Sexually Assaulted Woman Feels Lust While Raped

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Lonley had he become. No attention would he ever get for the pugnacious, aggressiveness. The cold hearted-ness’s visibility of his character that shined upon him. His unethical qualities had driven people away from him, which lead him being the culture-less and discourteous that he had become. No woman would ever want to look deep in his eyes, he was deeply affected with this unpleasant feeling that he would die without feeling the touch of a woman.

He walks hungry…hungry for love. A disturbing man would find no love. His hunger for intimacy increased, multiplied.

Everyday in search to fulfill his desires he had come to found a woman on a corner of the street, a woman, big busted, long haired, curvaciously attractive, drew him to eye upon her. Her 5 inch heels elongated her legs, made the trunk of her body look evenly beautiful than she was. Oh so feminine.

His heart pounds to touch her, feel her, his mind sex’s his thoughts. He knew he wasn’t going to get this dessert. He walks up to her and the smell of her perfume pounds into his lower-brains, his dick erected and mouth smiled slightly open, as if he was hungry for some good flesh coming right up from the kitchen, all well-cooked, so non-vegetarian.

He can’t resist his perversion, his desire burning inside his pants, the hotness of a woman that drove him evil. Was he evil? Was it her who was so evilicious?

He grabbed her by her head and took in charge to suffocate her mouth where she couldn’t scream for help. Roughly, like he was aggravated pushed her forward and carried her upstairs of the dead building where it seemed like nobody had been there for years.

He lets her go. “Now Scream if you like.” says he.

“what do you want from me?” she was scared. She knew what was going to happen, she ran to escape down from the building.

He grabs her from behind with his chest making friction to her back and he grabs her breast on top of the soft fabric she was wearing with one hand, and the other hand covered her mouth. “This is what I want” he says with his evil smile and deep voice. She cries, tears of fear roll down her cheeks fall on to his hand where he was covering his mouth and the other hand still fondling her breasts. Her breasts were large, but oh so good, soft and so playful. He fondles her breasts and feels forceful and immoral like he was known for his evil dispositions.

He touches her breasts softly, like from the soft material of her shirt, circling her nipples with the tip of his fingers. She tried to let go. He grabs her hair pulls her head with it, she screams a little, in the same position where she was being snatched from the back. His hand lets her soft mouth go and slide down her neck, reaching for her other breast. He constantly massages her breasts through the soft fabric, feeling the lace of her bra. He tears open her shirt with his hands and pulls down her bra and moves his fingers in a rotary position around her nipples. She gasps, her nipples start to erect. He slides his hand inside her skirt and he forcefully inserts his finger and pushes it in her vaginal walls. She was dry. It just didn’t feel right.

He takes out his hand and pushes her back where she falls on her knees to the floor. She tries to get up. He slaps her across her face, her beautiful skin being violated by this disgusting animal. He unzips his pants and grabs her head and rubs his manhood on her lips. “Suck this or I’ll beat the living shit out of you right now.”

She cries, her eyes filled with tears, she sucks, she sucks so inappropriately, if she was a porn star, she’s be kicked out of the scene. A Sex-staved husband would have divorced her for her low-sex-skills. She was being raped. Her skills were just not-happening for this moment.

He pushes her head back and gets down on his knees to face her with the height she was bending down on, and he looks into her eyes and pushes her back and roughly tears her laced silk thong. and inserts his Schlong deep into her dry pussy. She was not enjoying it, but he continued fucking the shit out of her, until her vaginal walls started to excrete wetness, wetness from the pleasure of having a nice thick dick inside her vagina. Her tears were of fear, were now drying and her vagina was flowing with tears of desire.

She enjoyed that dick that she was being raped by. A dick she had never experienced before. A dick that was bigger than her husbands. She liked it so much.

She had now started moaning with lust, instead of screaming to let go. She wanted his dick deep inside her pussy. His dick was thick enough to fill her hole up all over. She liked the way the skin of her penis inserted her back and forth, and made her burn.

He tied her hands up with his hands and roughly screwing her with her huge breasts were waving like the hungry shore reaching the deserted land.

He thrusts his dick in her back and forth and gushes it faster and faster, and attempt of rape turns into humid pleasure.

She wants more. She lifts up her head while getting fucked and takes out her tongue, which is talking to his tongue from the inside of his mouth saying “Taste me”. He takes out his tongue and reaches for hers and they indulge into a kiss of sexual gratification.

She moans, she is reaching the peak of her pleasure. Her wetness drips from her pussy which is being smashed by his dick, rubbed by his balls. How she loved the clapping sound of his organ into hers.

He orgasms into her and she tightens up her pussy using the muscles in between her legs, tightening her pussy, which made him feel ecstacy.

He is done. His craving has been polished to the highest degree of excellence. He gets up and looks at her, she laying down with her legs spread, bra torn, hair messed up, face bruised. He gives out his helping hand. The guilt of rape has turned into soft romance. She smiles and reaches for him.

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