Fix My Tiles

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Fix my Tiles

Being a carpenter and handyman allows me to meet many people, most of whom are friendly and polite in that business relationship way. Yet on occasion I meet a customer who is VERY friendly. I had one of these encounters lately. I was called back to fix some tiles in a bathroom for a lady. She asked me to return to her house in the morning so she could meet me and discuss her tiles.

I arrived around 7 AM. Mrs. Shanks didn’t bother to answer the door when I rang the bell, she just yelled down from the top of the stairs to come in. So I entered her condo and waited for her to come down. Still no Mrs. Shanks, she yelled for me to come up to the bathroom. At this time I was a little skeptical, I heard the shower going and figured from the sound of her voice she was in the bathroom. I approached the open doorway of the bathroom slowly. I could see that she was definitely in the shower.

“Ah, Mrs. Shanks?” I said.

“Yes, in here” she replied with a very casual tone, one like what she was doing and saying were normal for her. I looked around to see where Mr. Shanks may have been. I knew she was married to this little quirky guy who got jealous whenever I came by to fix or build something that he wasn’t capable of doing.

“Don’t worry, Rusty isn’t here.” Mrs. Shanks said as though she was reading my mind. “He had to operate an exhibition booth at a computer fair”.

“Oh.” Was all I could say. I stood at the doorway of the bath looking at the outline of Mrs. Shanks through her shower curtain. It was one of those clear plastic curtains that most people use on the inside of the tub and put a cloth one on the outside (I know because I often hang these for folks).

Once again the telepathy must have been working, Mrs. Shanks turned toward the doorway and said “Come in, don’t just stand there looking at me.” She shut the water off and pulled back the curtain. I took a step back not expecting her to do so.

“What? You don’t like what you see?” She asked me while she stood there dripping with water.

“No, I..ahh, just wasn’t expecting, you know.” I couldn’t get the words out. Some customers you expect to do something like this others you wish they would and ones like Mrs. Shanks you just don’t think about it because they seem so normal. It wasn’t that she was old or ugly; as a matter of fact she was my age and in very good shape. Her stay at home job allowed for her to work out daily.

“Come in and shut the door.” I need to talk with you. She said as she stepped out of the bathtub still not bothering to cover up her perky breasts that were larger than I had remembered.

“Are you sure?” I asked still not fully aware of what she wanted. Though my dick was getting the idea, it started to grow and throb as soon as I first saw her in the shower.

“Yes, now come in here. I have a couple of things you need to do for me.” Mrs. Shanks approached the doorway and grabbed my arm pulling me into the bathroom. My eyes wandered up and down her body. She was in really good shape, toned legs, firm ass and abs that put my stomach to shame.

“What do you need me for?” I asked even though I all ready knew the answer but I needed for her to verify it for me.

“I think you know that my tiles are fine and that my husband is gone so, that only leaves one thing I could possibly need from you.” She paused, looked down at my crotch, smiled as she noticed my bulge and said “I really loved your tile work and the other things you have done around the place. Rusty is so pathetic when it comes to working with his hands, the only thing he can do is use a computer.” She was still holding my arm but now she was stroking it with her other hand, slowly rubbing it up and down my biceps and forearm. “I feel like I can trust you.” She said.

“You can” I said moving a little closer to her to see if she was really serious. My hand was brushing her pubic hair; she felt it and moved closer still. I could feel wetness from between her legs with the back of my fingers. It could have been from the shower but I doubted it since her eyes told me differently.

“Rusty isn’t just terrible around the house, he isn’t too good in bed either.” She said as she turned my hand so it cupped her pubic area. I gently squeezed and rubbed her as she continued to talk. “He can still get it up and perform but he doesn’t. He just jumps out of bed and starts clicking photos while rubbing his cock. He then asks me to play with myself like the woman on the internet. I do it but I don’t know if is getting off on me or from his thoughts of the other woman on the Web.” I nodded my head as I continued to move my middle finger between her wet lips. She trembled a little as I rubbed her slit. “I need to make sure that I am capable of turning on a man.” She stopped in mid-sentence as I inserted my finger into her. She closed her eyes as I slipped it in and out a few times before I started to slide my second finger into her. She gripped my wrist with both her hands digging her nails into my skin. She didn’t ask me to stop or pull my hand away so I pushed my two fingers deeper into her; she let out a small moan.

“I think you are very capable of turning on a man and pleasing him.” I said. Then I grabbed her behind the head with my free hand, spun her around to face the sink and mirror all the while keeping my other hand on her pussy. Now we were both staring into the bathroom mirror with me behind her, my hand fondling her vagina and the other one firmly squeezing a breast.

“Yes, this is what I want” She said pushing back with her ass into my groin. My dick was pushing hard against my jeans. If I didn’t let out my penis soon I would have a nice wet spot on my pants. I let go her tit and reached down to undo my pants. Mrs. Shanks took the bit of freedom I gave her to turn toward me and grasp my pants with both hands.

“Let me do that” She said as she lowered herself to her knees in front of me. She unzipped my pants allowing my dick to spring out. I have a habit of not wearing any underwear. She immediately grasped my dick with one and pulled down my pants over my ass with the other. From my position all I could see was the top of her head in the mirror.

“Doesn’t he let you do this?” I asked as she started to slowly kiss my cock and rub my balls.

