Class act (part 1)

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It was coming to the end of another uneventful week for Kenny in his quest to win over Hatty Dawson, the girl of his dreams.

Geography had fast become his favourite lesson of the week, as there were only 3 of them in the class, and one was Hatty.
The other member of the class was Rachel Jennings, she was a good looking blonde, but in Kenny’s mind not in the same league as Hatty. However, she had long since known about Kenny’s lusts, and had often used them to blackmail him, only in minor things like carrying books, but Kenny was scared Hatty would just laugh at him if she found out, so he agreed to do as she said.

The Friday afternoon Geography lesson came round and to Kenny’s delight on entering the class room he saw a note on the board saying that Mrs Kidramond was not going to be in today, and had left them work to get on with. Hatty and Rachel walked in gossiping as usually, and Kenny felt his cock pushing against his suite trousers, he quickley sat down. Hatty took her usually position next to him and Rachel stood at the front reading the note. She then turned and said “aaa sweet,i’m out of here, i’ve got tonnes of English coursework to do, so i’m off to the library to go on the computers.” To Kenny’s amazement Hatty said she would stay and get on with geography. As Rachel left Kenny could have sworn she winked at him, but he shook his head and turned to his writing pad. After about 5 minutes of working Kenny suddenly realised he still had a large bulge pretruding from his trousers and to his total embarisment, he caught Hatty looking at it too! He quickly buried his head in his book, making out nothing had happened.

A minute or two passed, when he suddenly felt something on his leg. Hatty had moverd closer, and was running her hands along his leg. His cock was stiffer than it ever had been before, he stutted out a he-l-l-o as she slowley un-did the zip on his trousers to which his cock jumped straight through erect, stiff and ready for action. Hatty bent down, brushing her hair aside and began to stroke his rod, soon her suple lip closed around it, sucking hard on it. Then as her tongue touched the tip of his cock he felt a surge, he had to fight incredibly hard to stop himself coming in her mouth, he breathed a sigh of releif only to feel the surge again as she played gentley with his cock massaging it slowley. Kenny started to calmb down a bit and enjoy it much more, he began to stroke her head and feeling for her breasts. At that moment she stood up and smiled seductivley at Kenny and moved slowley to the front of the class, dragging her finger tips, moist in pre come along the tables as she went. She got to the front and sat on the teachers desk. Suprisingly Kenny hadn’t noticed before but Hatty was wearing a very short skirt, which slid up her smooth tanned legs to reveal a delicate meesh red thong. She sat looking around for a bit tempting Kenny on, until suddenly he cracked, he got out from his seat and headed up the classroom. hatty sat there with her legs spread wide willing him on. Kenny dived in and they kissed pasionatly and longingly. Hatty grabbed hold of Kenny’s cock, still hanging out his trousers and proceeded to rub once more. Kenny took the opotunity to lift up her small black top to reveal the most perfectly formed breasts he had ever seen. The nipples were already errected so he started rubbing them and sucking on them. Then suddenly he grabbed Hatty’s legs an pushed her onto her back. He ripped her delicate panties off in one and proceeded to like her already wet pussy. Hatty arched her back in pleasure as her head hung of the end of the desk. She gave a few little moans of delight until Kenny stopped.He picked her up off the desk,she was very light and lowered her onto he cock. She gave a moan as it slid inside her pussy but enjoyed every bit. They pumped away passionatly for a few minutes until the door handle twisted…..

To be continued

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