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Curious Lesbian Explores Connection with Male Co-worker

I put on my lingerie body suit- a black one-piece with a lace push-up bra and a thong. I struggled in front of the mirror to get it just right. With a sigh I finally stopped, turning and examining myself in the mirror. Not bad. I’m a curvy woman with large DDD size breasts, slightly above average height and a classic hour glass figure. I have some extra weight around my midsection and thighs, but I’ve come to embrace my body. And damn, does it look sexy in this thing. 

I finished my makeup with full lashes and a deep red lip stain, then pulled out my dress. I got it just for New Years- a glittery, silver wrap dress with a plunging neckline and a flattering silhouette that came right below my knees. I slipped into it, feeling the fabric brush against my lingerie. It was exciting, just knowing that I was keeping this sexy secret. Somehow my body felt more exposed, even though the dress covered my lingerie. I felt a sexy power, and was eager to see what the night would bring. I slipped into some black stilettos and double checked I had everything I needed in my wristlet. 

I was looking forward to having a few drinks and letting loose a bit. I paused briefly to remember the night last week and shivered with excitement. I had gotten a bit drunk at the holiday party at work, and apparently my hands had a mind of their own as I hung out with one of my coworkers all night. Was it even on purpose? Who knows, I had overindulged at the open bar and honestly, I was horny. I hadn’t had sex for almost a year now. My partner and I had been intimate, but it had been very one-sided as our connection weakened and weakened until our recent break up. 

Moreover, even though I have identified as a lesbian for over 15 years now, I was wondering if I had missed the target. I found that I was attracted to the person more than the sex or gender, and sometimes found myself thinking about men. After the work party, I found myself thinking about one man in particular- my coworker, Raul. He had sent me a text shortly after we left the party: 

“I want you so bad. I just don’t know how to approach it with you.”

I bit my lip. Electricity shot down my spine, reaching my clitoris and making me wet. We’ll see what happens tonight then, I thought hopefully.

A short while later…

I arrived to the house party ready to have fun, and ready to explore whatever this feeling was with Raul. My friends greeted me at the door, shots in hand to get me started. They had gone all out in decorating for the New Years party, including themed drinks and plenty of colorful decorations. As I walked around the party greeting friends and taking in the scene, the shots were already hitting me. I was standing in front of the drinks, cup in hand and trying to decide which one to try first, when I felt a hand on my lower back. 

I heard his voice in my ear, and electricity shot down my spine again. I turned around.

“I’m so glad you’re here. You look gorgeous tonight!” He said.

He hugged me, a firm embrace with hands that wander. I was acutely aware of the firmness of his arms, the muscles across his shoulders, and my breasts pressed against his chest. We broke apart. 

“You don’t look so bad yourself, handsome.”

Raul is a few inches taller than me, salt and pepper hair with a 5 o’clock shadow that suits him well. He has a sexy half-smile that feels mysterious and suggestive, like at any point he was thinking of what he would do to me. 

We got some drinks, then joined a few of our friends by the pool out back. We continued trying the various drinks over the next few hours, finally landing on the last of five cocktails. As I took my first sip, someone bumped into me from behind. Blue liquid gushed from my cup, flowing down my chin, neck, and chest. I caught myself as soon as I could, simultaneously searching for a napkin with my hand. Raul grabbed my hand, drew me closer to him and said-

“I got it.”

I could sense his eagerness, like it was pulsating between us as he gently pushed my head to the side and touched the tip of his tongue to my neck. My body immediately shivered, eager to take in every second of what he was doing to me. He closed his lips around his tongue, kissing my neck. He moved his mouth down my neck, licking and kissing my skin until he reached my chest and the line of my dress. I was putty in his hands, the shivers unending and making me unsure of whether my legs could hold me up any longer. 

He hesitated as he pulled away, savoring the last taste. My eyes were half closed, and I could barely speak.

