Animal House Part 2

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As the events of the other night grew further from my mind, James and Rickey acted like nothing had taken place, but it seemed like the more I tried to get it out of my mind the more I thought about especially when in the shower, so one evening while in the shower thinking that everyone was gone out for the evening I decided to take care of the problem, so lathering up my now hard cock getting almost to the point of exploding my load in the shower, I heard a noise in the bathroom, quickly stopping and poking my head out of the shower to see one of my roommates in the bathroom waiting for me to come out when I noticed it was John, when he spoke up to say that he thought that it was his turn. I made the comment on what was he talking about, when he said that he saw what had taken place a couple of nights ago, and him and girlfriend thought it would be fun to try, when just then he walks over to me and grabs my stiff cock with his hands. He rubs my balls while working himself up my shaft getting me harder and harder with each stroke, as he begins to suck on my nipples still working his hands on my cock, just then he starts kissing my chest and works his way down to my now full erection. While taking my cock into his mouth he continues to play with my balls, sucking up and down while I grab his head to suck deeper into me he grabs my ass and slides one finger then two fingers into my hole making me groan a little louder now, as the door opens and walks in was John’s girlfriend as she made the comment this was a huge turn on seeing two guys going at each other and as he continued to suck me off she walks over and says that its her turn. So as John pulls off of me, he puts me on my knees and tells me to eat her out as she spreads her legs allowing me to see this wet pussy. As I start to lick her pussy digging my tongue deeper and deeper into her now wet pussy I hear her begin to moan telling me to eat her pussy harder and she wanted me suck deeper and as I continue to eat her out I feel some type of liquid beginning to fill my back and ass, as I feel a hot tongue in my ass, now as someone is starting to eat me out, and getting hornier all the time, I tell John to stick it in my ass, and without hestitation he grabs his now 9-inch cock and rams me hard, feeling the pain at first and then he pulls out and slides his cock in slow this time and really feeling hot by this he picks up speed and is pounding me hard while I suck and eat on this pussy while all of us moaning and groaning louder and louder with each lick and thrust, and as his girlfriend groans even louder by this time she explodes all over my face and pushes me off of her, as her boyfriend pounds me even harder I feel a hot sensation starting to fill my ass, as he continues to cum in me I feel him shake knowing he has emptied himself in me and as he turns me around he embraces me into a deep kiss telling me he wanted to taste her in my mouth, and as we deep throat each other his girlfriend takes my still stiff cock into her mouth and takes my entire cock down all the way until I thought I could feel the back of her throat as she tells me to cum in her and with no problem to her request I explode and empty my cum all down her throat as she gags a little but swallows it all and licks me clean and as we all have finshed our suckfest and fuckfest we fall to the bathroom floor and seemed like a long time, I get up and get dressed while the other two remain on the floor, and after several hours of calm I hear the two going at each other hot and heavy, and of course getting a hard on, but that story cums later.

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