My Friend's Sister 1

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“Okay, I’ll pick you up in half an hour” I said.
“Sounds good see u then.”
At two minutes to seven I knocked on my friend’s door. Her sister answered it and invited me in. She told me her sister would be a little while longer because she got caught in something.
I took a seat behind my friend’s sister on the couch. She was watching some stupid show and I was growing impatient as my friend was 15 minutes late and we were not gonna make the movie.
I was about to get up when my friend’s sister leaned back against my legs. Okay, I thought, that’s a little strange. “Can you get up for a sec, I gotta go to the bathroom?” I asked my friend’s sister. “Oh, sorry,” she replied.
As I was coming out of the bathroom doing up my zipper my frined’s sister was standing right there.
“Wait, don’t do it up yet, let me have a peak first.”
It’s not like I was gonna turn an invitation like that down. She came up to me unbuttoned my pants and slid her hand down my pants. “Wow, that’s a nice size,” she said as she grabbed all 9″ of my cock which instantly hardened. “Let’s go into the living room so I can take a better look at this,” she said and she grabbed my hand.
“If you’re gonna want to see mine, I gotta see what you got too,” I said. “Have it your way.” She took off her shirt and revealed her beautiful well rounded body, but best of all her beautiful perfect tits. Then with no further notice, she pushed me onto the couch, grabbed my cock and started giving me a hadnjob. Just before I was about to cum, she slid my dick into her mouth. I came instantly and told her to go on. She continued, her motions growing faster and faster while I kept on cummming. After cumming in her mouth three times, I told her enough. It was my turn. I began massaging her breasts and making my way down her body I pressed my dick against her thong which was covering her pussy. She was very wet. I ripped off her thong and began finger fucking her with one hand while my other hand kept fondling her tits.
“Just do it already,” she pleaded. “I like torturing you first, it will make it more enjoyable.” And with that I began inching my dick towards her awaiting pussy. As we began to kiss I inserted my cock just a bit and then slowly I went a little deeper.
After torturing her for a couple minutes I told her this was it. She begged me to do it already and with no warning, I shoved my cock as hard and fast into her as I could.
I fucked her for what seemed like an hour, when I heard someone clearing their throat behind us. I didn’t bother to look I knew it was my friend. I pulled my dick out and I told my friend’s sister to suck me off again. She did so willingly and after another five minutes of heaven, I told her it was time for me to leave.
“Sorry I was a bit tied up,” I told my friend, “ready to go now?” “No…”

To be continued…

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    A+ any guys dream

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