We were interrupted by shouts that came from outside- it was pool time. Now, I’m a shy person in general. It is definitely not like me to strip down to lingerie and jump in the pool. Yet, here’s everyone else, stripping down to their underwear. I look at Raul, and as we make eye contact he unbuttons his shirt and takes it off. He bends down and unzips his pants, pulling them down and discarding them to the side. I couldn’t help myself- I break our gaze and let my eyes wander over his body. His boxer briefs outlined his manhood clearly. I felt those zings again, and bit my lip. I brought my eyes back up to his, and he motioned for me to do the same. 

I stood there, my shyness and hormones battling it out in my head. Fuck it, I thought. 

“I’ll need your help,” I said.

I turned around and pulled my hair to the side, motioning to my zipper. He once again approached me from behind, and I could hear his breathing become shallow and irregular as he pulled my zipper down to my waist. I stepped out of my dress, and his eyes traveled from my smooth back to my ass, where my thong disappeared. I turned around, and his eyes explored the rest of my lingerie. I stood there for a moment, enjoying the power of turning him on. He shifted a little, and the outline in his boxer briefs grew. 

We got in the pool, chatting with others yet always aware of where the other was. Every time we touched each other, grazed an arm or leg, my pussy throbbed with excitement. After a while enjoying the pool, people started to leave one by one to watch the ball drop on TV. Without thinking, I stretched my head to the side, trying to crack my neck. Raul seized the opportunity.

“Does your neck bother you? Would you like a massage?”

I accepted eagerly, looking for any excuse to feel him against me. 

He positioned himself behind me, between my back and the side of the pool. He moved his hands to my neck, gently massaging my muscles. A moan escaped my mouth. I heard a small noise behind me, Raul relishing the physical pleasure he was giving me and loving every noise. 

As he continued I edged my way backwards, pushing closer to him. My ass found him first, and I heard him moan as I pressed against his hardening cock. His hands paused momentarily before continuing, and he moved his pelvis forward to meet me. As he massaged my neck, I started to move against his now-hard cock. He moved his hands from my shoulders to my waist now, meeting my rhythm with his pelvis. 

At this point, I was almost vibrating from how horny I was. My pussy was soaked in anticipation. I reached down and unsnapped the crotch of my lingerie. When I pressed against him the next time, I arched my back to position my pussy over his cock, still restrained by his briefs. My pussy was throbbing, and now fully exposed to him. He moaned in my ear, saying:

“Shit, you are so wet. I can’t take this anymore.”

The next time I moved back towards him, I felt his warm cock against me. I arched my back again, lifting my pussy and rubbing it along his shaft. My horniness overcame me, and the next time I lifted once again and his head slipped inside my cunt. We both moaned and stayed still for a minute, enjoying the erotic feeling of his dick inside me. 

I slowly move forward, almost removing his head, but moved backwards even more. There was a hesitation in movement as I moved to take all of him. 

“Fuck you are so tight.”

I bit my lip while he worked his way inside. I felt his shaft enter, and I could feel every vein of his shaft as it consumed me entirely. My thoughts were replaced with a violent need to take all of him. I moved backwards again, and Raul pulled me against him, meeting his pelvis with mine as his rock hard cock sank into my pussy. 

Raul moved in a slow and steady rhythm, in and out, pulling me towards him in an urgent movement. We both moaned as I felt a tingling sensation start from my chest and travel down my spine to my cunt and clitoris. I flung my hand down to rub my clitoris as I met Raul’s strokes with fervor.

“Harder. Faster.” I moaned.

Raul moved in and out of my cunt, catching each time as he pulled out with that small hesitation as he continued to penetrate my tight cunt. I continued to rub my clitoris, every second getting more and more urgent as I entered into a state of delirium.

“I’m cumming, Raul!” I moaned.

He grunted along with me as my tingling grew and grew until I climaxed, waves of pleasure washing over me as my cunt tightened around his dick. He thrusted his cock as deep as he could, releasing his cum inside me, filling me thrust after thrust.

We slowed down, his cock still inside me. I flexed my muscles around his shaft before letting him go. 

“Goddammit, that was fucking hot,” he said. I turned around as he grabbed my head and pulled me in for a long, passionate kiss. My cunt was still throbbing, hoping for more. 

Cheers erupted from inside the house as I pulled him close. “Happy New Year,” I said.

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