My teacher is sooooooooo good

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I was 18. 18 and still had my virginity. I was a very outgoing person and was very envolved in my school. So I was pretty close to almost all my teachers. One day, right after school was dissmissed I was called into the vice-principals office. When I went in I asked him,”Mr.Smith, you asked to see me?”. He said,”Yes come on in and have a seat”. I sat and then he said “Francesca we have a problem here”. I asked “whats wrong”? He said we have had a report of you having sex with the biology teacher, Mr.Lays. I denied it. He said “well your lying, we have you on camera.” I was shocked and said ” let me see”. While I was watching the tape I noticed Mr. Smith gazing at the screen. I told him that I didnt want to see it anymore and he told me that he did. So I said “Mr.Smith, I will be more than happy to do the same to you”. He looked over at me and I could see his hard cock through his pants. He said,” Francesca, you know I cant do that….then I walked over to him and began kissing him, stopping him in his words. I straddled him on his chair, and took off my top. He tried to tell me to stop but he could when I began sucking his dick. He cummed in my mouth, and I ate it all.He moaned and groaned while I went in and out of my mouth. When I finished I told him to eat me and he did. He put his tongue into my warm, wet clit. It felt so good, I think I was going to cry. He told me that his cock needed some loving, so I put his dick in my pussy. He gave me a hard thrust, and kept going hard and fast. I could tell when he got tired because he slowed dowm, but it felt twice as good. He cummed inside of me and it felt oh so warm. Then all of a sudden we heard knocking at the door. He asked who it was, and said that he was really busy. It was the biology teacher! He said what can possibly be so important?…and he walked in. He saw me on top of Mr Smith and said, Francesca how can you betray me like this? I got up and said Im sorry. He said”you better be sorry because Mr.Smith and I are going to give you a hard punishment” Mr Smith graciously agreed. Mr Lays forced me on my hand and knees, while he fucked my ass. Then Mr.Smith came and fucked my pussy. I was getting double the love! I organsmed two times. When we were all done I asked ” SO what is my punishment Mr.Smith?” He said, ” young lady you are going to get a detention, and guess what you are going to serve mr and Mr.Lays with a SATURDAY DETENTION! i giggled and gave them both a passionate kiss, then I walked out and couldnt wait till the my detention on Saturday.

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  1. blaze

    this story contradict’s itself…at the beginning “francesca” sayz she’s 18 and still has her virginity, then a few lines later when she is called into the office, she’s apparently been caught having sex with her teacher…you should learn how to tell a story…

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