dan & jessica part 3

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Dan & Jessica

Part 3

An afternoon fuck session in the hay loft is what we had in mind when Buck said he had to go to town for a part for the tractor. So when we heard the truck leave the yard we both headed for the loft.
“I thought he would never leave, sometimes he just goes to slow” she said on her knees taking my cock out and into her mouth. As she sucked delightfully on my cock she caressed my ass as she slid my jeans off down to my ankles. She began to rise licking her way to my chest ripping open my shirt. I became over zealous and lifted up her dress and ripped her panties off and throwing them over my shoulder.
“animal, I love it when he fuck like animals” she said.
I put her up on a pile of hay bales, turning her on her knees and entering her from behind. I grabbed her hips and began to pump her like the animal she is.
She was close to coming hard when we heard Bucks voice from behind
“what the fuck! Is! This!’
Jess jumped down off the hay and stood in front of me letting her dress fall back down, she had a devilish smile on her face.
“I was testing new meet baby” she walked over and kissed him and led him over to me and took my hand as well.
“so he is good then” Buck said looking me up and down.
“fucking amazing, and very good for our little idea”
“what idea I asked” a little nervous
She lead us both to the steps, lets go inside, boys so we can have us a threesome”
I did not think twice I was so glad not to get shot I went along. We went into the house and up to the bedroom Buck laid on the bed and Jess climbed on top and sat on him, and began to ride him. She pointed at the night stand
“in the drawer stud k y lets get you and my ass lubed so you can enter me.”
I went the drawer and took out the tube I gave it to here as she put some on the tip of my cock and a line on the shaft rubbed it in she put some on my fingers and led my hand to her ass as I massaged it around her starfish.
” fuck her hard boy” Buck ordered
So I climbed on the bed behind her as she leaned forward and spread her cheeks
“now or never stud!”
So I entered her and began to pump her hard, as he began to fuck her from the front. I grabbed those tits and massaged and pumped them when I thrust into her. She soon came not once but twice then asked for a new position. We both left her at the same time, as she laid on her side and we entered our positions again. As she came for a third time I felt Buck readying to fire off he and I came at the same time so hard I thought we might not stop. Jess gave a moan of approval like only she could.
We lay there spent and both of us still in her too tired to move, we fell asleep in a carnal embrace. The next day they gave me a raise, free room and board and an open invitation to join them anytime, and I can bring women over anytime too. Sometimes Buck just likes to watch is wife fuck, who knew.
How is that for job benefits?

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  1. two hot

    I read parts 1-3 and the story is great!!

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