Caught In A Storm

North Texas springtime is looming and I pull into a gas station to get fuel in my pickup. I’m located in a very rural area with only a highway and a country road that heads west. As I’m pumping my gas I see a fellow in the distance on a tractor bailing hay. My gay thoughts are wow he looks good from here and then slowly he fades away then I look the other way and I see dark gray clouds possibly moving my way. My gas pump stops and I go into the store to get a bottle of water for my ride back home. I climb in my truck and head west on the country road that I hardly take home since it is longer than taking the highway. Almost five miles down the road, rain drops start dropping quickly and the winds pick up severely.

As I look over to my right I see a person running in the field toward the road when quickly the rain just started pouring down. I pulled over and it was the fellow on the tractor waving me down to rescue him from the pounding rain. I immediately unlock my passenger door and he opens it and shouts my clothes are completely drenched so I’m going to pull them off. He strips down to his underwear and I pull my shirt off and lay it in the seat so he can sit on it. As he shuts the door he looks over at me with a grin and I look over at him and think wow this guy is beautiful and wet. I asked him where I could take him and he directed me several miles to a gravel muddy road that led to a large barn. He told me to pull under the car port and I did. He said he works for the people that own this house and barn and that they are away for a wedding. He asks me to come in until the storm passes, so I gladly do.

We both go into the large barn and there is a ladder that leads to the upper floor of the barn and he suggest we go up and relax for a while. He immediately starts climbing up in only his underwear and I go after him, looking up at his cute ass and awesome legs. When I get up there he is in the restroom toweling off. I go toward an open window that over looks rolling hills and trees. It is still pouring down with thunder in the distance, and all the sudden I feel his hand next to my side as he extends his other hand around me to point out where he lives in the distance.

Then I feel his breath on my neck and his hand reaching down to my crotch.  I let him pull my pants down and I turn around to be met with a deep kiss. I’m feeling his hard body and his cock rub up against mine. I slowly work my tongue down his body as he moans. I finally reach the head of his huge mushroom head cock with thick girth, enough to hold with both my hands. After sucking on his cock for a good while he grabs his cock and starts stroking it as I start sucking his nice hanging balls.

Before long he softly says, “I’m about to cum.”

I then let him shoot on me as I lick his hot cum from my lips.

This has been a fantasy of mine for quite some time.

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