Rick & Alicia ch10

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Chapter 10

Alicia’s dad was banging on the door, “Sweetheart are you okay?” Alicia yells again but this time in fright Rick laughs wiping cum from his face and throwing Alicia her robe.

Rick opens the door telling Mr. McBride everything was ok she just saw a little spider after he was sure Alicia had a robe on.

Mr. McBride looking suspicious “Are you sure, she was yelling and screaming pretty loud,” he was sure it had to be something else but his baby was a good girl compared to his oldest daughter. Rick quickly say’s yes Sir to Mr. McBride who in return he replies back “Okay, did you at least kill it?” Mr. McBride asked.
“No, Mr. McBride it got away before I could catch it,” Rick tells Mr. McBride, he then says, “We are going to go tothe mall so we can pick up a dress and a tux for the party.”

Mr. McBride tells them to “Get in-touch with your mothers when you get there,” he said slapping Rick on the shoulder, ” Oh yeah, Rick your dad is coming over to watch the game with me,” then they hear a knock at the door then Alicia’s dad left.

Alicia walks over and punch’s Rick in the shoulder, ” OMG that was so close you don’t think he suspects anything?”

Rick laughs “You should see your face'” as he softly plants a kiss on Alicia handing her a shirt and a pair of brown capris pants. Rick was horny still but he knew they had to get to the mall. They took Rick’s truck to the mall which was a good 45 minutes away but they knew their moms would be at the spa all day. While at the spa their moms put on facials masks and planned on getting their feet soaked.

They both say in unison”Hi mom” as their mother’s both removed the cucumbers from their eyes and do the greeting thing with both moms saying how they don’t like them living so far apart. They both go to The Card and got their clothes and they return to Rick’s house knowing their fathers were a little tipsy sitting in Alicia’s father’s man-cave. They go up to Rick’s room and began to watchh the movie they had rented while no one was home and it was only eight. Rick was still horny from not fucking Alicia earlier this evening.

Rick gets off the bed Alicia wondered what he was doing but she kept watching the movie. Rick had got four ties and jumped back on he bed holding Alicia down he attempts to tie her up she attempts to push him off but Rick was heavier than she was. Alicia starts kicking him as he grabbed her legs she wants to make sure as to not hurt Rick so she didn’t really kick hard. He gets her legs tied up and they were spread wide.

“Well it is time to get those clothes off,” so Rick left from his room heads downstairs. Alicia still tied up in the red and white themed room. She could move a little but not much and see’s a old pic of Rick and her from when they were 11 at the valentine ball. She wasn’t his date but their parents wanted them to take a picture together.

Rick came back upstairs and enters with sharp pair of scissors and Alicia looks at Rick she asks “What are you doing?” Rick began cutting Alicia’s shirt apart then her pants this took a few minutes but was well worth it. Rick had cut the pants completely off Alicia then he puts in a porno.

Rick looks at Alicia and says “Hopefully we’ll have a good hour before any of my family gets back,” He kissed Alicia soft brown lips then begins to massage Alicia’s tits. He straddles her waist and tells Alicia that today my beautiful wife I notice you respond very well to pain. He grabs her breast stroking his thumb across the nipples he slowly pinches each nipple. Rick stop it’s starting to hurt as he is now pinching really hard. Alicia is tightening her eyes and says “Oh fuck that really HURTS” she is trying to buck him off. He slaps her big tits hard making them giggle and she screams at Rick to stop as this really fucking hurts. Rick starts laying more slaps across her big tits as she continues to plea “Stop Rick please it hurts” Tears are starting to leak from her eyes and Rick keeps beating her tits. Rick finally stops and gets off of Alicia he looks down at her crotch seeing a big wet spot in her white underwear. She is already really wet and tonight he was going to fuck her hard while he takes her doggy style. Rick starts to play in Alicia’s wet cunt forcing her to take two fingers then he slapped her huge tits again making her beg him to stop. He undid both her leg restraints. He got her to get on her knees with her arms crossed above her head Rick slaps Alicia’s ass it was beautiful site. He spreads her ass-checks apart while he rubs his hand from her asshole to her wet pussy. Then Rick started slapping Alicia’s pussy lips hard and Alicia begs him stop, “Stop please,” Rick does not stop Alicia groans as it hurt so badly. He starts spanking her ass as hard a he can while Alicia lay’s on the bed tears leaking from her eyes. She feels Rick stop then he spreads her ass cheeks apart while he fingers her pussy and takes her cum and places it on her anal opening. Alicia realizes what he is thinking and begs Rick stop leave my ass alone please stops. Rick then starts licking his tongue around her anal hole as he begins to slowly ease a finger into her ass.

Rick’s finger feels so big moving in and out of her ass. She say’s, ” Oh stop Rick please fuck my pussy please you’ll rip my ass apart.” Rick now had his index finger completely in her ass so he eased a second finger into her ass. He is enjoying the feeling of Alicia’s pucker hole as it is so warm and tight just like her pussy. Her pussy was not only leaking down her thigh but also dripping onto Rick’s bed as he removed his fingers from Alicia ass. He rubs his hand in Alicia wet pussy again then hee spreads her ass wide and slams into her tight wet cunt. She asks him to slow down that is a little rough Rick, but he continued to ram him into Alicia as fast and a hard as he could. Alicia pussy was pulling him in and she was about to cum. She screams “Oh yes Rick oh I love you”. Rick keeps fucking Alicia and continues slamming into her so hard his balls are hitting the back of her thighs as she was about to cum again, she starts to scream “Rick i’m cumming don’t stop” then she starts screaming again “Rick fuck me please fuck me more and no pulling out I want you to cum in me please,” Rick looks over at Alicia and can see the ties cutting into her wrist as Alicia can feel him bumping her cervical and she tells Rick to promise her , Not to stop please continue fucking me with that big cock. Alicia is pushing her ass back onto him as hard as she can so she can meet every thrust,

Rick’s brother walks into the apartment thinking he hears a noise upstairs gets ready to investigate it. Mayan is with them for some fun since there mom was staying in the city for the night. They heard the noise as they get closer it was coming from Ricks room and they are wondering who Rick was fucking. The voice sounded very familiar. So the whole group decides we want to know so Mayan, Edward, and Robert all come upstairs to see who the girl was. To Mayan the voice sounded really familiar. The get to Rick’s door it just so happens to be open and they hear the girl again “Oh yes Rick please yes i’mmm cumming again I love you Rick.” They opened the door quietly not to be caught as it appears Rick was about to come and he thinks to himself she feel good. He says to Alicia you ready I’m about to come baby as she is still cumming and screaming “Oh Rick, yes, yes, Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” Rick and Alicia both fell on the bed exhausted.

“I thought you weren’t fucking anybody,” Alicia heard her sister’s voice.

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