what are the odds

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so me and a couple girl friends go to this bar one night. no more than five mins after getting there i get a tap on my shoulder i turn around and its jenna. this girl that i used to wanna be with a very long time ago who never gave me the chance. maybe cuz she was cheating with me. but now shes standing in front of me looking sexy as hell. she said her hello and walked away. so im talking to my friends and i notice her from across the bar giving me this very seductive look. i excuse myself from my friends and walk toward the bathroom which she is standing by. I wink at her and walk in the bathroom she follows as soon as the door shut we were all over each other like two hormone driven teens. she pushed me into a stall and we started striping each other. she un buttoned my shirt licking my body she undid my pants and got down and took my dick in her mouth. sucking it like a candy shop girl. looking up at me so seductively my dick started to become rock hard.i picked her up and started making out with her i started undoing her pants when i got to her wanting pussy it was soaking wet and so warm and ready for me to devower her. i had to fuck her like i wanted to for so long. i lifted her up and inpailed her pussy on my rock hard dick. i propted her up on the wall and pumped my dick in and out of her so hard she was moaning and licking her lips wanting more. she whisperd in my ear harder and i started pounding on her pussy so hard she was screaming i was telling her shhhh so she started biting down on my shirt i finally felt it coming up and said im going to come she started screaming ” oh baby fuck me FUCK ME harder baby i wanna feel ur cum in me..please fuck me OHHHHHHHH ” i couldnt hold back ne more i let go in her just as i came there was a knock on the door which made me hard all over again… i whispered in her ear to meet me in my car and handed her my keys…….that story is for a rainy day

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