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Melania Trump’s Meeting With Barack Obama

Melania Trump is in her suite in Trump tower, staring at a big mirror in her bathroom she puts on her makeup, does her hair and prepares herself for the up coming night.

“I want to please him, I hope he likes how I look tonight,” Melania says to herself out loud.

She stands back and looks at herself approvingly. She looks like the sexy model shes proud to be. With her hair and makeup done perfectly, her pussy freshly waxed, she looks as sexy as she ever has for any man before. Melania spritzes on some sweet perfume and then slides into her new dress that hugs her body intimately.
Melania summons the maid that cares for her son, “Maria, make sure Barron doesn’t come bothering tonight, I will be entertaining company.”

Maria nods, “Yes ma’am, I will make sure he’s taken care of.”

As Maria leaves the room Melania checks her phone for the time when she hears the newly installed secret door to her room opens. The secret service agent just nods to her and then nods in the secret tunnel and in walks former president Barack Obama and then the door is quickly shut.
Melania had a secret entrance and tunnel from the first floor to her room since Barack’s first visit so he can come and go anytime he’d like. Since Barack still has his own secret service agents it was all kept hush but known among a few. Barack walks over to the little bar in her room and pours himself a drink, and then pours one for her.

Barack looks up at her and smiles approvingly at her. “You look very stunning tonight Melania, you must of been excited for tonight.” Barack walks over with both drinks, hands her one and then walks over to a big golden throne chair and sits down, setting his drink on the table next to it. “Very excited.”

Melania replies, ” I always love our little visits, and its so easy now that your girls are off in their schools and your wife helping the poor and needy. I enjoy your weekly visits.” Melania is standing and in a sexy pose in her dress, with a slit showing off plenty of cleavage. Barack grins and then picks up his drink and takes a few sips. As he watches Melania starts to slowly peel off her dress and stands there nude in front of him in only her sexy heels.

As Melania starts to walk over to Barack, he motions for her to stop and motions down with his finger. Melania gets onto her hands and knees and slowly and seductively begins to crawl over to Barack. When she gets to his leg she places her hands on his knees. “Tell me Melania, how big is the Donald?” Melania lifts her pinky finger and waves, “And that’s on a good night.” Barack lets out a loud laugh and Melania begins to run her hands up his legs to his crotch then to his belt.

Melania quickly strips off his belt, undoes his button and zipper and grabs hold of his manhood. Not even stiff its a good 9 inches in her hand. Melania looks up at Barack, “Oh Mr. President how may I service you?” Barack just grabs the back of her head and shoves it towards his cock. Melania opens her mouth and takes in as much of his big black cock as she can.

Melania gobbles down as much of his cock as she can as tears form in her eyes. Barack’s cock pushes down her throat, gagging her as she licks his shaft and sucks his head. Melania begins to work Barack’s cock like a pro, using the mixture of her spit and his pre-cum to give him an amazing sloppy blowjob. Her hands pump and stroke his thick hard cock as her mouth is full of his engorged head. Her tongue swirling around till she licks down his shaft and starts sucking on his big black balls. Melania is loving every second as she hears Barack’s approval through slight moans. Melania’s pussy is on fire, she gets wetter for Barack than for any other man before. She can feel her juices running down her inner thighs.
Melania finally pulls herself away from his cock and stands up, grabbing his huge hard on she leads him to the bed she shares with Donald. She lays back as Barack pulls her to the edge and positions his huge cock head to her pussy’s entrance. At first he thrusts his cock in her slowly, making Melania whimper and moan as her pussy needs to stretch since she’s not used to Barack’s big cock. Melania pulls Barack in and kisses him deeply as their tongues explore each other.

Barack slowly thrusts in every inch into Melania’s pussy till he bottoms out. Barack then begins to fuck Melania slow and hard, each thrust getting faster and faster. Melania moans louder till she’s screaming and cumming over and over, each orgasm comming quicker than the last one. Barack his fucking Melania balls deep, when Melania cries out, “Cum in me Barack! Breed me! Give me a son I can be proud of!” Barack thrust deep and fast till he grunts loudly and fills her pussy full of his sperm.

Slowly Barack pulls out his cock and when he does all the excess sperm starts to leak out of Melania’s pussy. Barack moves to her mouth and Melania serves he true president like she should.
As Barack gets dressed he asks Melania, “Same time next week?”

Melania lays in her bed unable to move but is able to reply, “Love to.”

Then Barack leaves out the door that he came in. Finally Melania is able to get up out of the bed, walks over to a secret camera that Donald had installed, pressed upload and then send. “Donald will especially like this one this week.” Melania says to herself with a grin. Then on a computer in Donald Trumps bedroom in Washington DC an alert goes off.

I am a young white wife with very sexy fantasies and love to share them. I'm Married to a great provider but often fantasies about sexy athletic and well hung black men.

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