Christina Aguilera's Awakening

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It was the night of the MTV music video awards and Christina Aguilera and Fred Durst had just finished singing together onstage. Everyone freaked of course because they are both from opposite sides in the music industry. Some of the most furious people to see this were Eminem and Carson Daly. It had been the year Eminem had written the song “The Real Slim Shady” to put down Ms. Aguilera because of her comments about him on her MTV special of What A Girl Wants. Carson was pissed because she always seemed to deny the rumors that she secretly wanted him. Why couldn’t she just admit that she did!

Backstage Christina and Fred were hungrily making out in Christina’s dressing room. His hands moved up and down her youthful body making her wet between her legs. He couldn’t believe she’d asked him to sing with her. He’d been masturbating to her pictures and videos for a few months and since he’d heard the Eminem song of her giving him head, he’d wanted her so bad!

“Oh fuck Fred, you kiss so good!” Christina wailed as Fred’s lips trailed down to her neck.

“Mmmm you smell delicious Christina. Are you gonna be a bad girl and let me fuck you?” He asked in a husky tone.

She giggled. “Oh I suppose so. I can’t imagine what the tabloids will say if anyone finds out that I let you fuck me.”

“Fuck the tabloids. I’m so fuckin’ hard for you. Look touch it.” Fred guided Christina’s hand to his crotch as she felt his rock hard cock throbbing and aching for her.

She’d never had sex before but ever since the rumors started flying that she was a slut, she couldn’t wait to have sex, especially with a bad boy like Fred Durst. She’d never been so hot or turned on by any guy like she did with Fred.

“Man that fuckin’ motherfucker is such a sell out!” Eminem complained to Carson as they walked backstage.

“Yeah, he’s probably just singing with her because he wants pussy man.” Carson said laughing.

“I don’t blame him. I’d like Christina Aguilera’s pussy too, but fuck she’s such a cunt. You know how she put me down on that stupid MTV special she had.”

“Yeah I know. Well whatever they do I could care less.”

Eminem stopped and looked at Carson straight in his eyes. “You could care less? Yeah right you know you’re aching for that slut to suck you off.”

Carson turned beet red. “What? Me? N-no way! I respect Christina. I mean come on I love your music but Christina is beautiful and she has never dissed me.”

“She’s probably going around telling everyone that you got a small dick Carson!” Eminem said as he laughed hysterically.

Carson frowned. Could Christina do something so spiteful? Yeah she was capable of doing that. After all she’d turned him down for several dates.

“Em, you’re right man. I would just love to fuck that little slut the way she wants to be. I bet she and Fred have already fucked. That fuckin’ loser is getting some pussy and we are not! What’s wrong with this picture?”

Just as Eminem was about to speak, they heard some loud moaning coming from Christina’s room.

“Shhh what the hell is that?” Emimen asked getting closer to the door.

“I think our little slut is getting fucked!” Carson whispered.

They two put their ears by the door and heard obvious fucking or sucking going on.

Fred had Christina almost naked by now. She had her top off exposing her small but sexy little breasts. Fred had one nipple in his mouth and rubbed the other nipple with his fingers. Christina had her head tossed back feeling her breasts played with and fondled.

“Mmmm Fred yes! Suck my tits. Ooooh fuck I’m getting wet!” She moaned.

“He’s sucking her tits?” Carson asked quietly.

“Yes! Oh shit that fucker is gonna get into that cunt’s pants!” Eminem said furiously.

“I got an idea Em, let’s interrupt their little fun.” Carson said deviously.

“Yeah I agree. But actually let’s join in on their fun!”

The two stood back and kicked the dressing room door open. There stood Fred Durst and Christina Aguilera half naked and Fred’s mouth still stuck on Christina’s hard pink nipple.

“Well, well, well. What have we here?” Eminem asked deviously as he closed the door behind him. Carson moved a chair towards the door securing it.

“Hey! You two can’t be in here. This is my dressing room!” Christina cried out trying to cover herself. She stood only in her dark pink thong panty and Fred was only wearing his baggy jeans.

“The hell we can’t! Oh Christina why didn’t you invite me and Em to your little slut party?” Carson asked moving closer to her.

“Hey man it’s a private party!” Fred answered sarcastically.

“Shut the fuck up you damn sellout!” Eminem shouted at Fred. He moved closer to Christina and stroked her long blonde hair. “Well so the song I wrote about you is true huh you slut? You are a whore! I knew it!”

