catching my wife

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it all happened when i was sent out of town for the company i work for.i was supposed to be gone for three days. but plans fell though. and i got back in town early.when i got to the house.ther was no one there.there was a message on the machine.i listen to was a mans voice that i didn,t know.anyway he asked my wife if they were still on for tonight.for awhile i thouhgt maybe my wife was up to here was my chance to find out for i saved the message and left the house.i parked my car were i knew she wouldn,t see it then i snuck back to the wife came home from work listened to her message .then made a phone call.i heard her say “dillons”then she jumped in the shower.after awhile i saw her leaving.she was all dressed up .tight blouse,short skirt,fish nets and heels.she went strait to dillons which is a country bar.lucky for me the place is packed on friday nights.i was able to follow her inside with out being seen.she joined a guy at one of the tables.david just as i suspected.david is a guy she had the hots for a few years back.they were soon joined by another couple and two other guys.who i didn,t know.they all hung out until closing time. then i followed them all back to my place.then another guy showed up with a couple cases of beer.i snuck up to the house and peeked thow the window.they were all sitting around in the dark watching tv.when one of the guys got up and put in a dvd.i cuold see the tv from were i was a porno movie.all the scenes were girls getting gang-banged.on the coutch sat my wife david on one sideof her and another guy on the other side.the other people were sitting on the didn,t take long before david was fondling my for her she had one hand on each of their cocks.i couldn,t believe what i was seeing.the wife i know doesn,t like own cock started to stiffen as i looked wife started going back and forth kissing both of them.the other three guys had already started removing the other girls clothes.david unbuttoned my wifes skirt.and pushed it to the floor.then david and the other guy pulled off their shirts.then while david kissed her neck the other guy undid and removed her blouse.the people on the floor were already nude.and screwing around.then my wife,david,and the other guy removed the rest of their clothes.i also had pulled out my cock and started stroking it.then my wife turned over on her back laying on the coutch.david moved to where he was standing at her head.the other guy spread her legs and started tounging her bush.she wrapped her hand around the base of davids shaft.then she pulled him close.until the tip of his dick was less then a inch away from her lips. she stuck out her tounge and licked it.first around the top then up and down the shaft.she then wrapped her lips around it and slowly slid her haed forward allowing more and more to slip in.then she slowly lifted allowing it to slip back out.when she got to the tip she slid back down.faster and faster she bobbed her head up and now the other guy had his large cock burried deep in her pussy.after a while david and him switched places.i couldn,t hardly believe she managed to get his monster down her was about 9 inches long and at least two and a half inches around.after a few minutes he tenced up.he pulled out of her mouth and he started stroking it. my wife sat there with her mouth wide opened.he shot four thick blast of jism into her waiting mouth.then david took his of the guys from the floor.put some kind of gel on his dick and got up behind my wife.who was now on her hands and knees sucking davids cock.the guy behind her slowly pushed his cock into my wifes ass.she let out a moan but did nothing to stop him.i could tell she was loving it.david suddenly shouted.i,m gonna he grabbed my wifes head holding it still he shoved his cock deep down her thoat.then he pumped his load in .and she swallowed it all.after a short rest the two girls got on thier knees in the middle of the floor.then the five guys made a circle aroud them. then each girl went from one to the next all their cocks until the guy shot blast after blast of spunk all over them.

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