Why Do I Imagine This ?

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A habit for me is to shave all my body hair as I enjoy the luxurious sensation and feminine appearance when dressing up.This usually consists of:garter belt attached to black lace top stay-up type stockings,bikini panty’s,underwire pushup bra,top, skirt,wig and heels.Usually I sit dressed up parked in some remote area while viewing porn sites on my laptop,fantasizing and sometimes end up playing with myself too.A fantasy I often have is where a man approaches me and discovers what I am doing.The thing is,that in reality,when someone does approach me,I coceal how I am dressed up from view and convey the appearances of not viewing porn sites.Well,in the fantasies I suck him off and take his cock up my ass,where he fucks me.Other variations are where it is two high school guys who happen upon me walking out in the woods somewhere.That they take photographs of me sucking each and getting fucked by them both.In reality,whenever I see someone in the distance or nearby,I hide in such a way that they do not see me.
Sometimes I go into service center picnic area washrooms at night,to change in a toilet stall and imagine a man walking in and he discovers me dressed up in there.I always imagine that the person is receptive to my dressing up and he has me suck him off.Sometimes I imagine he has me leaning over at the waist while he fucks my ass from behind.

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