Mother in law and me

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My story goes back a long way. I met my wife when she was still a schoolgirl, and we hit it off straight away. Being only 15 at the time, I wasn’t going to mess with her, as I liked her too much.
Over time I found out that she was the result of her mum being ‘raped’ by her boyfriend, when she was just 14. The bastard left town and was never heard of again, Thank fuck, most people would say. Anyway, having had the baby, she went back to school, her mum bringing up the baby. When I met Angela, and she took me to meet her mum and her step-dad, I though it was a joke. Her mum was more like her sister, and just as gorgeous looking, but step dad was quite a bit older than mum. We all got on well, and started to go out as a family. I can hear you all now, “bet you fancied her mum!” You’re right, I bloody well did.
We was married when we were both nineteen. We had a small house in a country village, as I worked on a farm, and it was part of the job, low rent and all that. Free milk and eggs!
Not long after that, her step-dad died, leaving her young mum a widow. As we had a spare room, she came to stay with us until she got over it. Well, I know she won’t ever get over it, but, you know what I mean.
She brought lots of stuff with her for her stay, and we bought a second hand bedroom, bed, wardrobe and everything, and she filled up the wardrobe and drawers with her sexy clothes.
I tried not to think too much about what she’d be like in the sack, and that was fine except that a few weeks after moving in, I came in from the fields and mum was in the bath. I thought it was Angela, so I stripped off, intending to share the bathwater and have my way with her. I shot through the bathroom door, and stood by the side of the bath with half a hard-on, astonished to see Laura, her mum. I made an immediate apology and a swift exit. Some time later, I was in the kitchen, having made us a cup of tea, when Laura walked in. She was fully dressed and sweet smelling. I apologised again, explaining I thought it was Angela. “That’s OK”, she said, “Simple mistake to make”. I was blushing terribly, and she laughed at me. I was getting another hard on, as I was imagining her in the bath with me there too. She suddenly went all soft eyed, sad I suppose you’d call it. She said that since her husband had died, she had so many good thoughts about him, but missed the sex. At this I half choked on my tea. You see, we never talked like this before, and I felt she was being really frank with me.
Angela had been in town shopping, so nothing was said to her.
That night we had great sex, with Angie giving me the best head ever. I performed cunnilingus on her, bringing her to climax two or three times, before we did it doggy fashion. As I was entering her, she said, “Do it slow, real slow. I want it to last”. It did last a long while, and as I felt I was about to shoot my cum into her, she said over her shoulder, “I want my arsehole filled with your magnificent prick”. I was wondering why this sudden request. She had never asked before, and I had never let it known that it was what I’d like to do to her. In the bedside drawer was the self heating lubricant, so I got some out and spread it on my John Thomas, and a little around the lovely rosebud that is her anus. “Be gentle”, she said. As if I could be anything other than gentle. As I entered her she stiffened and asked me to stop. Now, I’m not that big, 8″ or so, but not fat, so I didn’t think it my size, it was just the unfamiliarity of it; something going in instead of coming out. After moments she said to carry on. Boy was this worth the wait. Her sphincter muscles were as agile as her cunt, and she knew how to play me to stop me coming. Eventually she said, “Shoot in my arse, shoot it all the way up”. I felt sure her mum must have heard us, but, what the fuck, she was a sexy bint and knew what was what!
As we lay side by side, fondling each other, I asked her, kindly, why she wanted me to fuck her arse. She said that she had gone clothes shopping, and that she went into Anne Summers, and saw things that that initially shocked her, including the books. However, she started to read a book, when an assistant rather rudely told her that the shop was not a lending library. Buy it or leave it along. So she left

it. She had read though, about the joys of anal sex, and decided to try it. She said that when she had her bath, she’d used a vaginal douche to clear her back passage so that it was clear and clean for me to use. By this time I was hard again, and thinking of the Anne Summers catalogue that I had seen some time before, with all the sexy clothes and toys. I decided to treat her to some, and see what toys we might use.
Next morning Angela had to get off to work quite early, leaving me a cup of tea by the bed as she tongue kissed me, wow! I lay there contemplating a shower, when I heard Laura moving around in her room. Her door opened and then she was coming into the bedroom. I have mentioned in my other stories, that I am a guy who loves silks and satins, and here was Laura wearing the softest looking dark blue satin negligee.
“I was just going to use the bathroom”, she said, “Do you need to use it first”? As it had been a warm night, I was only covered by a blue satin sheet, and what with the kissing Angela had just given me, and now this dream in blue satin standing in my bedroom door, I had a jackstaff under the bedclothes. Laura’s eyes wandered down to the shape my John Thomas was making and she giggled, turned and went back into her room. Moments later she was back, naked as the day she was born, except for her wedding ring. She had either plucked or shaved her pubic mound into the shape of a heart and it was gorgeous. She sauntered over to the side of the bed, slide back the sheet, and gave my prick an admiring glance. ” Not as big as my late husbands, but from what I’ve been hearing, it works very well”. She slid into bed beside me and rubbed her hands over my body from top to tail, so to speak. She hovered over my prick and then slowly grasped it as she moved down my body, kissing me very intimately. There’s me thinking, “Hang on, you’re my mother-in-law”. It didn’t make my prick soft though. Gradually she got to the object of her desires, and slowly encased the helmet into her soft and delicious mouth. It wondered if she had dentures, and had taken them out, she was so soft. But no, she had all her own teeth. She cupped my balls, and slowly her hand went under me to seek out my arsehole. All the while I was stroking her delicious globes, and feeling her wet fanny. I smelt the liquid on my fingers, and she was so nice. I tasted it with my tongue and wanted to get my head between her legs, so I suggested a “69” position, with her on top. This we did, and not only was I able to lick and suck her clit, but I was able to insert a finger through her rosebud anus. Cool, I thought, perhaps like mother like daughter. I was so engrossed in tonguing her cunt, that I was almost bursting and came in great dollops into her lovely mouth. She took every drop and swallowed. “This gives a girl big breasts”, she said, “So I guess that’s why Angela is so big these days!”
I continued nuzzling her fanny, and she carried on massaging my cock. “I want this big boy in my arse”, she said. It took no time after a comment like that to bring me to a full erection again. She turned around, and said, “I know you like it doggy fashion, I’ve heard you at night, so, how about it, big boy!” I got the warming lubricant from the drawer, and she took the role of lubricator, almost bring me to another climax, before she bent over the pillows, showing me that lovely pink rosebud that I was to penetrate. I entered her, slowly at first, but in no time she was almost screaming, “Fuck me hard, no harder still!” Some minutes later we were both at the point of cumming, she squeezing her arsehole muscles tightly around my stiffy, and me thrusting to get even deeper. She reached underneath her and grabbed my balls. At this I exploded inside her as she let out an animal like scream. Something made me look towards the door, and there was Angela. My heart must have stopped, because the look on her face was just magic. I saw she was carrying an Anne Summers bag, that was obviously full.
“Well, Mum, I see you got your way at last. Was it worth it”? “Yes dear”, said Laura, “You were right, he is a fantastic lover”.
It was all prearranged by my minx of a wife and her rather lovely mother.
What happened next I shall tell in the next story. See you then?

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