Private Dick

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Private Dick

It was like any other day sitting at my desk waiting for a client to walk in or phone. The private detective business was, to say the least slow.
Most days even when I am working its not what I would call exciting, mostly chasing around an unfaithful spouse, A few pictures & there headed for
Divorce court & I’m headed toward the nearest bar. Some would say I have a drinking problem. Not Me… I would say I’m a drunk.
Then, there it was the sound of someone knocking on my door. I’ll be right there! When I opened the door, there stood the most beautiful woman
I had ever seen, & I’ve seen a few.
She had long dark hair, green eyes, big puffy lips that just begged to be kissed or suck a cock. Her body was gorgeous, big tits & when she walked in front
of me I got a glimpse of that ass. My God what an ass. Now I was nothing to look at, a few too many bar fights & deep wrinkles around my face
Caused mostly by my first wife. God rest her soul…
I must have gotten an erection instantly when she came though the door. Please have a seat & how can I help you? “I said”
I am a little embarrassed she said.
No need to feel embarrassed “I said” We are all friends here, I said, trying to make her feel more comfortable.
Please tell me how I can help you.
Well “she said” hesitantly “It’s my husband”; yes I said trying to help her along with her story.
Don’t be embarrassed, I have heard it all before… Do you think he’s having an affair?
I’m not sure? He’s away from home a lot, & when he is home he’s always tired or has to get up early for a meeting.
I was thinking this guy is nuts if I had a woman like this waiting for me at home I would never go to work. I WOULD BE FUCKING HER
9 To 5.
As she was sitting there in her way to short of skirt & semi see thru blouse I could not help but notice she had a pair of sheer panties on & her legs
Were parted just enough to see the pubic hair thru her sheer panties. I still had the same hard-on from before but now it was almost sticking
Though my pants. I wanted to fuck her bad.
Well just because he’s tired doesn’t mean he’s cheating on you. “I said”
Well, it’s more than just that, He doesn’t make love to me anymore!
Now I knew this guy was crazy. There just weren’t that many babes like this one in the world much less this town.
So what would you like me to do? Follow him, take some photographs? I just want to know “She Said”
Just than, she noticed my erection. I tried to hide it but, there was no way to do that. She just stared it. She could not take her eyes off my cock
I thought to myself “What Now” Here I am trying to get this woman to hire me to follow her cheating husband around & I get a super hard-on.
As I looked up after thinking about the situation. I noticed her eyes where still fixed on my rock hard cock.
I stood up walked around the desk all the while her eyes followed my cock as I moved toward her. I got right in front of her as she was sitting there.
My cock was right in her face just a thin layer of cloth between her mouth & my cock.
I saw how she was looking at it. She wanted it & I wanted to give it to her.
I took my cock out of my pants & shoved into her warm mouth
She was trying to say something but I kept shoving my cock deeper & deeper into her mouth on every thrust.
I reached down to put my hand up her short skirt as I did I touched those sheer panties they were dipping wet.
My hand started to rub her pubic area, she started to moan. I took my hand and moved her panties to the side so I could finger fuck that sweet pussy.
She was humping my finger.
Than, I took my cock out of her mouth & she said “Use two fingers to finger fuck me”. No problem, I was more than happy to comply.
I got down on my knees & spread her legs wide open so I could see that sweet pussy though those sheer panties. I could smell that pussy juice
& I wanted to taste that pussy. I pulled her panties off, putting them up to my face to smell her hot pussy juice as I did I licked the wet spots, god this
Girl had one great tasting hole. I wondered if both her holes tasted that good?
I was fingering her with two fingers & I started to eat her sweet pussy hole. I was eating that hole like it was the only hole left in the world.
She was bucking her cunt into my mouth trying to shove as much of it into my tongue as she could.
She was starting to shake & started to yell Fuck Me with your tongue; she reached up & pulled my head as far up her cunt as she could.
This babe loved having her pussy eaten & I loved eating it too. She was moaning, “Yes’s” “Oh yeh eat that hole” & shaking her head from side to side.
With her other hand she was playing with her tits though her now opened blouse. I picked her up with one arm & threw her up on my desk, clearing it with the other
That was better now, I could get into a better position to eat her snatch. I sat down in the chair she was just in, her legs were spread wide open with her
high heel shoes resting on my shoulders. I started to eat her pussy again, she let out a moan as my tongue touched her pussy, I was licking her pussy from
The bottom of her pussy hole to the top from her clit, she was loving it, so I thought, Lets really give this bitch something to tell her PTA friends about, so I got
Adventurous I started lowering my tongue to her sweet little asshole, the first time my tongue touched that sweet hole she squirmed a little & let out a moan.
I think she figured I missed my target a little bit; Little did she know that was my target I started to run my tongue over her little asshole now. She said wait
No ones ever done that to me before!
I said “Do you want me to stop?” No-No God Noooo!!! It feels so good. Just keep doing it… “Lick my ass” she said
I was going to do a lot more to that asshole than just lick it. I was going to fuck that ass.
I was really looking forward to fucking this chick but first I needed a little more head just to get me rock hard again
I said “Come here & suck my cock” She obeyed, She got off the desk & knelt in front of me & took that cock in her mouth, she was a pro at giving head
Licking the head of my cock, than taking the whole length of it down her throat all the while jacking it off with her hand. After about 5 minutes I could not
Keep from Cumming; I let out a huge load into her mouth. She almost choked as she tried to swallow it all. As she was wiping the rest of my cum
From her chin & mouth, I picked her up & bent her over my desk. She was wild eyed as I stuck my cock up her pussy hole, It was so tight, but
It was very wet from her pussy juice. I started to fuck her hard, ramming my cock up her tight hole; she was yelling “Fuck me, fuck me”.
I put two fingers in her asshole & started to spread her asshole apart, I took my cock from her cunt & shoved it into her beautiful asshole.
She started to say something like No, wait, stop, but it was way too late for that. No, this chick was getting her ass fucked whether she wanted to or not.
I shoved my cock into her ass & started to rip that ass up, pumping that ass harder & harder, she was humping back just as hard. For someone who
did not want to get an ass fucking she was sure enjoying it.
I was about to cum again when we hear a sound at the door, than a knock. I thought shit, The door was not locked. If someone walked in now, I thought
Me with my cock up this chick ass. …
Then it happened the door opened… It was a man. When he walked in & saw us, his jaw dropped to the floor. He said “Liz, Is that you?”
I said to myself ” What the fuck, he knows her name. Who is this guy
Liz Stopped in mid-stroke with my cock in her ass “Harry” What are you doing here? It was her

To be continued….

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