Christina felt tears swelling up. “Look leave us alone.”

“Christina we are not gonna hurt you. We just want in some fun that’s all.” Carson reassured beginning to take his shirt off.

Christina looked at Carson baring his nice muscular chest. She licked her lips secretly wanting him but trying to refuse at the same time. Eminem was next to take off his shirt. His bare chest was covered with some tattoos just like Fred and that intrigued Christina. Fred felt his cock grow harder at the thought of all of them gangbanging the pop princess.

Carson began to brush his lips on the side of Christina’s pretty face. She closed her eyes still having Fred’s hand rubbing her lightly between her legs. She was weak and wasn’t going to be able to resist these three hot guys. Eminem watched the supposedly “innocent” girl getting wet from two guys. He felt his cock getting hard as he rubbed it through his pants.

Carson moved his lips now on Christina’s lips as they kissed softly at first letting their tongues meet gently. Fred began to pull Christian’s thong down her long legs finally exposing her young shaven pussy. Emimen gasped as he looked at her delicious looking cunt and Fred knelt down spreading her legs open ready to eat her pussy.

Carson and Christina were still lip locked and Emimen decided to make his way towards them. He moved his head down sucking on Christina’s hard nipples and gently biting them with his teeth. Christina let out a loud moan as soon as she felt Eminem’s mouth on her tits. She squirmed and moaned even louder when she felt Fred’s tongue gliding up and down her long slit.

“Mmmmmggghhh!” Christina’s muffled moans were heard.

“Hmm it looks like this bitch is in heat!” Eminem called out.

Carson broke their kiss and stood back taking off his black boots and black leather pants. Fred was still down between her legs licking her sweet juices up and down. He spread her thick pussy lips open letting her swollen pink clit slip out. He never imagined he’d be like this, sucking on Christina Aguilera’s clit. Fred moved his mouth and tightly wrapped his lips around her clit feeling her juices just ooze in his mouth like honey.

Carson stood now naked with the biggest hard on Christina had ever seen! It had to be at least eight inches long and thick. She felt her heart race not knowing if her virgin pussy would be able to handle such a size. She couldn’t wait to see what size Fred and Emimen had to offer.

Emimen struggled to take off his baggy pants as he kept Christina’s nipple in his mouth. He kicked off his shoes and slid off his socks finally letting his pants fall to the ground. Carson knelt down next to Fred and watched him sucking on Christina’s clit. Carson spread her lips letting Fred get more of her pussy. Christina was wailing in pure ecstasy.

“Yessss! Oh fuck yes! Eat my pussy! Lick me!” She said almost breathless.

Emimen pulled his black boxer briefs down letting Christina see his nice hard coc
k. It looked slightly smaller than Carson’s but almost as lethal. Eminem went down to see Fred eat the princess’ pussy. He could already smell her juices and he couldn’t wait to
taste them!

“OK Fred you had enough now let me have some of that pussy!” Carson demanded pushing Fred to the side.

“Hey man!” Fred complained but got quiet as Eminem gave him an angry look.

Fred got back on his feet and watch how turned on Christina was as she was getting her pussy licked. She stood there with her shoulders on a table and her head tossed back. Her eyes were closed and fluttered. Fred decided to go ahead and get naked as well. He wanted to be sure he was going to get some of that young pussy as well.

Carson couldn’t believe how sweet Ms. Aguilera tasted. He loved the way she smelled and how her clit would throb in between his lips. Eminem couldn’t wait to taste her. He slipped one finger inside of her extremely tight pussy hole. Christina gasped feeling a male’s finger enter her for the first time.

Eminem loved the way she felt. Her cunt was so warm and tight. He knew he was going to have to convince these guys that he should be the first one inside of her. He began to move his finger and out with a fast rhythm feeling her juices coat his finger. Carson continued to lick her fast and Fred was back up sucking on her tits.

Christina never knew being a slut could be so hot! If this was what it took to be a slut then by all means she was going to be a slut. She never felt so much pleasure her entire life! These three guys hungry for her and wanting to all fuck her just got her so damn excited. She felt a hard rush of pleasure rip through her body. Oh fuck I’m cumming! she said silently.

“Ahhhhoooohhhhhmmmmmmm!” She let out her loudest moan as she came hard.

Carson lapped her juices and Eminem felt her pussy clench his finger while she came.

