Melissa's Tales ch2 edited

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Chapter Two
Nicholas helps Melissa grab her things and get in the house safely. She finds herself still very aroused after what all has just happened. Melissa notices that her tits are still hanging from her torn blouse whiles her nipples still very hard and her pants are still unzipped showing her black pussy.
Melissa is a very attractive woman dark skin, 5 foot 4in tall, weighs about 140lbs, 42D tits, nice round firm ass, dark brown eyes and her thick luscious lips that could turn any man or woman on. Those brown eyes and her thick luscious lips could give any man or woman pleasure. Nicholas enjoyed peeking in Melissa’s room while she would get dressed every day. Nicholas, Jared, and Benson all enjoyed watching Melissa, Angela, and Serena in the hot tub together. Melissa has the biggest breasts, roundest and most firm ass in the group of girls. Guess it’s true what they say black women have the sexiest figure. Nicholas knew by looking at Melissa she was still very aroused and horny. Melissa knew looking at Nicholas six pack was defiantly not helping her situation any either. She is thinking in the back of her mind he is very handsome with his shoulder length blonde hair, 6ft 5, with a six pack that deserves to be licked and the fact that she has always had a school girl crush on him. This would be the first but I am sure won’t be the last time Melissa gets a chance to see Nicholas completely naked. She is looking at the size and thickness of his dick; it has to be about twelve inches long and two inches thick. Melissa had fucked only one guy and which was her high school sweet heart and that was two years ago.
Melissa goes to sit on the couch while Nicholas heads into the kitchen to get her glass of water. She is so horny that she begins to rub on her breast while slowly pinching her nipples and hoping that he does not return back to fast. He does return kind of fast but he just stands in the door and watches as Melissa does not realize he is standing there. She sticks two fingers in her mouth and then starts slowly sucking on them while her other hand is easing down on her slacks allowing her to begin to play with herself. Nicholas pulls on his dick and walks over to her sitting her glass of water down while grabbing both of her hands and pushes them above her head. She slowly struggles allowing her to push her tits closer to his mouth and allowing him to put her gumdrop nipples into his mouth and suck on them.

“Hmmmmm Nichooolas,” Melissa moans.

Nicholas decides to let go of her hands and it will allow him time to slowly yank off her slacks noticing she was not wearing any underwear. He then slowly flips her over on to her stomach placing her hands behind her back he uses the scarf found on the couch to tie her hands together. He then places her chin on the back of the couch allowing her to be almost parallel then slowly grabs her ass cheeks and spreads them apart.

Melissa softly pleads “No Nicholas not my ass.”
He slowly starts by licking her anal opening and can feel her tightening up during his oral pleasure on her anal opening. She continues to plead with him as he continues to lick her ass hole. He then very softy rubs his finger into her fat pussy and while his fingers are inside her pussy he notices she is so wet he can actually see her cum on his fingers. He takes his fingers and uses her cum from her to lube her ass while sticking one of his fingers slowly in her ass.

Melissa softly pleads “No Nicholas not my ass.”
Melissa’s anal opening is so tight he can defiantly tell she’s an anal virgin. That being said he slowly pushes another finger in her tight ass while he also slides a finger in her pussy at the same time. Melissa finds herself starting to enjoy having a finger in her pussy and anal opening. She has started moaning now and notices that it was feeling so good that her nipples were getting hard bringing her close to an intense orgasm. She felt like it was a pulse in her ass and pussy just before she starts cumming all over Nicholas hand. She starts to come down from the intense orgasm that her body lightly was now feeling so light and very please after the popping of her anal sex cherry.

Nicholas softly kissed her ass hole then took one more lick of her pussy reminding him why he looked like he just got done eating his favorite candy. He starts processing all the day’s events from Melissa’s quite tasty pussy to her enjoyable anal opening. Melissa received another orgasm from Nicholas as he decided to re enter her hot little pussy one more time. He could barely get it to slide in so he fucks her slow at first and slowly picks up the pace and then starts to fuck her good, hard and fast forcing his cock the rest of the way into that tight juicy little pussy. He was shocked that he could only get half of himself into her which was about only about six inches before she starts crying and moaning all at the same time.

“Nicholas it hurts,” Melissa moaned “My pussy too small”

“Do you want me to stop “Nicholas asks as he only has about five inches to go before he is completely inside her so he continues to pumps into her three or four more time hard.

Melissa moans “Don’t stop Nicholas but please slow down” She continues moaning with her tight pussy around his huge cock. With Jared and Serena are around watching.

Nicholas had stopped fucking Melissa just for a moment and she commenced begging him to continue fucking her with his huge and thick dick. Jared and Serena walked around looking at Melissa’s face as he starts fucking her again while slowly sliding a few more inches into that fat pussy and just then she starts to loosen up and her hips start rolling back and forth to meet his thrusts. She is really close on the verge of another intense orgasm when she notices Jared and Serena watching while Nicholas is slamming her pussy and decides she can control it. Her pussy starts jerking with his dick still inside her and she starts to come over and over again. She feels him about to cum with his balls smacking against her ass and she says it feels so good now that my pussy has stopped hurting and then she came on last time. Then just as she finishes her orgasm Nicholas slowly pulls out and nut’s all over Melissa’s back and the black couch. He unties her and has her sit down properly while spreading her legs allowing Nicholas, Jared and Selena to see just how pink her tight little pussy was. Melissa reaches down to touch her pussy and then puts her finger in her mouth while also allowing Jared, Selena, and Nicholas to all taste the mixed cum in her pussy where they agree she taste like candy and Melissa says I am really tired .

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