“No, he likes to watch me suck on a dildo while he films me.” She said this just before she took my cock head into her mouth. This time I let out a small moan as the wetness of her mouth made me want her even more. I put my hands on her head and started to move her closer to me. It didn’t take her more than a minute before she was swallowing my penis all the way to my pubic hair. I didn’t have to encourage her any more; she was moving my dick in and out of her mouth without any problem. All I could do was hold on to the sink and try and not too cum too soon. That didn’t work; Mrs. Shanks grabbed my ass with both her hands and started to slam me into her mouth with more force than I would have done. I couldn’t hold off much longer so I grasped her shoulder to indicate that I was about to cum just in case she wasn’t a swallower, she didn’t stop. Instead she pulled my dick out of her mouth and rested the tip on her lips as she stroked me up and down. I looked down at her just as my cum shot out and onto her face.

“Mmmm, just want I wanted.” She said as she licked my cock and shaft to suck up the cum. She squeezed my dick several times to get more juice out, I didn’t stop her. I let her do it. Just as she was starting to stand back up I looked into the mirror again this time noticing that the small closet door that I had installed this past summer was open and inside I could see a blinking red light. Now, I may be a carpenter but I’m no idiot when it comes to electronics either. I recognized the light as the ones you see on video cameras when they are recording. Well, this explains everything. Mr. Shanks mu
st have put her up to seducing me so he could film it and beat off later.

wrong?” She asked me after she stood up.

“Nothing.” I said. If a video is what they want then a video they will get. My mind was racing and my dick was keeping pace, it started to swell again with anticipation. I quickly grabbed Mrs. Shanks and turned her toward the sink once again. This time I pushed her head forward bending her at the waist. Then I spread her legs apart with my feet, just as you see the cops doing on TV. With one hand I held her behind the neck and the other I grabbed my dick. “You ready for a fucking” I asked her raising my voice so the audio portion of the tape would pick it up for sure. “Yes.” She said.

I didn’t waste any time nor cared too. I just slammed my dick into her with more force than I have ever used before. She jerked up against my hand but I held her down. She was so wet that I slid in without much trouble but the sudden fullness within her caused her body to quiver. The only sounds she made were quick breaths every time I jammed my cock into her. I was pulling all the way out and then fully inserting my dick back into her as far as I could go. I made sure the position we were in fully exposed us to the camera.

Even though I was in a commanding position it was her pussy that really ruled the moment. Every time I slid back into her I could feel her squeeze my dick like a vice. So I started pumping harder and harder, each time she let out a small moan as her pussy answered my full penetrations with slurpy slapping sounds. I continued to pump into her for several more minutes before I stopped all at once to regain control. I stood there with my dick buried inside her dripping twat, she was bent over the sink breathing heavy and fast. I looked around the bath and saw a wicker basket sitting on the toilet tank filled with bottles of lotion. One of the bottles looked familiar, K-Y jelly. I reached over and grabbed the bottle.

“What do you need that for” She asked realizing what bottle I grabbed. I held her firmly with one hand as I flipped the little tab to open the bottle. “You’ll see I said.”

“Wait, I don’t..” She started to say something but stopped when I dripped the first globs of jelly onto her tight little brown hole. I leaned over her and put my mouth next to her ear. “Just relax and let’s give Rusty the video he really wants.” I felt her body go rigid as she realized I was aware of the camera. I stood back up and grabbed my cock. She tried to stand up too but I held her down with the one hand. “Relax, this will be fun.” I slowly rubbed the tip of my dick in the thick jelly sitting on her asshole. Mrs. Shanks made a little whimpering noise as she felt the my dick pressing against her back door but she didn’t protest, she actually slid her legs apart a little more making her ass cheeks spread.

“Good, go with it” I said as I penetrated her. She made a loud gasping noise and pushed up against me causing me to slip back out of her tight hole. “This won’t work” She said in between a few deep breaths. “Yes it will.” I said. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her toward me. “We just need a better position, that’s all.” I continued to pull her to me as I lowered myself onto my back in the middle of the bathroom floor. Mrs. Shanks was now on top of me facing away. “Just lower yourself down on me” I said while holding her hips.

“Okay, I’ll try.” She said. It only took a minute or so for her to position her virgin ass over my slippery cock. She placed her hands on my thighs and slowly moved her puckered hole on top of my cock. “Relax, move up and down slowly.” I said helping her with my hands. She raised her hips slightly and then lowered them, my cock slid in a little. She let out a breath of air and push some more, I went in even further. She moaned loudly than raised herself up and then down again. I was halfway in when she all of a sudden pushed down hard driving me the entire way into her ass. She let out a loud noise again and I could feel her squeezing my cock with her ass as hard as she could. After a minute she raised herself back up and slammed down again and again and again taking me all the way into her backdoor. She started to moan loudly as she pumped up and down.

Once again I grasped her with my hands to let her know that I was about to cum. She started to move up and down even faster and squeezed even tighter than before. I couldn’t believe it; she was enjoying this more than I thought she would. It took only a few minutes at this fast past for me to shoot my loud into her ass. This didn’t stop her though, she continued to ride me up and down faster and faster until I started to shrink and finally slipped out.

Mrs. Shanks laid back onto me and said “Well, that wasn’t so bad now, was it.”

“No it wasn’t and Rusty should have fun tonight watching the show.” I said smiling.

“Yes he will, I’m sure.”

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