My Teacher is sooooo good 2

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Came the day of my saturday detention. I arrived to school as planned and I met Mr.Lays in his office. I asked him “What are we going to be doing today”. He said,”Oh yea, well someone else needs your help”. I said ok. He led me into the ceramics room. Mr.Kies and Mr.Smith. I asked Mr. Lays what did Mr.Kies needed with me. He said the Mr.Kies was very horny and hard, and that he had no one to love. I looked up at him and grinned. I said, “Who do I start with?” Mr. Smith said Mr.Kies is going first then me. I said ok and I pulled down Mr Kies pants and underwear. To my surprise he had a nice 8 inch cock. I guess it will have to do. So i began sucking Mr Keies. I noticed he enjoyed my warm mouth around his cock, because he was moaning. I sucked him until he cummed. I squirted it all dowm my mouth and it was very warm going down my deep throat. I stood up and said,”All that sucking made my pussy wet.Why dont you lick my juices off me.” With that said, Mr.Kies threw me up onto a table and pulled off my pants and underwear. He began licking and sucking all my juices off my pussy. His tongue was so warm and it felt soooo good. Suddenly I felt someone touch my shoudler. I turned around and it was Mr.Smith and Mr. Lays. Mr. Smith tore off my shirt and my bra,letting my tits run free. I looked down at Mr.Kies, but he was still licking. Mr.Kies eventually got up and he said, “well we only forgot about one thing”I said, “what did we forget?
” I havent got to do my most favorite thing. I smiled and I jumped off the table. Allowing Mr.Kies to push me against a wall. He thrusted his 8 inch cock in my warm pussy. He started off fast and hard. But he got tired and slowed down. I let him cum inside of me and then I told him to stop now that it was Mr.Smiths turn. I said,”Mr.Smith come over here” He said,”Hold on” Mr Smith left for a moment and came back with fudge, ice cream, and whip cream. He pulled down his pants and poured fudge on it. He told me to suck all the fudge off. I got on my knees and began sucking the choclatey fudge off his dick. When I took off all the fudge, my face was full of chocolate. He told me that that was the best oral sex he had ever had in his life. I look over at Mr Lays and Mr.Keis. Thye gazed at Mr Smith in jealousy. I sucked him a little bit longer and he cummed in my mouth. Then I got up on the table and poured fudge all over my body. I mean all over. Including my pussy. I laid down and told Mr Smith to lick it all off. He of course began at my pussy and made his way up. He fondled my breast with his tongue. Once he was done licking all the fudge off of me, he poured some more on my pussy and his dick. He put laid me down on the floor and thrusted into my pussy. He fucked me very slow. But the fudge made it feel sooo good. I orgasimed once. When he cummed in me, I told him to stop now and that it was Mr.Lays turn. He said, “Wait let me get that last bit of fudge off your pussy. I agreed and he did. Once he was done, Mr.Lays walked towards me with the ice cream and the whip cream. I could tell he had something FUN planned. I said, “What do you want first?”
He demanded, “First lay down”. He put some ice cream on my body. In between my breast and on my stomache. It was so cold but I sucked it up. Then he got the whip cream and covered the rest of my body with it. Including my face. Everywhere. Then he first licked in between my breast, and ate all the cold ice cream off my body. He licked all the whip cream off me with his warm tongue. When he was done, I was so sticky from all the sweets on me. He said, you are so sticky. I cant have sex with you like that. I said, “well what do you want me to do about it?” He grinned and said,”why dont we all go to the locker room showers and um wash up” I smiled and we all walked over to the showers.I walked in and I turned on all the shower heads. I began cleaning myself. Then Mr.Lays came in bare naked. He came in and stood next to me. He fondeled my breast while I cleaned all the stickiness off me.We made out a couple times but that was it. When I was done, he told me that we can continue his turn in the shower. So He made me get on my knees and suck his dick. I only sucked him until he cummed, which wasent very long. Then he said, “Since you took a long shower, I get a longer fucking time with that pussy of your”. I graciously agreed. He then pushed me against the shower wall, and thrusted into me and kept pushing so hard that it hurt. He kept going strong. He didnt even get tired! He cummed once in me, but that didnt stop him. Then he kept going, but this time he was a bit more slower but it only felt better that before. He cummed once more into me. Then his turn was over. We walked back over to the ceramics room and we went back into the room. I put back ony my clothes. And told them that my job here was done. I was just about to leave, but then I thought to myself they should do something for me. I demamnded,”I expect a a+++ in all of your classes.” They all smiled. I walked over and gave them all a passionate kiss, and said thank you. I walked out thinking how sore my pussy was going to be tomorrow.

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