Rainy Day Surprise

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As I lie in between the silky sheets and mounds of pillows I could not help be aroused from all the sounds and smells going on around me. The rain was pelting down on the balcolny outside my room and the smell just engulfed my senses. I began to rub my already erect nipples sending a wild sensation down my spine. Reminded that I did not have much time to play before my weekly schedule massage would arrive I found my myself lost in the simple pleasure of rubbing my clit and tracing from my anus to my lips back up to my swollen clit until finding that rhythm of pleasure to a peak that sent my back arching and toes curling. After the first orgasm I slipped out of bed to the balcony to feel the rain on my skin again with my back against the wall and one leg on a chair I started to find that simple rhythm again but this time sensed that I was not alone, and with that the massage therapist had arrived and was completely turned on to what she found me doing so she knelt down and just joined in with her hot wet tongue finding juices running down to my toosh working her way back to my clit and in and out of my pussy. Oh baby I moaned and she proceeded to find the perfect motion to compliment what I was doing. I reached down and grabbed for her exposed nipples and she sighed and I moaned loudly oh baby I’m going to cum! She continued working her tongue when the door open and in walked my boyfriend who just came in and sat on the bed to watch and he so did. The massage therapist and I made our way to the bed continuing to explore each others body. My boyfriend was aroused by the what he saw so he took out his very hard cock from his pants wet with precum. she leaned over and licked the tip of his cock and then leaned back to share it with me. so sweat so good!! now it was time to get him involved and so I leaned over to him and placed his throbbing cock into my warm mouth sliding it deep down into my throat as I slid it back up she moved behind him to play with his anus thus causing him to moan louder and louder until he moaned he was cumming shooting his hot cum all over my mouth and down my nipples…What a morning we had… to be continued…..

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