Caught in the act

I guess that this all started in the late summer. I had just moved to New York and living on the 8th floor of a high rise building in lower Manhattan. I was bored one night, and didn’t know anyone so I thought it would be funny to look at the people who lived around me with my binoculars from my bedroom window. Most of the windows were open as anyone who has ever been in New York in the late summer knows it is hot and humid. I scanned around I couldn’t find anything interesting really, people watching TV, cooking dinner, but then finally… I saw a man walking around his apartment. The man had slacks and a button down shirt on. He had obviously been to work that day, but you could tell he took pride in his body. He was tall, thin but had the look that he would have great muscle tone under his clothes. He was laughing and talking. I looked a bit more and there was a woman on his bed. She was a thin woman, dressed in a white button down blouse and a black business skirt. She had black hair that went ½ way down her back. She had tanned skin, and her body was small but curvy. She obviously worked out and her breasts were round and her ass was amazing. This woman was slowly removing her stockings, one leg at a time teasing by acting as though she was going to slide them down her long tanned leg, then she would stop. She finally removed her stalking, then laid back on the bed, kicked her leg into the air, showing her black lace panties, and bent her leg towards her body, and slid the other off her long tanned leg.
You could tell this man was loving what she was doing. His laughing stopped, but the smile still laid generously across his face as he watched her intensely. When I looked back at her, she was on her knees, unbuttoning her blouse, slowly one button at a time. They obviously had music on, as she was beginning to sway her hips to a beat. As she worked down each button, you were able to see more and more of her soft, summer kissed breasts. She played with her shirt, slowly showing shoulder, arm, then finally she slid it off both shoulders showing her black lace bra.
The man with her began to move closer to her now that she didn’t have a top on. He leaned down to the woman who was still kneeling, shirtless on his bed and placed his hand on the back of her head and began to kiss her. The woman pressed her body against the man as he kissed her, obviously liking the work that he was doing. While they were kissing the man began to unhook her bra and slide his hands down her chest and around her waist and started to unzip her skirt.
I couldn’t help now but begin to feel warm. I have never been one for watching porn, it’s too fake, and the men are always old and gross. But this was different, and I could feel it between my legs. I was now wishing that I was that woman, that someone was slipping off my clothes, running his hands down my chest. When I closed my eyes I could almost feel his hands, which only excited me more, and I started to become wet. I could feel my clit become larger, and I couldn’t help my lift up my own dress, and slide my fingers down my panties while I continued to watch.
When I opened my eyes back up, the woman had taken off the shirt of the dark haired man and you could see that his belt was loosened. The woman skirt was around her knees leaving her there with really only her black, see through lace panties covering her pussy. Her legs were toned, and looked amazingly soft. The man’s hands explored he body, running down her sides. She was ready to progress things obviously, because she began to pull down his pants and his underwear. The man now naked the woman invited him onto his bed and he laid down. The woman took off her skirt and moved towards the end of the bed. She got down on her hands and knees and stuck her lace covered ass towards his face, straddling him, and began to lick the tip of his hard penis.
I sat there and watched the women as her head move up and down as she takes her lips around his hard dick and slid in her mouth. She slowly moved about a 1/3 or the way down his shaft and stopped to guide her tongue around to massage his tip, then closed her mouth again and began to work it again, this time she went all the way down. His dick had to be about 8 – 8 ½ inches, and normal with girth I was impressed how easily she took it. I couldn’t stop rubbing my own self watching these two. I wished that it was me, and wished his dick was in my mouth to show him that I don’t have a gag reflex and that I could work him the same way. I grabbed my black vibrator out of my top drawer from under the pile of my panties and began to suck my vibrator like I would have sucked him. My pussy was wet and dying for more attention, but I didn’t want to show it any. I wanted to work my Vibrator the same way she worked him, and promised myself that I would not cum until she did.
Still erect the woman stopped massaging his balls and sucking his dick. I could tell she was ready for a little bit of attention herself, as she shifts her weight back and lays her pussy still covered by her lace panties, on the man’s face. That did not stop the man from beginning his work. He began to rub the inside of her thighs and starting sucking at her pussy through her panties. If she was anything close to as hot as I was, I know they must have been soaked, but he seemed to like it. Ready for more the woman got on her knees and slide her wet panties from her tight body, exposing a shaved pussy. She looked young, with no hair at all, but there was no way that this woman was a child. Her boobs were too large and she knew what she was doing. This wasn’t her first time.
