Caught Stealing

I heard a creak on the floorboards upstairs, I sat up, having fallen asleep on the couch watching tv, I live alone, and did not have any company today. I only had on a t-shirt and boxers, I grabbed my baseball bat from the closet and crept upstairs, avoiding the squeaky floorboards. I slowly came around the corner, and peered down the hallway towards my bedroom. I saw a small figure illuminated by the dim light from outside, I feel the draft from the window I left open.

The person is slowly opening my dresser drawers, looking through them, I had left my wallet up there, so I had to get it back. I slowly walked down the hallway, then as I reached the doorway sprinted across the remaining space and tackled the intruder to the ground. “Umph” I am sitting on the figure, and look down, they are wearing a ski mask, only the eyes are showing. I roughly grab it, and pull it off the figures head.

I realize it is a woman at this point, she has short, pixie cut brown hair, and startling green eyes. She looks up, a little frightened, heart racing, I’m 6 ft, and holding a bat, and realize I must be scaring the crap out of her. I set the bat down. She starts to struggle against me, and I pin her down, sitting on her, a leg on either side.

“Please let me go.” she pleads.

“Give me my stuff back and we can talk.”

She points to a backpack she dropped on the floor when I knocked her over. I turn it over, letting everything spill out. My wallet, a couple of watches, and my car keys spill out.

“Okay, now let me go.” She tries to slide away, eyeing the open window.

I pick up my wallet and flip through it, my cash and a couple of credit cards are missing. “So where’s the cash bitch?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“I’ll just have to find it then.” I look her over, she is wearing a baggy black sweatshirt, and yoga pants. I slide my hands over her sweatshirt, feeling to see if anything is hidden under there. I feel across her chest, and feel an uneven surface under it. I grab the bottom of the sweatshirt, and whip it up over her head. Underneath she is wearing a blank tank top, she has firm tan arms, and I can see the top of her chest, two nice round breasts underneath.

“Well” I said looking at her. She tries to push me away again, I grab my belt from the ground nearby, and tie her arms together. I push her top up, exposing her nice, flat stomach, I slide my hands up to her chest, pushing her top up over her breasts. I look down, and her bra is lumpy, as she has stashed something in it. I slide my hand underneath, pulling out some cash and credit cards from her bra. I check the other breast, nothing is hidden there, but a take a moment to feel her breast, squeezing her under the pretense of searching her body. She has nice firm breasts, not too big, but nice and firm, with smooth soft skin.

I look through the cash. “Is that it I ask?”

She nods her head.

“I don’t believe you, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.” I slide my hand along her leg, feeling up her thigh, checking to see if anything else is hidden. I slide my hand between her legs, forcing them apart. My cock starts to harden as I fondle her pussy over her pants, pretending to search for anything else. I push my fingers against her, pushing her pants inside, she struggles at first, but then succumbs to my touch allowing me to grope her. I stop and the slide my hands down her other leg, squeezing her inner thigh.

“I think I found something here.” I grab her pants with both hands, pulling them down, quickly and roughly, I pull her shoes off, tossing them to the side. I look over her legs, nice toned legs, they have a light tan I push in against her panties again, pushing my fingers deep inside of her. My other hand slides over her panties, probing them, and feel something underneath. I slide my hand under her panties, and pull out two hundred dollar bills she had hidden in there.

“What’s this?” I shout, waving the bills in front of her. “You think you can steal from me? I am going to teach you a lesson bitch.”

“Please let me go, I’ll do anything, just don’t call the cops.” She is breathing deep, frightened, and her eyes look down at my crotch, my erection visible with only my boxers on.

I pull her panties down, exposing the rest of her body. I look down at her neatly trimmed pussy. I slide my hand over her, feeling her flesh, caressing her exposed body. I slide my left hand over her pussy, and slide my fingers inside of her, fondling her pussy, fingering her. My right hand fondles her chest, squeezing her. I pull her top down, exposing her left breasts, and begin squeezing her bare breasts. “Time for you to be punished.” I flip her over to her stomach, and pull my boxers down, exposing my hard cock. I grab her narrow waist, pulling her towards me, and straddle her from behind, guiding my cock between her legs.

She doesn’t struggle, letting me have my way with her. I push the head of my cock against her, it pushes past the edge of her pussy, she is only a little moist, so it is rough going in. I pull her body against me as I push my cock in, forcing it into her body.

“Ohh,” she moans as my cock fills her. I thrust into her, slamming my cock against her, sliding my shaft inside of her. Roughly penetrating her from behind. She braces against the floor, her hands still tied together. I slide my hand up her back, and grab her short hair, pulling her head up as I fuck her. “Oh fuck” she moans, roughly fucking her as I pull her hair back tugging on her.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out bitch.” I say, pulling her hair, and thrusting deeper. Her tight pussy moistens as I slide inside of her. “You like that cock don’t you.” I thrust hard and fast, pushing deeply into her.

She moans “Oh yes, fuck yes, give it to me, teach me a lesson.” She begins to rock back against me.

I let go of her hair. I look down at her nice little ass. I reach my hand up and give it a hard slap.

“Oh fuck.” She shouts at the impact.

