Our Trip to the Jelly Belly Factory 5

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shelly’s sexy storys 5 Property of:Shelly L.Stonebraker
(Short Story) 2012

Detacated to: a sweet tooth……..

Our Trip to the Jelly Belly Factory

For the longest time i had wanted to go to the best place to get jelly beans,my favorite candy,The Jelly Belly factory in
Northern California.So we saved up the money to go and set the date.Got the days off work and put everyhting together for the
trip.That morning we woke up excited,me more then you cause i was planing on coming home with a lot of candy.Getting all of our
things ready and put in the car.We have to cars your 1968 GTX and my new Mazda XR3.So we take the Mazda cause of the gas
savings.We love our old cars but the new ones are better on gas.We get the car loaded and you lock up the house setting the
alarm,and off we head down the road.

The drive was a few hours away so we set the ipod to the metal playlist,and hit the Hwy.We stopped at a few places along the
way to eat and get things we needed.Then off down the Hwy we see the sign for the factory,so we get off the freeway and turn right
into the parking lot.

We walk inside and there before us is what looks jelly bean Heaven.I let out a sweak and have the biggest smile on my face.
You looking at me and thinking i’m crazy.But know that this is a dream of mine so you smile too.Off to the side was the counter
for the tours,so we walk over to see when the next tour was.The lady behind the counter tells us it will be at least 2 hours
til the next tour,so we would have to wait til then.With the news i got a little bumbed,so of course you krafty as you are
had to think of a good way to kill time while we wait.Looking around you see a door marked “staff enterence only”.And you get
the bright idea to sneak in the back with me and see how things worked in the factory.So you look at me and mouthed “follow me”,
and me always trusting you have something up your sleave follow you to the door.Which was unlocked so we slip in, to take a
look around unseen by anyone as we do.

Behind the door was the inner workings of the factory,which was mostly machines moving all over and strangely enough not
very loud.There’s all these mixing things like for cement.Rows and rows of them spinning away,but no people around.Worried
we may get seen we duck down and watch for a minute.Then behind us comes a loud sound so we jump and turn around,and there in
rows of metal vats with tons of mixed jelly bellys.So of course i have to have one too.I crawl over to the closest vat and take
a small handfull and put them in my mouth.Skocked cause the were still warm.So much so i get all fuzzy inside.I call you over
to try some,you crawl over like i did and take a few.Looking in my eyes you get a little turned on by how happy i look so you
kiss me slowly.Then i get a look you only see when i want to be naughty.I slide my hand into the beans and put it out again
with a big ass grin.And you know what that means.We begin to undress on the floor,then climb in.Naked as jay birds we start
by feeding eachother beans and giggleing quitely.Your lean in may kiss me gently and then wisper”i love you my freaky woman”,
i smirk and wisper back”i love you my freaky man”.And we start kissing again.Digging ourselves lower in the beans,all warm
and sticky from our body heat,you use your hand to fingure me and i grip you hard and move up and down the beans tickleing our
bodies all over.As you sink onto my pussy the heat of the beans seen cold cuase i’m hot and wet the way you like it.All the way
in you move and as you do i roll my eyes back and you pull out alittle and then back in deeper then before.Knowing i’m gonna start
cumming back to back you wrap my legs around you like we are in water and we begin to really grind deep on eachother like two
animals.Having to be almost comletely silent so we don’t get caught again like we have before.We continue,our bodies now all
colored from the beans and a lot of them melting.Panting hard and us embracing eachother strong,we keep going,our skin sticking
together making it more stimulating.Like our skin was kissing too.Your cock so hard you begin to swell them blast deep fast.
Your body jerks and i feel your heart beat in your chest tumping like a bull.Then we lay there for a second in the sticky beans
all warm and happy that we were just naughty again.

We go to get dressed and from around the corner a lady,steps out.”BUSTED”!The lady see’s us and gets a huge smile on her
face and begins to shack her head and laugh,while we stumble around trying to get dressed.Good thing is the lady was cool and
all we had to do was buy the jelly beans and pay for the vat to be cleaned.With a stern warning not to let this ever happen
again if we ever came back.I was happy we didn’t get banned from the factory.

Smileing like two busted teenagers we run to get in the car and head to a hotel to shower then drive home.Picking a hotel we
get a room and and relax after our showers watching wrestling and snuggling on the bed.Chatting about what a great memory this
will be to add to all the other “BUSTED” moments we have together.Then we head home after dark so we can get to work the next

The End……..

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