Angelina and Ghsost of Brad

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Angelina and Ghost of Brad-Part 1 (Fantasy)
By: Celebfantasyghost
It happened in/at: a hotel room
I am a ghost. I have supernatural power to see anybody, anywhere on the globe. I can travel to any place on the earth. I have also ability to adopt any form and shape whether it’s human being or anything else. I can also read minds of the people and know they are dreaming. For the last few years I have been dealing with the fantasies of the people, especially women of high profile. Therefore, I am Known as “Celebfantasyghost”.
Angelina Jolie is a famous Hollywood film actress and model. She is very sexy with a voluptuous mouth, tall and athletic body, long black hair, sensual looks, big fucking ass and a pair of large C-cup beautiful breasts.
It is quite dark outside of a hotel, Angelina is coming from a film shooting. She is tired with all day’s hard work at the film set. On all the way back to hotel, she has been feeling lonely and exhausted. She is thinking about Brad, who is in another city. Brad is a boy friend of Angelina and very luckily father of her two children. Angelina has been feeling horny since morning. All day long she has been thinking about having sex with his boy friend, Brad. She has telephoned him but has been not available on the phone. She leaves a message for him on his telephone machine to try to reach her as soon as possible as she is missing him too much.
I understand the situation and look for Brad but he is busy and it seems that he may not be at home before next morning. So, I decide to escort with Angelina to provide him company and comfort. I reaches the hotel and finds Angelina’s room. I am in a ghost form, therefore, nobody can see me. I checks the door lock, which is locked. I knock at the door and get myself at the side of the door, although I cannot be seen but I can be felt just like a common man. Angelina opens the door and looks out, “Brad, is it you”? she calls out. But to her surprise there is nobody to see, at this she murmurs something and turns around. She is wearing white sleeping gown from which her large boobs are peeping out. Her ass sways when she turns to close the door. Just at that moment, I enters into the room. She closes the door and to my surprise drop the sleeping gown on middle of the floor of the room.
She becomes all naked with nothing on her. I am shocked as I have been not expecting this thing. My plan has been just to come to her and please her with different tricks, which I often use to amuse the celebrities. She is looking into the large wall mirror, completely in nude. Her sexy ass is before my eyes. She has taken bath recently, so she smells fresh and nice. She is inspecting her own body and when her gaze goes to her own breasts, she smiles at them. This scene gives me courage and forces me to play with the naked beauty. I reach right behind her. She starts brushing her hair with left hand and with right hand she caresses right side of her ass. I put my left hand on her left cheek of the ass. Angelina startles at this and turns around at once. I get back and stand beside the wall. She looks around for a while and once again gets busy into her self-adoration.
Now she fondles her one breast and circles her nipple with her fingers. I enjoy this scene and quickly move forward and touch her other breast. She once again turns back in astonishment. As she has been fantasying her boy friend, Brad, therefore, she does not take my tricks serious. She thinks that It is her just imagination. She dreams about Brad and picks her right breast and kisses it. My mouth waters at the sight and I bend in front of Angelina and kiss her left boob. At this, Angelina gets frightened. She hurriedly put on sleeping gown and calls the room service.
The manager of the hotels comes to her room with security staff. Angelina tells them about the strange thing in the room. They don’t understand but look into every corner of the room. On finding nothing, they excuse Angelina and tell her to sleep soon as they think it is all because of her tiredness. She agrees with them and says sorry for trouble. They move out of the room. I ( Fantasyghost) sits on the bed right behind the Angelina. She looks a little worried from her face. Now she come to the bed and while watching continuously towards the door, absentmindedly sits heavily on the bed. She drops into my lap which is at this has turned into a complete hard-on.
She screams, “ooosh, “, as she almost escapes to ride on my hard erection. She jumps to stand and try to run away. I put my one hand on her waist and other on her mouth. She sticks there into my lap, she tries to scream loud but cannot do so. My grip is strong on her. After a minute or two, she comes to understand the situation and says,
“Who are you? And what do ya want?”
I whispers into her ear, ” Don’t be scared, I am your friend, Brad.”
To be continued………………………………

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