I push harder with my cock against her wet pussy. I slap her ass again, a little harder this time, it leaves a red mark on her. I slap her ass a few more times, each time she clenches against me when I hit her, moaning out in pleasure.

“Oh fuck yes, take me.” She screams. She is sliding her body more, pressing up against me as I thrust, moaning as I roughly take her.

My cock is ready to explode inside of her. I pull my cock out of her and sit up. “Turn over.” She turns over, and I pull her up to a sitting position, I untie my belt from her arms. Her wrists are red from being constrained. She rubs her wrists, free from the bond. I am kneeling in front of her my hard cock sticking straight out from my body, wet from her pussy. I grab her head and pull it down to my cock. “Suck me bitch. Take my cock into my mouth.”

She places one hand on my cock and slides her lips over it, the other hand grabbing onto my ass. Her mouth is on the edge of my cock, her nice wet lips around it. She begins to gently stroke me with her mouth.

I grab her head and push her down onto me. “Deeper, take it all in.” She takes me deeper into her mouth, sliding up and down my shaft, squeezing my balls as her wet lips surround me, sucking my cock and her pussy juice off of me. My cock hits the back of her throat as she takes me in all the way. “Oh yes. Suck me, take it all.” I hold her head, pressing it against me, fucking her face. My cock explodes into her mouth, my hot cum streaming into her and down her throat. I hold her head against me as I orgasm, “Swallow it bitch.” She swallows as my cock pulses, the hot cum going down her throat. I let got as I finish, she slides off of me. I look down, a little cum is on the edge of my penis. “Lick it up.”

She grabs my shaft with her hand and begins to lick me clean, her tongue flicking over my cock like ice cream. I watch as she licks my cock clean, her tongue sliding over every inch of it. “That’s enough.”

“Lay down on the bed” I order. She complies, laying in the center of my bed. I sit to her side, facing towards her. I look down at her, her body laying before me, her pussy exposed, but her top still covering her breasts. “Take your top off.” She hesitates, then pulls her tank top over her head, she only has a little black bra underneath, with a clasp in the front. “Now, finger that pussy of yours for me.”

She slides her hand down, her body, down over her ribs, across her pelvis and over her mound. Her fingers work between her legs and circle the outside of her pussy, teasing her lips. Her index and middle finger swirl around the edge, sliding along the edge, her fingers touching the edge, I lick my lips as she fingers herself. She closes her eyes, her fingers pleasing herself.

Her fingers move back up to her clitoris, she circles her fingers around it, teasing it through her skin, swirling around it. She holds her hand still and begins to push her body against her hand thrusting her pelvis up and down. “mmm, ohh” she begins to moan out, caught up in masturbating herself, pleasing her pussy. My cock hardens as I watch her, the sound of her moaning arousing me.

She slides her hand back between her legs, two fingers sliding inside of her wet pussy, I can hear them sliding inside, I watch as they disappear inside of her.

“Now take off your bra.” I order. She flips the clasp, and the top opens out, the bra cups falling to either side of her. “Caress those beautiful tits of yours.” I tell her. Her right hand cups her left breasts, circling around her nipples, squeezing the soft flesh. She keeps fingering her wet pussy, her hand slowly moving in and out, she licks her lips slowly, her breathing getting deeper as she does this.

I move up the bed until I am beside her chest, facing towards her. I am kneeling, my knees pressed against her side. I begin to stroke my cock as I watch her, my hand sliding over my dick, wet from her mouth and pussy. “MMM, that is so good.” I say.

She moves her fingertips over her nipple, sliding it between them circling it, driving me crazy. She is holding her hand inside of herself, and instead gyrate her hips against her hand, fucking them. “Ohh, im so close.” She moans. I stroke myself faster, leaning over her, aiming my cock at her face. I can hear the sound my hand sliding over my cock. I watch her face as she strokes herself, she is getting closer to cumming.

She spreads her legs wide, and pushes three fingers inside of her pussy, her hand sliding in and out, pushing deep inside. She grabs her breasts hard, squeezing her tits as she fucks her hand. She moans deeper, “Oh yes yes” She stops stroking herself, and her body quivers, the orgasm spreading out from her pussy. I stroke my cock until I squirt over her face the white globs of semen landing on her checks and mouth, and dripping onto her face. I push my cock into her mouth, and she readily sucks on it the last of my cum dripping inside of her, the end of my orgasm finishing in her mouth. I thrust into her mouth a few times, fucking her face until I start to lose my erection. “now clean up your face, lick it all up.” I order.

She takes her fingers out of her pussy, and wipes up my semen, then sucks it into her mouth, “mmm” she licks them clean, tasting herself and me. She runs them over the rest of her face, cleaning up all the cum, and licking herself clean.

“You can go now.” I say.

She slides her panties up her nice tan legs, then pulls her yoga pants up, smoothing them out. She rehooks her bra, covering up those nice tits, and slides her tank top, and sweatshirt back into place. She pulls on her shoes, and is ready to go. I walk her to the front door, “no need to sneak away.” “One last thing though”. I take the cash she had stolen from me, and slide it into her panties, then tease her pussy one last time. “There, you earned that.” I open the door and let her leave.

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