Break Up then Kiss and Make Up

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I was coming home from school with my boyfriend…(This celeb i’m gonna call “Fredrick” and he was soon to be my ex…maybe) Anyway, we came into my house arguing at each other after my “jealousy senses” tingled seeing another girl trying to flirt with him. Fredrick and I had been seeing each other for three months and never had we ever had a fight like this.
The girl who was flirting with Fredrick turned out to be someone I don’t like…his ex-girlfriend. It was the third time she’s tried to lure him back and away from me but somehow she managed to push my jealousy buttons, piss me off, with me and Fredrick getting into an argument.
Now back at my house, while my parents were out of town, I was crying and yelling at him.
“If you still care about her, then leave…go back to her…” i told Fredrick.
“C’mon man why are you bein like that? You know i don’t have feelings for her anymore. I care about you and you only!” he said back to me. “You know I’m not like that…” Fredrick tried to hug me but I push him away.
“Yes you are! You’re just like all the other guys who say the same thing!” He still continues to try and hug and kiss me but I still won’t let him.
“Come here…please…”
“No! You know what…I refuse to go through that again…we OVER Fredrick! We’re done!”
“I’m not about to loose you over sumthin stupid!” Fredrick makes one more attempt to seduce me with his hugs and touch…(and he passes)
“Well you just did! Now get off me I hate you we’re over!” As I broke away from his grip and make my way into the kitchen then almost around the corner, Fredrick then stops me by roughly but gently pulling me back around, held me against the wall and gave me the most amazing kiss I’ve ever felt from him. The more I kept pushing him off, he always came back.
“Mmmm…Stop…mmm….mm I said we’re over…”
“Mmm…I’m sorry baby…Imma make it up to you…mmm.” I continue to let him kiss me like never before and they get more sensual just the way he knows i like it. Fredrick then picks me up, and lays me on the kitchen counter. Now I’ve shut up, he continues to kiss me passionately with my skirt rising, and feeling his hardness on me just makes it even better. Fredrick lays me down on my back, pulls down my shirt a little bit, licks and sucks on my tits(jus like we fooled around before) and unexpextedly starts kissin me down to my “second pair of lips”. He then takes off my skirt then my panties and helps himself to licking me and then eats my shaved bald pussy. It was indeed my 1st time gettin head and gettin cock from my dream celeb. The sensation was incredible feeling his tongue go in, out, sucked swurl around, and get kissed so many times. It felt so good that i couldn’t help but moan loudly feeling the urge that I was gonna squirt.
Fredrick comes back up after he gets something “sweet” and kisses me passionately again.
“Mmm..That felt soo good..mmmm.” i said to him.
“Mmmm…I knew you’d like that…mmmm…I couldn’t help it…mmm…you turned me one when you were mad…and I like that…” said Fredrick. “I still got some makin up to do…”
“Oh really? What kind of makin up?” i ask seductively.
“Imma make you feel good…by makin love to you.”
Fredrick then carries me upstairs to my bedroom and sorry folks but what happened in the bedroom stays there 😉 Moments later, after some great first time sex, I apologized to him for the way i over reacted. Fredrick was about to leave while we both were standing at my main doorway.
“…Thank you for that Fredrick…it was amazing.” I told him.
“That’s all you needed was a lil lovin…Told you i don’t want nobody else but you,,,I love you.”
“And I love you…” He gave me one final passionate kiss and then left.
After that, we were dating again and still had some great sex after another argument. In other words…it’s just another case of ‘kiss and make-up’
Thanks for Reading 😉

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