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The other day I was asked to stay with my friend because my parents were going to be away on their honeymoon and didn’t trust me to stay home alone, they was to afraid of me having a party.
John’s dad left his sister was born and I didn’t know my father as much, because he was always on buisness or honeymoon.

Anyways, John, *my friend* and I went to this party a couple blocks from his house and got high and everything, and when we returned we got our sleeping arrangements, I was going to sleep on a pallet in the floor.
It was fine with me, I’ve sleept in worse places, so we went to bed around midnight.
I awoke sometime later with someone rubbing my dick, I looked down to see Sarah, John’s sister, jerking me off.
I looked down at her and asked, “Having fun?”
She stopped and looked at me and acted shyly and stuttured, “I..I..” I leaned down and kissed her and told her it would be alright, then she pushed my chest back and told me to lay there, and she put my dick in her mouth and went to giving me one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever gotten.
She said it was her first, but if it is.. she’s already an expert, she even swallows, and didn’t gag or spit like most, although she had a little running down her chin.

Then she climbed on top of me, and put her knees around my shoulders and leaned over my mouth and shoved her dripping cunt over my mouth and said, “Lick me, baby.”
Who was I to argue, I wrapped my arms around her legs, and spread her pussy lips apart and shoved my tounge deep inside her, and went to rubbing my tounge up inside her before nibbling on her clit, twice after I nibbled her clit she exploded and covered my face in her sweet juices.

She then layed beside me and kissed me and started to lick off her own juices.
I then rolled over on top of her and rubbed my dick against her pussy a few times and said, “What do you want?”
I like to have women tell me what they want.
Susan said, “I’ll do anything, just put that dick inside me, I need it soooo bad.”
I placed the head of my dick against her pussy, and shoved my dick in her pussy.
“Ungh” she yelled. I then put my finger to her lips and she sucked my finger in to her mouth, before I lay the rest of the way on top of her and start to kiss her while I start to pound her pussy.
In and out, faster and deeper, we was both about to cum when the light suddenly came on and her mom and brother was watching us “Oh Shit Thomas, I’m Cumming!!” Susan yelled. The sight of being caught brough both of us to climax.
I emptied my load into her awaiting cunt.
Susan wrapped her legs around my waist, and looked at her mom, but her mom just walked over to John, her son, who slept naked and started sucking his dick.
John looked as surprised as all of us but he just put his hand on the back of his moms head and shot his load after a few minutes into her awaiting mouth, while Susan and I carried on with our fucking.
It feels so weird fucking the daughter while the mom sucks her son.
Now, 4 years later, Susan and I are happily married and have a Child, Thomas, also named after me, he is 4 also.
The next, hopefully, will be a girl and we can name her Susan, after the mother.
John and his mom still suck and fuck and are a happy couple.

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  1. Sassy_lover

    at the start of the storie her name was sarah – at the end it was susan??? wat the fuck is with that?

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  2. bubba

    learn to spell….makes stories much more enjoyable

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