Avril and I part II

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Soup stared blankly at his half full bottle of Jack Daniels that stood infront of him on the counter. He staggerd over to the stage in which his band was supposed to perform in under 2 hours, Soup was way to shit faced to play his guitar right now.
“I’m going to go outside, I need to get some fresh air, I got a headache.” Soup said ina slow slurr to his band mate.
“Alright, but be sure to be back before we start to play.”
Soup walked up the long New York block that was only now inhabited with 10 or 12 homeless people with fires in rusted old trash cans. His feet began to blister because of his 10 hole boots being slightly ripped in the heel. He figured that it had maybe been a little over an hour now but he knew that one missed show wouldn’t make a difference, he had been thinking about quitting the band for a while now. He walked close to down town now where he heard blaring music from a concert venue that always had the new bands that always made the top of the charts. He listened for a while as he slowly smoked a cigarette, he had the whole night to waste. As the early hours of the morning crept up on him he saw a large crowd of cameras run around the backl door. He heard the all so famouse pop star name “Avril Lavigne” being yelled by every one of the camera holders. Avril flashed a few smiles and then walked down the street Soup had just come up from. Soup followed her down the street wondering where she thought she was going. This area was mostly for the gutter punks that did nothing with their life other than smoke and drink, this was not the right place or the safe place for the pop singer that was almost a threat to the life style Soup lived in.
Avril turned a corner and with in a split Soup heard a sharp yelp. Now, even if Avril was a threat AND posed as what he lived for, he wasn’t ready to let someone get hurt. He started to sprint downt he street towards the corner and came face-to-face with 3 skinheads that had red and dark blue bandanas wrapped around their faces. The tallest one was holding Avril while the other two shorter. more muscular ones were holding a burning peice of iron to her cheek as she began to tear.
“Who the fuck is that?” asked the tall skinhead who was facing Soup at the time.
“What do you want me to do?” the shortest one of them asked who already had turned away from Avril and began to swing the peice of iron in Soups face.
“Do what ever yound need to do” replied the tallest one. The shortest one swung the iron rod at Soups face just narrowly missing his eye. Soup swung at the skinhead and easily knocked him over. He hit the other skinhead three times in the face and once in the stomache. The tallest skinhead let go out of Avril and took a switchblade out of his pocket and clicked it open. He swung at Soup and sliced his forehead. Soup kicked his feet out from under the skin head and kicked his face with his steel toe boots. Avril stood there shaking with cold and fear.
“Are you ok?” Soup asked a very stared Avril.
“I’m fine,” she said trying not to cry “I just got a little scared, I didn’t need your help, I could have handled them.”
“No, you couldn’t have. Are you gonna be ok or do you need somewhere to stay?” Soup asked.
Avril turned to look at him and began to shake again suddenly. “I think maybe I shouldn’t walk anywhere else.”
“That’s fine,” said Soup “I’ve got an extra matress.”
They both walked down the street towards Soup’s car with Avril clinging to Soup for support.

To be continued….

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