Caught in the rain

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It was a very late night and I was walking home from from work because I missed my ride. It was raining out and I was dressed in uniform and and very thing jacket. You could make out the figure of my body due to the fact my clothes were so wet against me.
I had nipons so big from the wet cold rain, my body just a shivering from the cold.
As I am walking home a car pulls up along the side of the road beside me and offers me a ride. It was a familiar face, just someone I have seen around in a local bar. She was very cute. Very tall, red hair, curly, big beautiful green eyes, nice shaped body. She has the shape of an hour glass. Nice round, perky breasts, full lips….mmmm. Sweet looking!!!
As I went to open the door, she said no, hop in the back that way you can change out of those wet clothes. I have a change of clothes in the back seat in the gym bag that I keep their all the time incase I need them.
So I took her advice. I felt a little shy about doing this in the back of someone’s car, especially someone who I have only seen, not even offically exchanged names. Just as I said that she said, ” By the way my name is Destanie and your I believe your name is Breanna?” I nodded to that. Destanie quickly replied, “No worries a friend of yours told me, and I was going to introduce myself but backdown and tonight when I saw you walking I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to step up to the plate”. I looked at her and smiled. At this point in our journey home, I started to undress. I lifted my arms up and off came my top…no longer stuck to my body, just my bra. As I am doing this, it felt like someone was watching me. So I glanced up quickly and saw Destanie’s eyes glance away. I smiled and I knew she saw me smile. So I began to test her. When I went to take off my drenched bra, I slowly ran my fingers down my breasts and around my sides; around to my back to unlatch my bra and let my breasts fall out. I definately had Destanie’s attention cause when I went to put on the sweatshirt from her bag, I caught her eyes in the mirror. She smiled and she asked, “Where do you live now? I know its on this street somewhere”. I looked around and I said to her, “We passed it”. She laughed and said to me, “Ok, I will turn around up here on the right”. I nodded as I was getting her pants out to put on. I slipped my pants off quickly and slid hers on just as fast cause I knew we were almost there.
I waited anxiously in the back while we drove back down my street and I pointed to her, right there. Just turn right, into this driveway.
So she did. I thanked her for picking me up and letting me borrow her clothing. She gave me a warm smile. When I got out of her car, she stopped me by grabbing my hand and pulling me back. She said to me, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” I said, “No, I believe I have everything!” I was merely playing dumb. Destanie then said, ” Well come here I want to show you.” So I bent down and Destanie leaned her head out of her car window and kissed me. I pulled back for a second, but felt myself pulled into her lips. This time even more. Now I feel her breath and her tongue inside my mouth. Her kiss was so gentle and so breath taking.
When we were done, I looked at her and smiled and asked her, “Would you like to come in?” She gave me a warm smile as she shut her car off. She got out of her car and followed me into my house.
When we got into the house, I told her to make herself comfortable while I threw on something else.
I went to my room, threw on my bathrobe and then went and threw my wet clothes and her clothes into the washing machine. When I was finished, I asked her if she wanted anything and in a soft voice she responded, “You!”
My heart was racing so fast at the thought. She then got up off the couch and walked over to me, and pulled me into her arms.
I could feel her drawing me in with her lips, with her kiss. Ohhh…it was so nice. It made me quiver. She then slowly reached down and untied my robe, exposing my body. My breasts, so perky and with big nipons. My Pussy soaking wet by the thought of her touching every inch of my body.
She looked at me and smiled and through her smiled she said, “Have you ever been with woman before?” I was numb and shook my head. I just couldn’t speak. She laughed and said, “Well Breanna, I have fantasized about this for a long time and its been well worth the wait cause this is my first time too”. My body was now aching for more of her touch.
She then raised her hands to my shoulders, running her fingertips along the inside of my bathrobe, knowing she was going to slip my robe off of me and onto the floor I grabbed her hands and helped. She then took my hands and kissed them gently while I am watching her every move. I then close my eyes. I feel her hands slowly moving down to my breasts. Her taking them ever so gently into her hands, cupping them and tweaking them between her fingers. My nipples getting harder, longing to feel her mouth so softly embracing them with her lips and twirling her tongue around them. My knees growing weak, and she can sense this….she slowly lays me back on the couch. I am so hot and horny and longing for her to lick me all over. Suddenly, I feel her fingers wandering, down my aching body, down to my wet soaked clit. I can feel her slowly inserting her fingers into my clit. I arch my back and start getting into the groove. She slowly inserts her tongue into my clit, twirling it around and breathing so lightly. Now I am out of control. I start to moan and I can feel myself moving into her tongue as if I was fucking her. I can tell she was getting so turned on by this because now she was letting out little crys too…. So I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her up to my mouth to feel her lips close to mine. I slowly move my hands down her body, and roll her over to my side, as I caress her. I then start to wander. Feeling her nipons, I slowly move my mouth down them, stopping to nibble and embrace them with my hands ever so gently. I then move my tongue down her body, kissing and nibbling every inch. I could hear her crying and moving around. I know she wants to feel my tongue barried in her hot wet pussy. I slowly take a lick with my tongue and she lets out alittle scream. I do it again and she raises her legs and pushes her ass into the air. She wants to fuck my face so badly, so I draw my tongue into her and let her fuck my face. Her pussy tastes so yummy and is making me so damn horny. As I am licking her and feeling my tongue being sucked into her pussy, I hear the door opening and shutting softly. I hear footsteps comming towards us now. It was my boyfriend home from a night out with the guys. I could feel his eyes growing and starring. He just sat down in the chair in the corner, silent and stunned but at the same time turned on to what he was seeing.
My pussy dripping wet, exposed and my tongue being fucked by Destanie’s pussy. Every now and then she would let me nibble her clit to get her more excited. I was getting more excited because now I had an audience. Just then I felt firm hands caressing my ass and pulling me into his cock. Slowly inserting his whole 6 inches, I let out a moan, a loud cry. It felt so good.
Destanie on her back getting her pussy licked and fucked by me, and my boyfriend who I loved so dearly behind me pumping me with his hard cock. I could feel him growing harder and harder with every pump. I then pushed him away from me and moved out of the way so he could fuck my new friend. I sat back and watched him, slowly insert every inch of his penis. I then, moved down to Destanie’s tits. Sucking them back into my mouth and twirling my tongue around her nipons. Sometimes stopping to take a nibble and to blow on them. Destanie is moaning and screaming in extasy. Joe slowly lifts her legs up in the air and starts pounding her, harder and harder. Faster and faster. Deeper and Deeper. I slowly move my fingers
down to her clit and twirl them
around while he is fucking her. She then lets out a really loud scream, “Fuck me, omg….I am going to cum…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”. I then bend over and start licking her more, she pulls me on top of her mouth, licking and enjoying my pussy. Joe, then pulls out and comes over behind me once again. I moaned so loudly feeling him making his way inside my pussy. While i am eating her pussy and she is eating mine, Joe is fucking me. Slowly and then fast, then slow and then fast. Deep and then not so deep. OMG…it feels so good. I am getting ready to cum…. They can both tell, she is licking my vigerously, and he fucking me fast, and hard. And I let out a loud cry with my mouth so full of her pussy. I feel Joe pull out and push my pussy aside and start to ejaculate his load all over Destanie. I just layed on the floor enjoying the shivers and the quivers throughout my entire body. Destanie on the couch enjoying hers and Joe in the chair.

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