Off to College

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I was weary about going away to school and leaving home and my boyfriend Drew. Drew and I just starting having sex for the first time on Prom night and it was amazing. After waiting for so long it was nice to feel his cock in my wet tight pussy. Sure, we have experimented with finger fucking, blowjobs, him eating my pussy (until he had me dripping my love juice all over the back of pick up truck), and we have even used a dildo that we found in his mother’s drawer. All of these things and watching some hardcore porn that my parents hide under their bed has given me alot to practice with.

More than anything I wanted Drew to fuck my ass. It would drive me crazy when he would slide his fingers in there after he had gotten them slick with my fresh cunt juices. His big hands would spread my ass chicks apart and slowly work his fingers toward my hole. Slowly he would drive his fingers up my tight hole and spank me. Deeper and deeper he would push those thick fingers and slide them in and out. Just thinking about it as I pack my stuff makes me take my fingers and flick my clit, rub my pussy, and run my own fingers over my tight hole that is reserved for Drew 9 inch cock. I love fucking him any time and anyway. We have been caught doing it doggy style in the woods by hunters who promised not to report us if they could watch Drew eat my pussy. At first I was too scared but, I didn’t want my dad to find out so we let watch. After a while, Drew let them spank my ass and fucked me against a tree. It felt so good to have my legs wrapped tight around Drew’s waist while he pumped his giant rod into my pussy. I couldn’t believe how fun it was to know that they were watching. With every spanking, my pussy squeezed Drew’s dick harder and I could feel myself come all down his dick. My ass was sore from all the spanking and my pussy felt like Drew’s dick was tearing me apart with ectasy. When he shot his load deep into my hole, I felt every drop hit my pussy walls and fill inside of me. Drew laid me down on the leaves and let all four men who had be jerking off come on my face. Their warm hot cum sprayed me, it was hot and sweet. I never would have thought that I would lick every drop and enjoy swallowing every ounce. Once the men left and said good bye, I told Drew that I horny again and I wanted to go to the lake for some skinny dipping and fucking. He smiled at me warmly and collected our stuff.

Thinking of times like that make me miss him and not want to leave. But I know that I have to go to college. My school is only 40 minutes away from his and we both can drive. I don’t want to think about him fucking some other girl so, I want this to work.

My first day at the dorm, I couldn’t believe my new roommates, an Asian girl, a black girl, and brunnette cheerleader with fake tits. She, Melissa, was a rich girl from Texas who only talked about how she loved to suck dick and eat pussy. The Asian girl, Sara was quite but told us that she used her dildo all the time to relieve stress and pass the time. Then there was Malorie, who talked about how great her boyfriend’s 13 inch cock was and that she could swallow it hole and that her pussy would swell to the size of a watermelon after he fucked her. We giggled after all of our stories and continued to know each other better.

One night after I got back from class, I found Sara with her dildo in the middle of the floor surrounded by books. Her bright pink hole was wet with lub and cum as she panted to her climax. I watched in amazement as she juice just squirted out of her cunt. I hardly noticed my fingers already down my sweat pants. Sara motioned for me to come over and she handed me her silver 10 inch dildo and told me to try it out. I licked it and rolled it around my tongue and went to slide it in her pussy and she told me to do the honors on myself. She rubbed my clit and caressed my nipple as I began to slide the silver bullet into my box. The hard veins of the dildo excited the inside of my cunts. Sara took my nipple in her mouth and started to suck them until they were hard as rocks. Her soft lips engulfed my breasts as she squeezed and tugged at them and rubbing her own small tits against mine. The pleasure was mine as I could feel myself loose contol and begin to come. I could feel my whole body pulse and surge with please my fingers were dripping with juice as my pussy walls grabbed the dildo tighter and tighter. My cunt was so hot and so wet, I just felt Sara pushing it deeper into my hole. Her tongue whipped around mine, as she pumped her hips into mine, and her hands fixed tightly on my ass until we both collasped with pleasure. When I opened my eyes I saw Malorie and Melissa stood there clapping, “Great show you too, when so we get a chance to work those pussy’s?” Malorie said, “I can’t wait to show you how my tongue dive into those sweet cunts!”.

This is going to be one semester that I will never forget!

Wait for chapter II

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