Avril and I part II

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After a shakey walk between Soup and Avril they finally got to his car. Avril got into the passenger side and within 3 minutes fell asleep while Soup drove to his small appartment only about 5 New York blocks from the WTC. He shook Avril awake and they both walked in through the rotten wood door of the first floor. They rode the elevator in silence mostly because Avril had fallen back asleep with her head on Soup’s chest. Soup picked Avril up not to wake her and carried her into his appartment. He laid her down on the couch and he turned on the TV with a flicker. A few hours passed of mindless programs that barley came in on his 25th floor appartment. All of a sudden the hair on the back of his head stood on end. He turned around swiftly only to see Avril watching TV over him.
“I noticed you weren’t asleep. Now it’s my turn, are you ok?” She asked.
Soup laughed, “I’m fine, sorry you scared me. Why arn’t you asleep?”
“Who are you my mother?” Avril asked jokingly and punched Soup lightly on the shoulder. Avril staggard a little bit, it being clear that she was not fully recoverd from being hit over the head.
“Listen, kid” Soup said now feeling a little more comfortable with Avril “you need to get to sleep. I don’t think your band memebers and your managers will be too happy if they found out you spent the night with a dirty punk. You should go to bed now so you can get up early tomorrow.”
“No,” said Avril being stubborn in a teasing way. “I’m not 3 years old.”
“You know what I’m going to have to do right?” Said Soup. Without leting her answer, Soup picked her up and carried her to a mattress. He set her down while she was still laughing. She laid her head on the pillow and rubbed Soups leg.
“Thanks for letting me stay here, Soup.” She said.
“Go to sleep.” said Soup. Avril grabbed his leg. “What?”
“Sit down.” Avril commanded Soup. Soup sat down and Avril put her head on his lap. Soup played with her hair as Avril snuggled into his chest. She sat up and straddled Soup and pulled her self so that her head was laying on his chest. They both fell onto the matress and Avril stil clung onto Soup and looked up at him. She put her hands on his face and then around his neck staring him striaight into the eyes. She brought his face closer to hers and their lips brushed lightly. Avril moved higher onto his chest and kissed him more passionatly and their tongues met for a split second. Soup broke the kiss and grabbed her ass in order to bring her higher onto his chest. They kissed again this time for a longer time and Avril grinded her pelvis into his chest. She got off of him and took his shirt off exposing his flat stomache.
“This isn’t black mail,” Soup asked, “is it?”
“No,” said Avril, “this is what I stayed up for.”

To be continued…

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