The woman changed position so they were head to head, but then crawled further up to have her raised pussy right above the man’s head. The woman held on her head board as the man lifted up his head and started licking the lips of her pussy. She must have tasted good because the man stuck his tongue in her hole, massaging her clit with his nose. The woman’s head leaned back, and her legs began to wobbled. The Man steadied her, putting his hands around her waist as his tongue massaged pussy. She must have been about to cum, because eth woman began to rock her hips, trying to push his face deeper into her.
I couldn’t help myself I had to take off my panties, putting my feet up on the radiator with my legs spread open allowing my own shaved pussy to be exposed to the world. I liked the way it felt having the fresh air move over my skin, and I opened pussy lips, and began to stick my fingers into my hole to mimic as much as I could what it would feel like to have his tongue moving in and out of my pussy. It felt so good finger fucking myself, watching these two people, without them knowing. I it was like I was in the room with them. Hearing their heavy breathing and having their hands rub up and down my 24 year old body.
The woman moved away from the man’s face and she slowly slid her body down his chest. Rubbing her clit all the way down him. The man dick was still hard even after all the work he did, and she grabbed it by the base to help glide it into her pssy hole. As she did that I slowly slid my wet vibrator into my own hole. I gasped as it slid in, as I was finally felling full. The urging of my pussy was finally being fed and I began to let out a slow moan.
AS this woman rocked back and forth, sliding his dick in and out of her pussy, I moved my vibrator with her. The man pulled her towards, him, I thought it was over, but thankfully, because I was not wanting to cum, but ready to (I like to hold it back, as I love the way it feels right before you do), the man began to roll over on her, and lay her down. He bent her legs up towards her belly, allowing me to see the glistening hole of the woman that was so wet was dipping juices down towards her ass as she laid on her back. He lifted her legs over his shoulders, and stuck his dick back into her. He began pumping hard. Pounding down on her pussy. I could only imagined the smacking of the skin, as I ran my vibrator in and out in and
out of my pussy. Heari
ng the sounds of the moving juices, I moaned, I wanted to come, but wanted to do it with her, I held it.
I watched their mouths move, you could tell she was saying “fuck me, yeah! Fuck me harder and harder!” This made me pump my vibrator deeper in to my exposed pussy, I began to say things with her. “oh yeah…. I like it like that!
Fuck me! Fuck me hard…. OHHHH! Yeah!
As he pumped with as much force as he could, she finally came. I could her it from a few buildings away. ” ohhhhhhhhh!”
Finally I could cum. I had been waiting, and as I slid my vibrator in out , I laid it right on my clit and stuck my other hands 3 fingers in my hold. The stimulation was too much and my legs began to shake open at the window. I could feel my own juices glide down my ass just as her did. My eyes were closed as my muscles grabbed at my fingers and I orgasmed.
When I opened my eyes, so consumed with my own orgasm I moved my face and couldn’t remember which window I was looking in. As I guided my eyes around looking for the room, I saw am man, in the building right across from me. He was rubbing his hard dick watching me!!!! He stopped when he saw that I was watching him, but then I thought I would give him a show as he wasn’t finished watching me and it made me hot all over again that someone was watching me!
I slid my bed over towards the window across the hard wood floor. The man was trying to figure out what I was doing, but knew it was ok because I had slid off my entire dress showing my 32 C breasts and stood there completely naked and smiled.
Now that I had my bed positioned perfectly I motioned for him to open his window, I then rolled up my bedding around my pillows and began to straddle it like it was the man I was watching earlier, or this man watching me now. I began to lean forward and rub myself on my bedding. Closing my eye I thought of what it would feel like if I was dry humping one of these men. Rocking back and forth, and pushing my pelvis into the bedding, it felt real good. I looked over at the man, he was rubbing his dick. Fast and hard. I then grabbed for my vibrator, licked my juices off of it from only moments before, and inserted into my hole. I pressed myself down on it, and turned it on. Feeling it vibrate I began humping my bedding again. This time I didn’t close my eyes, I kept them on the man, the stranger watching me. I looked him in the eyes as I Pumped and rubbed and watched him pleasure himself. As I began to not be able to control it, I yelled, so he could hear me…
“oh yeah… keep going! I am gonna cum, so keep goinging!”
“Oh yeah…. I am gonna cum! Oh! Oh! Oh! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!”
At that time I saw him relax as he shot his load on to the window so I could see.
I laid down on my bed, surprised at what I had just done. I had never done anything like that before, but I never felt so satisfied! I got off my bed and slid on my dress again. When I looked back at my neighbor from across the street, he had posted a piece of paper on the window, next to the semen still here. The note said “Thanks, and gave me his number”. I guess next time I will not have to do all the work myself!

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