Wet Surprise

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One hot july afternoon I had came home from BaseBall Practice. I usually got home before anyone else and had the house to myself for 3 hours before mom and dad came home frome work. I had gotten the Shower to wash the sweat off of my body from the intense heat, and shave my cock and balls to keep from getting jock itch!. I had gone to my bed room and was drying off when I pulled out a xxx book that I had got from a friend and begain reading it. I got a hard on and was soon pounding my 8 inch member. Unknown to me my sister was watching as she had got home early too, being a 16 yr old Red Head she was hot as hell. I was A Senior and 18 at the time. She was watching from the crack in my door when all of a sudden the door sprang open and she said Holy cow I never seen a cock that big before, I just kept on stroking it while she watched. She soon was undressed exposing her white mound on a blossom of soft Red fuzz that invited me to eat it. But before I could do anything she was sucking my member for all it was worth, she deep throated me for over 10 min, I told her if she did not stop I would blow her head off from jizz, she just moaned, I exploded into her mouth so hard she almost gagged her whole mouth was full of cum I had never cummed so much and been so excited, she pulled it out and then kissed me filling my mouth with my own cum, barking orders to me saying sollow it you bitch then Eat me, I did not dare disobay her orders, I ate her soft pussy like their was no tomorrow the smell of it was wonderful! she squirted all over my face she came so hard!!!. I then bent her over my bed and entered her love hole and pounded her doggy style she was screaming at the top of her lungs when I pulled out and flipped her on her back sticking my cock into her mouth exploding again with full force. I then kissed her hard and went to the shower with her were I ate her again for 30 min making her beg for more, to this day we still have a fling or two and she is the best pussy I have ever had and ever tasted wow.

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