Samantha Parker's Story

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Chapter: Twenty One

During the three weeks Samantha had been living with Doctor Sherman, significant changes occurred. The master bedroom, which had been made into sort of a hospital room, was now returned to its original function. Doctor Sherman was lying on the bed admiring Samantha. She was wearing a short black silk robe and standing before a full length mirror. She was brushing her thick dark hair. As Doctor Sherman had predicted, Samantha made a quick recovery and once she was up and about again, there was no holding her back. She cleaned the house from top to bottom. She had Doctor Sherman take her to the supermarket and for the first time in years, the kitchen was stocked with an ample supply of food. Samantha was an excellent cook and Doctor Sherman was reaping the benefit. He had almost forgotten what it was like to have home cooked meals. Doctor Sherman thought Samantha had literally blossomed in three short weeks. All she needed was someone to care for her. Each day, he made it a point to let her know how much he cared and he was amply rewarded for the effort.

Suddenly Samantha turned toward the bed and said, “John, you were staring at my butt!”

“I was not!”

“Oh yes you were. Don’t lie. I could see you in the mirror.”

Samantha put down the hair brush and came over to the bed. She looked down and said, “John I want you to tell me something and I want you to be completely honest. I’ll know if you’re lying.”

“Alright Samantha, I promise to be honest. What do you want me to tell you?”

“Tell me if you think my butt’s too big.”

Doctor Sherman sat up in the bed and said solemnly, “I’ve never thought about it before. I’ll have to take a good look, before I make up my mind.”

He suddenly reached out and pulled Samantha across his legs on the bed. He flipped the back of her robe up and was hit with a jolt of desire. The sight of Samantha’s plump rounded butt covered by tight-fitting black satin panties was unbelievably sexy. Doctor Sherman ran his hand over Samantha’s butt and said, “I’ve made up my mind. Your butt is just perfect…for spanking.” Then he gave Samantha four sharp spanks on her beautifully globed seat.

Samantha kicked her legs yelling, “Ouch! Now you stop that!”

Anna slid down into the bath tub till the warm water was up around her neck. In the three weeks since she had taken Samantha to the bus station, she had been miserable. Although he was outwardly pleasant to her, she knew her Uncle Burt was still very angry. He hadn’t had sex with her in all that time. Anna was used to having her needs in that area fully satisfied and now she was missing it. Under the water, Anna spread her legs and slid a hand between them. She closed her eyes and began to stroke her clit. Now her little butt began to move back and forth and she brought her other hand up to stroke her nipples. After she brought herself to orgasm, Anna sighed. This was just barely OK and no substitute for what she really needed.

Anna began to think over her problems. First there was Samantha. Although she had vowed to make Samantha pay for screwing up her life, thus far, she had done nothing. Anna excused herself on this account, because she’d been too depressed. Since the night Samantha had been waiting up for him, Uncle Burt began to stay out several times a week. Sometimes he didn’t come home at all. Anna felt very lonely and neglected. She was sure Uncle Burt had found someone else to satisfy his needs. Anna thought she might just get a boyfriend, but she’d never been attracted to the bunch of clod hoppers who attended Hadleyville High and didn’t fancy the idea of letting one of them get into her panties.

Anna’s immediate need had been to find out what her Uncle Burt was up to and in that, she had succeeded. Hadleyville was a small town and Burt Hilbish was a prominent figure there. It didn’t take Anna long to hear the gossip that her Uncle Burt and the school nurse, Allison Chambers, had become a hot item. Anna couldn’t figure out what Uncle Burt could possibly see in that old cow. She did have a big ass like Samantha’s, maybe that was it. Anna decided to confront Allison Chambers with the rumor she’d heard. She was eager to find out if Allison would try to deny it. Anna thought she’d have a little visit with the school nurse tomorrow at lunch time.

Allison Chambers sat in her office at Hadleyville High. There was a contented look on her face and why shouldn’t there be? During the past month, everything had been going her way. Ever since his apparent falling out with his niece, her relationship with Burt Hilbish had blossomed. Now the potential for her to become Mrs. Hilbish seemed to be increasing with each passing day. Allison was already looking forward to the time when she might become a lady of leisure, with a wealthy husband.

In spite of her frequent sexual liaisons with Burt, Allison wasn’t completely satisfied. Not that Burt wasn’t good; he was very good. But Allison had always craved variety. After a month of frequent evenings with Burt, Allison was ready for a change and that change was just about to take place. Frank Nichols was on the senior varsity football team. Allison thought Frank looked like the Incredible Hulk and she knew from experience, he had an incredible cock. Allison laughed out loud; the Incredible Hulk with his incredible cock. Hell, I’m a poet and didn’t know it.

