you.”

She hit me back, asking to shut up and she left.


It was 4.30, suddenly I felled someone pushing my chair back and make me turn around and kissing me out, It was Tania, I could feel her luscious lips. She was in a wild mood. After some 5 minutes, our lips got separated. It was a silent moment; the only thing our ears heard was our heavy breaths.

Amit: I was shocked or amused or whatever you call it but was definitely not in a mood to ruin up this moment, so at last I asked: “So you finally had your first kiss.”

Tania: “I actually liked it, saying this she pressed her lips against mine”

Our hands raised through each other body to explore further, I opened few of her shirt buttons, and could see the blue bra inside it, she unbuckled my belt, I unhooked her bra with one hand.

Tania: “Looks like you are experienced with bras.”

Amit: “For a first timer you are doing good with my pant.”

Pushing the bra down, I could see her white boobs and the brownish cherry on the top, it was firm and erect. I caressed with my finger, I could see her eyes closed and her hand getting a firm grip inside my pant.she has already reached an orgasm.

Amit: “Did you cum?”

Tania: “Don’t know but feeling strange rather good actually.”

Slowly I went below touch her lower part, she closed her eyes and started moaning slowly, I started stripping her down, she opened her eyes, we looked at each other, it felt better the other way she said, I unzipped her pants, put it down to see the pink panty.
Sexy I whispered. I planted a gentle kiss on her panty, smelling the aroma I was sure she leaked in, caressing with my hand I could feel the wet part, I kissed their ones again and started teasing her with my tongue, I was about to take her panties off, when she holds a strong grip on my hair and pulled me up.

“I actually don’t want this to be opened.” She said.
“I kissed her again and asked Are you sure, you want to stop here?”

Tania: ”Yes.”
We dressed up. I was a bit disappointed.

Tania: “You ok?”

Amit: “Yeah.”

“Coming to me she had some wet tissues in her hand, you want some help?” she asked.

Amit: “I wouldn’t mind it.”

She unzipped my pants, my dick was already ready to come out of the cage she put my underwear down, she kissed it on the head, you can give a shot in the porn industry She said.
I released all over the tissue.

Tania: “Good boy, see you didn’t create a mess, I like it.”

She handover me one more tissue, I got dressed, saw the time was 5.45
We scheduled a call with Priya, as usual even if you give your manager an orgasm she will not be satisfied. But we were free as of now our Sunday is saved. We went to the parking lot while coming out, I asked Tania want to have puchka?

Tania: “Your treat?”

Amit: “Sure.”

We had it, she dropped me to the nearest bus stand.

Tania: ”Amit, What’s your thought on 50 shades?”

Amit: ”It’s good, is that your fantasy?”

Tania: ”Not sure, anyways let’s leave, see u later. ”
Amit: “ Ok” She started her scooter when she turned back and said, “I don’t know whether my first kiss could have been any better than this. I liked it. Thanks.”

…Sometimes a kiss does happen without a propose.

We both left.

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