Melissa Tales Ch13

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Chapter 13
Nicholas took Melissa home to meet his parents. When they got to the door a maid, Glenda, answered. She looked about 25. She was hot, nice b-cup tits six foot one and in great shape. Her orange red hair in a pony tail, her grey eyes looking Melissa over, her thick pink lips pushed together in a tight line then she smiled.

“Melissa meet Glenda; Glenda meet Melissa, Melissa is my girlfriend and Glenda go to the college near by and work for my family for extra money.”

“Nice to meet you Melissa, Let me get you guys bags,” Glenda, Melissa and Nicholas took the bags to the guest room. Then they headed down stairs.

Nicholas saw Glenda look at Melissa’s breast. Glenda was bi-sexual and loved women breast. Glenda would fuck he and Scott when there was nothing to do and their parent were gone; well sometimes.

Nicholas escorted Melissa to his dad’s study. His dad was sitting at his desk looking over scripts, with as stack of videos on the left. The man looking at Melissa was very handsome. He had black hair but his sons got his face and full lips. His eyes were green thought, he was very good physical condition.

Nicholas’s dad Markus look over at the women his son had brought home. She was sexy in an innocent sort of way. The girl looked so nervous. She had dark skin, brown eyes long curly hair. Thick brown lips with a rack to die for must be DDs. The blue and green sun dress did little to cover up her assets. She was cute and petite, Nick did always have a taste for curvy women.

” Hi son who is this gorgeous woman you have brought home,” his dad asked throwing on the charm. Melissa was holding Nick’s hand.

“Dad meet my girlfriend Melissa, and Melissa meet my dad Mark” Nicholas introduces them. He and Melissa walked up to the desk. Nick looks at some of the videos, his parents were more than likely going to go through them together, maybe he and Melissa would watch one with them.

“When your mom get home we’ll go out to Anthony’s, you to go find something to do while I finish my paper work,” he gestured them to go out the door.

Nicholas knew his dad had been checking out Melissa. His dad like beautiful women without them their house wouldn’t be so big or they would have this much money. Many people didn’t live in 4500 square feet house with a pool house that had two bedroom. Nick family was much better than well off.

Nicholas and Melissa went to the kitchen. Nick was hungry. They had a little something in the fridge. He spotted a fresh carrot. That gave him an idea, plus he needed some dressing.

“Melissa come here baby,” he puts Melissa up on the island, he kisses her. Thank goodness the dress was above her knees. Nicholas lay the carrot on the counter beside them. He rubbed his hand up her thigh, his girl didn’t have on any panties. He kissed down her neck, his hand stroking her hairy cunt lips.

“Nick what if your parent catch us?’ Melissa asked worried that that his parents would be angry. Nick just laughed, pulling Melissa’s tits from her dress and bra. Nicholas sucked her nipple into his mouth.

“Oh Nick that feels so good, oh yes,” Nicholas pinched Melissa nipples and twisted it around. “Oh fuck oh yeah,” she moaned knowing she had gotten wetter. She could hear Nicholas undoing his pants. Then he tilt her hip slamming as much of his cock as he could into her tight hole. “Oh Nick its so much so much oh yes yes fuck me please fuck me.” Nicholas put more cock into fucking her like she asked. She was coming, wetting his cock. Nicholas removed his cock and Melissa felt empty, ” Nicholas what are you doing please baby,” Nicholas lick the carrot getting it wet he rubbed it up and down Melissa wet cunt he slid it into her opening. Melissa felt Nicholas fucking her with the carrot going in and out of her.

“Melissa get on your knees,” the end of the carrot was sticking out of Melissa cunt, Melissa cunt muscles were working the carrot in and out of her. He had Melissa get on her knees her ass was toward the front of kitchen, toward the kitchen doorway. Melissa was now deep throating Nicholas. She wanted to taste him so bad his balls were full ready to feed her. The carrot was still causing Melissa body to go into shocks of pleasures. The carrot was almost sliding out, but he cunt muscles would pull it back in and hold it tight. Nick push his mammoth cock into her mouth his love juices dripping down her chin onto the marble floor.

Nicholas dad cleared his throat. Melissa is so shock, she pulled her mouth from Nicholas cock, his juices are all around her mouth, her tits are hanging from the dress, Nicholas pulls the carrot from her cunt it was wet with her juices. Melissa started getting her clothes back together, she take a big gulp swallowing the cum that still in her mouth. Markus thought that was the hottest thing when she swallowed the cum some still around her mouth, he pink tongue licking it up. She looked around for something to wipe it off with. Nicholas mom thought the chocolate beauty looked so innocent and hot try to get her son’s cum from her face.

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