Her mum and her!

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It was friday. My normal day of visiting my best friend Nina. She and I meet up at her house and then go on to a club in the evening with our mates! We get on very well! We have not, however, ever had sex or even gone out as b.f. and g.f.!
This week, I arrived earlier than usual and my best friend’s dad answered the door! He welcomed me in and asked if i wanted somethin to drink, I said “yes please” and drank it ouside in the garden! He left for work and said that NIna would be home soon! I said goodbye and he left!
I continued to look at the surronding garden!
Then I heard Nina come in, she was carrying a bag of groceries. Then in came her mum with another bag! I heard Nina say “HE will be here soon!” I decided to stay outside for a few minutes as i wanted to give them a shock!
Then Nina’s mum, Kintaso (they are CHinese)put some Bacon on to eat!
Kintaso is short, 5` 32 b boobs, and an ass to die for!
Nina is 5`6 long black hair, 36 c boobs and great legs! I had fancied her for years!
Nina offered to help her mom and they began to cook.
Nina then softly put her hand on her mum’s ass and said “Mom, I wanna fuck you!” She said this with lust, but fear, as well, in her voice!
Without an answer Nina started to pull her mum’s short denim skirt down. Kintaso’s legs were so soft. Nina found out, she was wearin no knickers! Nina then dug her face into her mum’s pussy, and was tryin so hard!
Kintaso began to scream and whine! She, I think was loving it. Nina put more and more force in! Nina then got up and grabbed her mums top and started to lift it off her head, there was a sexy bra which Nina just ripped off and now her mum was totally naked! Nina started to suck her mum’s nipples! More and more she did!
Then for some reason she stopped!
Kintaso then said ” You are my precious daughter! Let me fuck you!”
So Kintaso took NIna’s top off and started pullin at Nina’s soft nipples, which were getting harder! She then undid Nina’s jeans!
I started to undo mine and started wankin my already solid penis!
Nina’s pussy was bright pink, desperate to be fucked! Kintaso dug her hand in her daughter’s pussy! Nina began to scream her mum found her clit amazing, her hand continued up until almost all her lower arm was in her daughters pussy! She took her arm out!
Nina said “MOm, here comes an orgasm!”
Kintaso lay on the ground wiv her head directly below the almost drenched pussy.
Then Nina let rip! It seemed as if a dam had just burst. Liquid went all in her mums face!
Most of it was swallowed by her mum!
Kintaso then got up! Nina fetched a carrot which they had just bought and stuck it up her mums now horny vagina! she pulled it in and out in and out! She would not stop until she had the pleasure of swallowing an orgasm herself, which, Kintaso was happy to oblige with! They were now dripping head to toe!
Nina needed the toilet after all that, but her mum wouldn’t let her! Instead Nina did her shit in the kitchen! Her mum looking with complete love! Kintaso found her daughters shit too lovely to miss so she grabbed her daughter’s ass and began pulling out the shit! Kintaso continued to pound Nina’s ass getting out everything she could!
Nina then picked up a small amount and stuck it up her mum’s pussy!
I found that a good place to stop wanking, get redressed, go round the front, and knock on the door!

Nina answered the door. You can now guess what happened next……

You guessed it we had a threesome. Maybe more soon………

If you like it let me know!

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  1. Machette

    I..hate storys with shit and piss. Man those storys just ruin everything. Your like hard and all then you read it and its like Gaahh, Man I didnt need to know that!! I think many many many readers will agree with me on that one. If you want better comments. Just leave that out man. Also alot of “!”‘s But other than those 2 things pretty good. Try takin another swing at it.

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