a night part 2

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Part 2 a night out

After a short time I walk over and gently rub baby oil all over you my tongue just touching your wet lips making you tense up I can hear your breathing changeas I tease you, I rub my cock over your clit just pushing inside you a bit then pulling out you shout fuck me hard oh please fuck me I want to feel you in me. As I start fucking you your hand moves down a circle around your clit. I feel all most ready to burst I slow down but you beg me not to you are on the verge your self as I ease my hands and squeeze your nipples as you yell out I am about to explode hot cum in you you tense up and we cum together and we collapse in each others arms. I lead you into the bathroom and we have a shower my cum is still running down your legs as we dress you neel down and start sucking my rock hard cock again and your dress slides up to your thighs while I rub your legs slowly up and down I feel your pussy becoming wet again so I push one finger in slowly parting your legs you stop just as I was about to burst cum in your mouth and say all good things come to those who wait. As we head down stairs we see a dining room table filled with food, eat what you like the nun says now dressed in the shortest skirt I had ever seen she gets up to leave and says eat up.. you take a banana off the table and slide it up your dress easeing into your pussy as you open your legs your dress slides up so I can see you pushing the banana deep in and out I move my hand and start to rub your rock hard clit making you breath deeper and deeper. You stand up banana still in you and walk towards the lounge and say I will start you join me in a min…. I stand in the door way there you are nothing on your legs wide open hanging over each arm a large wet patch on the chair. I undo my zip and start to wank my now hard tool my trousers drop to the floori move towards you both wanking are selves off I tense up and spurt cum over your chest and face as you lick it off and swallow. We head off to the shop you find some clothes to try on and walk towards the changing room I wait outside after a while I look under the curtain there you are your legs wide open you have a large dildo being pushed in and out of you by the shop assitant which she has straped around her waist I go off to the elec dept and borrow a video camera I return you have both left the nearest door leads into the ware house I go in and see you bent over some boxes being fucked from behind with one hand rubbing hard on your clit . I start recording as you turn round looking very flushed and tell me to come closer and stand in front of you as you unzip me and take my cock right in your mouth the lady fucking you from behind suddenly stops and pulls out, luchtime she says you are on the edge of a huge orgasam that’s been building for ages you beg me to carry on but I say lets go to the bed section.As we wander over you carry in rubbing your self from out side your dress but I can still hear how wet you are as a damp patch is on your dress. We find a display bedroom and go in you sit on the bed and I neal down and start licking you out pushing 1 , 2,,3 fingers in you I am licking you so fast neither of us see the dept manager walkin and asks what on earth are you doing. Then from her pocket she produces a pair of handcuffs one by one tying your hands to the head board you are naked tied to bed in the middle of a store being videoed from a bag on the fllor she gets some ice cream and puts a scoop on each tit you wriggle with the cold as it starts melting it runs down your body you shiver. Another scoop goes on your clit making you yell out load she begins to lick your belly button she slowly moves to your pussy all covered in ice and pussy juice she undoes one of your hands and pushes it up her skirt where you find she got no under wear on and you toucha very wet and shaven pussy which is new to you but you feel a tingle inside and you get wetterShe groans as you rubs her thighs pushing her legs further open her tongue now plunging deep and out of you her nose rubbing your clit. I cant keep my stiff cock in anymore and move it towards your mouth you suck it so hard I pull out and fire my hot cum over your tits. The lady suddenly stands up and says its tea break that’s twice now what kind of shop is this I think I release your other hand and we turn to go a crowd of people are stood in the door way as we walk out you push your finger in your cunt and push it in my mouth we head off to the ann summer shop and go straight out the back. You grab a pack of sex cards and ask the other shoppers to join us. In the back room there are 8 woman and 2 blokes all looking unsure what will happen next. You turn the first card over you have to take all your clothes off. Sitting there with nothing on you open your legs as you do this a couple of the girls push there hands up there own skirts and start to pleasure themselves seeing this your hand moves slowly up your leg towards your wet pussy juice dripping out. The next card is turned it says make two people cum at once . I turn to you and two girls are on each of your tits while another is licking your clit and pushing a vibrator in your love tunnel and turning it on full power. Some one else walks in with a full selection of toys and all the girls lift up there skirts and start shouting at this bloke that ones for me. With in mins all eight woman are naked touching them selves or pushing a toy in them. One woman has a double ender that’s just going in you one bloke tries to suck your nipple you push him away he stand behind another girl and pushes his cock into her ass she yells out this is turning into a mass orgy and the other bloke starts getting sucked off, you look at me with a face of concern I call out we must go now you jump up and a big lump of cum runs down your leg god only knows what went on after. I turn out though it’s a weekly thing we were just there at the right time. We head to the car park in the lift you lean on the wall and lift your dress up you have no pants on as they are soaking wet then turn around and spread your legs rubbing your clit and pushing open your lips I push floor ten and start fucking you from behind as I get faster suddenly the lift stops and a lad of about 17 gets in we just carry on but you notice his harden growing in his pants and call him over taking his cock in your mouth within seconds you fell him tense up and pull away he finishes and cums on the lift floor the lift stops and he leaves. We lay on the floor me teasing you with finger then tongue I have never seen you this wet and dying for sex. We stop again and 3 blokes get in undo there zips and ask for a go, its your choice I say you take one in the mouth and one pushes his cock in your pussy. You ask if he has a condom no he replies well no way then you say you start to wank off till you arch your back and cum runs to floor all 3 blokes cant believe there eyes and all 3 fire hot spunk all over your chest and face.As you stand up and pull down your dress a number of wet patches appear as we leave the lift people are staring I bet a few knew I think to myself that dirty slut.We just sit in the car and I must have fallen asleep cos when a wake I see you with your legs up on the dash board
Part 3 coming very soon

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