Frank Nichols was thinking about what he would be doing very soon and a smile began to transform his thick dull-looking face. To say that Frank wasn’t the brightest bulb in the pack; was being far too kind. Frank managed the most basic of functions like eating, sleeping, breathing etc. But if things got much more complicated than that, Frank became a little confused. To give him due credit, he could play football and he knew how to fuck. But any female who got involved with Frank better like it a bit rough. Frank didn’t know what foreplay meant; the word or the activity. That was beyond his extremely limited powers of reasoning.

Allison Chambers glanced at the clock. It was 11:50 AM. She put her “Back In 45 Minutes” sign on the office door. Then she went into the little examining room that adjoined the office. She had told Frank to come into the office at lunch and lock the door. That was only two things to remember and she figured he could handle it. Once she was in the little examining room, Allison reached up under her skirt, pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. She did this as a precaution. The first time she’d gotten together with Frank, he’d simply ripped the crotch out of her panties and pushed the scraps of material aside, before ramming his stiff cock into her. Allison had found this to be somewhat exciting, but not enough to risk wasting another pair of perfectly good panties. The kind she preferred, were very expensive. Thinking about Frank’s big cock ramming into her pussy, had gotten Allison a little wet there. But, again from experience, she knew she’d better use some lubrication. The Incredible Hulk was the impatient kind. Apparently he thought anything less than shoving his huge cock in up to the hilt instantly was a waste of time. Allison went to the medical supplies cabinet and unlocked it. She pulled out a container of Astroglide she had stashed in there. She got up onto the examining table, lay back and pulled up her skirt. She spread her legs and squirted a generous amount of the lubricant into her pussy. She continued to lie on the table for a couple of more minutes and then she heard the outer office door opening. Allison thought here comes lover boy and he’s right on time.

When Frank entered the room and saw Allison lying on the table with her skirt hiked up around her waist and her big shapely stocking encased legs spread invitingly, his cock went on full alert. He strode to the table without saying a word. He had his jeans and boxers dropped to his ankles in seconds. Frank reached out and swiveled Allison’s b
ody around crosswise on the table. He hoisted her long legs up over his sh
oulders, rammed his cock into her pussy and began to pound away.

At a little before 12:00 PM, Anna approached the nurse’s office. When she saw the sign on the door, she thought shit out of luck. She was just getting ready to turn away, when she heard a faint thumping sound coming from within. Anna tried the door and it wasn’t locked. The instant she stepped into the office, Anna knew the sound was coming from the examining room. She went to the door and listened. Damn! Someone was banging the hell out of someone in there.

Anna was in luck again. The door to the examining room didn’t even have a lock. There was probably some sort of school rule against it. Anna pushed down on the handle and nudged the door open just a crack.

The sight that greeted Anna’s eyes was impressive to say the least. Allison Chambers was on the examining table, with her long legs dangling over Frank Nichols’ shoulders. Her black spike-heeled shoes were waving in the air and good old Frank was fucking her brains out! Anna thought it was about time her luck changed. Just wait till she told Uncle Burt what his new sweetheart did on her lunch break. She guessed for Allison, it was a cock break. Anna almost left, but then she figured Allison and Frank weren’t likely to notice anything right now. So she decided to stay and watch the action. Actually, it was getting her turned on.

Frank was pounding into Allison so hard, the table was moving across the floor on his inward strokes and Allison kept going, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” every time Frank banged into her. Anna thought damn she’s really getting it! Suddenly Frank stopped and pulled his cock out. Jesus Christ that thing’s huge. He’s bigger than Uncle Burt Anna thought. Yet, the sight of that monster gave Anna a little tingly feeling in her own pussy.

Frank stepped back from the table, grabbed Allison around the waist and turned her over onto her stomach. Now her big butt was bent over the edge of the table and her feet were on the floor.
Allison cried out in surprise, “Hey! What the hell?” She started to get up, but Frank roughly pushed her back down onto the table. Now he was guiding his stiff shaft in between Allison’s big butt cheeks. Anna thought he’s going to do it doggy style now. Then she heard Allison cry out and there was an edge of fear in her tone. She screamed, “No Frank! Not that way!” Anna realized what was happening. God damn! He was going to try and shove that thing up Allison’s ass. No wait, he wasn’t trying; he was doing it! Allison cried out again, “No Frank!” and began flailing her arms and legs as Frank’s huge cock continued to slowly sink into her ass. Anna smirked and thought, serves you right!

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