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The end was near she came flying into my trailer and jumped into my arms French kissing me.
“where is the stuff Bud” she asked . I pointed with my head to case on the table.
“there negatives, photos and video.”
“sweet now lets fuck, like mad to celebrate!”
I carried her to the bed room and put her down, she was in her bar hopping clothes (mini jean skirt/tight white top/leather jacket) she ripped my clothes off and threw me on the bed, straddling me, and pushing my hands over my head through the head board, and pulling out a pair of handcuffs and binding my hands. She kissed her way down to my cock and took a long hard suck on it treating me to a hummer like no other. She sat up and pulled up her skirt to expose her no underwear, thin blonde haired pussy.
“brace yourself stud” she knelt over my hip and lowered herself onto me leaning forward and grabbing the head board. She started slow grinding building to a hard throbbing hump as the bed legs banged on the floor. It was intense so intense I lost it earlier then usual. She stopped caught her breath and stood up lighting a cigarette. She turned and walked toward the kitchen.
“see around dumb ass” she said
“where are you going?” Knowing full well the answer
“I am leaving I got what I need” grabbing the case ” and you got to have sex with me, which is more than you deserve you hick” she turned and winked at me “you actually thought I was going to give you any money! Fuck your stupid, typical man thinking his cock would make him rich, sorry” she walked out of the trailer putting her smoke out on my floor.
I lay there listening to the car door slam thinking I was angry, not for her leaving me with nothing but for how much she underestimated me. I waited for the car to drive away.
“okay Benny come out” the closet door opened and out walked Mr. Big himself, who was unknown to his wife a life long friend of mine who actually approached me first to help me rid him of his wife and daughter. Turns out his daughter wasn’t really his, and he knew all along. So he uncuffed me I dressed and went back to his place to end it all.
We had to wait till 2 am for her to get home, when she walked through the door case in hand she saw me sitting there in a darkened house on the steps to the upstairs.
“hey baby” I said, as she froze in her tracks
“you did not think you were one step ahead did you? You stupid slut”
“I did and am” as she shook the case. And smiled. Until she heard Bens voice behind her.
“no your not my dear!” She spun around. “all that’s in that brief case sweetie is divorce papers. See you broke the prenup”
“so did you Benny!”
“sure but you are the one on film” he raised his hand with a remote in it and hit play on the VCR in the inner room. As play began she saw video I took of her fucking the pool boy.
“shit” she said hanging her head. I smiled at her from the steps.
“that’s not it honey” I said. “we know your little princess is not actually Benny’s daughter so she goes with you.” I smiled at her and winked, “who is the dumb ass now bitch”
“keep that video” Benny said “it’s a copy my lawyer has the originals, I am going to a hotel tonight, I will be back tomorrow, you credit cards have been cancelled, take your clothes and get the fuck out of my house, I will be back tomorrow, and you will be gone!” I stood up and Benny and I walked out together.
We drove back to my trailer and he brought his lap top in, and logged on to his bank accounts.
“okay” he said “a deal is a deal.” he closed his daughters trust fund and transferred it to my account, $25,000,000 in total then he went to his personal account and showed me the balance, then looked at me, “a divorce from her would have cost me half of all my assets, but you helping me only costs me a quarter of my liquid assets and her and my daughters shares in my company to keep you in steady income” he smiled at me and winked.
“don’t worry I plan to stay a silent partner from Mexico”
“okay good enough for me” He transferred ΒΌ of his liquid assets to my account which totaled a little over 32 point 2 million dollars. He turned off his lap top and stood up and I handed him a beer. “now for the last part of the deal eh” he said taking a pull from the beer and putting back on the table.
“you sure about this part it isn’t a must” I said stepping up to face to face.
“I am very sure, I never wanted anyone the way I want you!”
We began kissing and tearing each others clothes off as we danced into the living room. I stripped off his pants and ripped off his bikini briefs as he undid my jeans and let them fall to the floor. He pushed me down on the couch and straddled me and kissed me as we ground our hips into one another, he reached for the lube he put on the table earlier as he opened it and squeezed it all over my cock. He massaged it into my member with gentle slow precision. I took some of the excess lube off my cock and massaged it into his anus. “mmm mmm I need you in me” he begged as he positioned my cock at his starfish.
“then sit on it, but start slow I want to feel you enjoy all of me.” he sat down slowly on my cock, inhaling as he did, once he reached the bottom he put his outer foot on the floor for stability. “fuck your bigger then I remember”
“well its been ten years, since we did this”
“ten years” as he began slowly to ride me “has it been that long since you became my first gay lover?”
“yes, it lasted a month then we went our own ways, until you met me again a year ago, you went straight, I went straight to gay bars and one bad relationship after another.”
“we are together now though “
I began stroking his cock as he rode me. As he leaned back and grabbed my ankles with his hands. His rhythm picked up and his climax was near he was short of breath and sweating hard.
“Ah yes ahhhh” he came so hard and so much I was covered in come. Which I scooped up and licked off my fingers and nose. He was still riding me fast a furious. Until I felt the familiar burn and I grabbed his hips “stop!!!” he held still just as I came so hard and so long I thought I would never stop.
He leaned forward and kissed me
“better than I remember” he smiled “when the divorce goes through I am coming out of the closet, maybe I will come visit you Mexico.”
” you better” I said as he laid beside me on the couch and we fell asleep and stayed there all night.

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