Carrie Underwood is my sex idol

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I have a huge crush on Carrie Underwood. She is so hot. Every part of her body is perfect. She has large 34B breasts, and a super tight ass. I wanted to tap her so bad. One day (while at a concert) my dreams came true. She came out in a pair of denim shorts, white tanktop, and cowboy hat. My heart started to race and my 12inch dick got rock hard. I could see her nipples, as she had no bra on. Carrie winked at me. After the show I felt a tap on the shoulder and there she was, my angel.
“Ms. Underwood, Can I help you with something?”No, but I think your cute and you can call me Carrie. Your name is?
“My name is Richard. You can call me Rick though.” “So Rick, you wanna come over to my place? I need some company. I said, “Sure, I’d be honored to”. “Well do you wanna ride with me?” She asked what drove. I told her I had a 60’s mustang covert. She said, “I love mustangs!”
Carrie got in my car and kissed me. She asked if I liked that and said “you want more then take me home” I said “yes mam”. We walked in the door, making out. I picked her up by her ass and sat her on her couch. I took off her shirt and sucked on her tits. She let out moans of pleasure, and told me she wanted to fuck me from the moment she saw me. .She took her shorts and thong off and ripped my clothes off. Then she got on top of me in 69 and sucked my cock. Her moans kept growing as I fucked her with my tongue.
I turned her on her back and took my cock and shoved it into her pussy. I went harder and faster with every thrust. I sucked on her tits as I kept on fucking her. I was about to cum she put her legs and said cum inside of me. She started to scream I’m CUMMMMIINNGGG!!!!!!!!!. As I her pussy pulled on my cock I cummed too. Since my cock was lubed up from our juices I turned Carrie over and started to fuck her tight ass. She was moaning in both pain and pleasure but told me to keep going. My cock got hard again. She got on top of me and started to ride me like a pony .She started to fuck faster which made her breasts bounce up and down, making my cock get harder. I sucked and played with her tits and she kept fucking me. After a while she moaned I’m cumming and I came inside her as well. We just lay in each other’s arms and went to sleep. In the morning we got up and I fucked her in the shower.

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Carrie Underwood is my sex idol, 7.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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