A Romp In The Park

Bryan was a normal guy, well almost normal. The thing about Bryan was that he loved sex. He just couldn’t get enough. He fucked his girlfriend at least once a day, but sometimes that wasn’t enough. His friends thought he was weird because he was always looking at porn because he was always so horny. Either way Bryan wasn’t ready for a girl like Erica. Erica had just moved from New York and was definitely missing the big town atmosphere. She, like Bryan, seemed to be addicted to sex, but she had left her boyfriend behind. Bryan had seen Erica in the quad a few times and had even introduced himself to her at the last keggar but he had no idea that she even remembered his name. Then one night Bryan got the urge to start drinking so he and his roommate took out their fifth of vodka and left for the local park. After a few shots both had a good buzz going and out of nowhere Erica appeared with Bryan’s girlfriend. The girls hadn’t seen Bryan and his buddy yet so the guys ducked under the play structure to watch what was happening.
“Erica are you sure this is okay? I really love Bryan and this seems a little sketchy,” Bryan’s girlfriend, Tonya said.
“Shut up, you’ll love it, plus Bryan isn’t going to care. He gets drunk too!” Erica said with a hint of anticipation.
“I’m not going to drink a lot okay?” Tonya whimpered.
Bryan thought to himself that this was amazing. He had tried to get Tonya to drink for over a year now but the only thing she ever drank was his cum after a blowjob. Bryan nudged his roommate who was falling asleep and they both watched as Tonya and Erica took shot after shot. The girls were polishing off more liquor than Bryan and his buddy had and since they were lightweights they were both getting really drunk.
“Now I have a question. How long is Bryan’s cock?” Erica asked.
“Erica, that’s personal,” Tonya said defensively, then with a giggle she said “about 8 inches and if I weren’t so drunk I wouldn’t have told you that.”
“God that’s bigger than my last boyfriend. You’re a lucky girl. I bet he fucks like a beast,” Erica said licking her lips.
Tonya nodded her head and then fell over, passing out from all the alcohol. Erica picked her up and took her to the car to put her in the backseat. When she came back to get the shotglasses and alcohol, Bryan was standing there.
“So you want a piece of me huh?” Bryan asked with a wink.
“I won’t lie, it has been on my mind. I’ve seen you around campus and you aren’t like the rest of the guys here. You remind me of New York, and I don’t know why,” Erica explained.
“Well I lived there for a few years when I was younger and I kind of picked up the accent,” Bryan said. “So you wanna fuck or what?”
Bryan moved closer to Erica but then realized that his roommate was still listening and watching.
“Smitty, grab that vodka and I’ll see you later. Alright?!” Bryan said forcefully.
Smitty appeared out of the shadows and headed back for the dorms. Erica with a confused look on her face picked up the shotglasses.
“So you two were like watching or something? That’s kind of weird, why didn’t you just come out and say hi?” Erica asked.
“Well, honestly I was hoping you two were going to go at it and that would’ve been really hot,” Bryan said with confidence. “But now I know you’re not even going to fuck me, so I’m going home.”
“Who said that?” Erica said in a flirting voice. And with those words she took Bryan’s jacket off and laid it on the ground. She proceeded to lay her own jacket next to it and winked at Bryan. She was wearing a tubetop which left her shoulders bare.
Bryan picked up this cue and grabbed Erica kissing her shoulders and neck. She unzipped his pants and she realized that this cock was indeed as big as advertised. Feeling his pants being undone drove Bryan wild and all his sexual energy started kicking in. He pulled Erica’s tubetop off revealing no bra underneath. Erica’s breasts were huge and firm and Bryan started licking her nipples. He took both their bodies down to lay on the jackets and started groping and licking her huge tits.
“Suck those tits Bryan, it feels so damn good. I want that cock Bryan, I want it, give it to me,” Erica panted. As instructed Bryan peeled his briefs off and stood proudly over Erica, naked in the middle of the park. “Erica, what do you want me to do? Suck your tits or fuck you like crazy?” Bryan said with mock sarcasm. “Or can I just do what I want?”
“Bitch get down here and stick that fucking dick inside my pussy. Do something, I’m burning up down here,” Erica screamed as she reached up to grab him by his penis.
Bryan came back down and rammed himself into Erica’s loose pussy while rubbing her clit with his left hand and feeling her tits with his right. “You like that shit bitch. I’m Casanova, and you love that shit,” Bryan yelled. Erica, her eyes burning with lust and anger slapped Bryan in the face. “I call the shots bitch. You’re playing on my field alright?! You know I like it but I’m going to make you sorry for calling me a bitch.”
With that, Erica pushed Bryan off of her and started giving him an unbelievable blowjob. She was deepthroating him and he could hardly contain himself, but as he was about to cum she took her mouth off his throbbing cock completely. “You want me to leave you like that?” Erica hissed. Bryan who at this point would have said anything for more of Erica’s pussy whimpered out “no, I’m sorry for calling you a bitch. I just need to fuck you!”
“Good now don’t cum too soon, I want to ride you for awhile,” Erica said as she got on top of him and slid his dick back into her soaking vagina. She slid up and down on him very slowly and Bryan thought he was going to burst so he started rubbing her clit to tempt her to go faster. She did start to speed up and he came instantly but she didn’t stop. She kept going and going so Bryan kept rubbing her clit with all the energy he had left. Finally she let loose a primal scream and her vagina clamped and contracted on Bryan’s cock. This tightening gave Bryan new strength and he flipped her over. She pushed her big tits together and Bryan began titty-fucking her until he came again all over her face. At this point they became aware that they weren’t alone and both simultaneously looked up and saw someone standing on their back porch jerking off and then they saw an even more frightening sight. Tonya had woken up and was walking towards them calling out Erica’s name. Tonya then came upon the two culprits and let out a small scream.
“It’s okay missy, it was fucking hot to see them do it like animals,” the guy on the porch yelled. “They woke me and my wife up and we were going to call the cops until I saw they were fucking.”
Bryan knew he was in trouble and that him and Tonya were probably going to break up but he had found someone as hardcore as him and he wasn’t about to let her go. “Tonya, sorry. I really am, but I think I’m going to start seeing Erica now.”
“Fine, if that’s what you want,” Tonya cried as she ran off.
“Can you do this every night Bryan?” Erica asked.
With that Bryan knew things between him and Erica would work out just fine.

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    great story, I hope you write more.

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