“Oh what a fuckin’ little slut you are Christina. Letting three guys make you cum. Such a whore!” Emimen yelled out.

Christina felt her body weak from the tremendous orgasm she had. She still held her eyes tightly shut and suddenly felt herself being carried over to a soft velvet couch that was in the dressing room. She looked frightened but she couldn’t wait to see what these bad boys were going to do next.

She sat on the couch waiting for their next move. The guys huddled together making a plan. She bit her lip and reached down to feel her pussy slick with her juices. She’d never been that wet before.

“Ok now slut, we decided you’re going to suck us off. Have you sucked cock before?” Eminem asked.

She nodded quietly. “No. And why are you even asking me that Em? Didn’t you say in your song that I gave head?” She smiled.

The guys all laughed feeling so horny. There stood three guys all with hard cocks waiting to be sucked on. Fred’s cock was the smallest it seemed but it was still a nice length for fucking and sucking. All three had wet throbbing heads waiting to be sucked on.

“Ok now you’re going to take turns sucking us off babe.” Fred said stroking her face.

Christina didn’t say anything and just moved her bottom to the end of the couch taking Fred’s cock first. His salty precum was making her gag but he kept her head there until she slurped it all. Her pretty lips moved up and down his long shaft and she felt him raise her head up so she can look into his eyes as she blew him.

“Damn she looks like she can really suck dick!” Eminem cheered.

Carson was speechless. He couldn’t believe how sexy she looked with a cock in her mouth. All these times she’d appeared on TRL with him, he’d hoped to get at least a blowjob from her after the show but no dice. Now he was going to make her pay for all the times she’d left him with blue balls.

Only the sounds of Christina’s lips on Fred’s cock could be heard in the room. Christina couldn’t believe how hot she was getting from sucking on a cock. She’d been furious after Eminem had written that song about her sucking off Fred and Carson but now she was so turned on and felt that song was so true.

“Oh fuck! Suck it Christina. Suck my cock!” Fred moaned as the pretty young girl’s lips were tightly wrapped around his cock.

“Look at that bitch suck your dick! I told you that she was a skank!” Eminem continued to call her names but that only turned Christina on more.

Carson couldn’t take it any longer. He grabbed Christina’s head pulling her away from Fred’s cock and slipped his own cock in her mouth. She took it nicely never losing her dick sucking flow. Fred was pissed but turned on to now see his beautiful girl sucking another guy off.

“Mmmm oh yeah! Suck it slut. You know you’ve wanted to suck it!” Carson rasped grabbing Christina’s blond hair and gripping it tightly in his hands.

Christina loved how Carson was nicely trimmed and how his balls were huge! They looked so full of cum ready to explode in her mouth. He kept bobbing her head back and fourth until he reached the speed he wanted her to suck.

Eminem watched wide-eyed looking at this pop princess sucking off Carson. She was a whore and he always knew it. Each video appearance she made she looked sluttier than the previous. She’s gonna grow up to be such a skanky bitch! So slutty and such a cunt! Eminem was ready to corrupt her even more and show her how to be the biggest slut in the music industry.

Carson felt he was going to explode hard in Ms. Aguilera’s mouth but he pulled out letting Eminem know it was his turn to get sucked. Emienem looked down smiling wickedly at Christina. Her lustful eyes looked up at him and he just moved closer and dick slapped her face.

Christina let out a small gasp feeling the shock of a dick slapping her face. She loved it. Eminem slapped her face again with his hard cock and again. He loved the way she was taking his dick slapping.

“Uh! Here is for making me look like a damn fool in your stupid MTV special. And here you go again for being such a slut and trying to deny that you’re a slut. And another for making such crappy music!” Eminem kept calling out all the reasons for each dick slap.

It must have been over ten dick slaps when finally he just shoved his cock into Christina’s mouth making her almost choke on it. He had it deep in her mouth that was for sure. He swears he could feel her tonsils hitting the tip of his cock.

“That’s right bitch! Suck my cock! Suck it you fuckin’ skank!”

Carson and Fred jerked off watching Christina sucking Eminem’s cock. She was sucking off the guy who had put her down and embarrassed her by making that one song. She should hate him but instead she loved his abuse. Eminem felt his balls swelling up quickly with cum for this slutty girl. Her mouth just felt so damn good on his cock. She sucked dick good for being a supposed “virgin.” She put more suction on Eminem’s cock hoping to make him cum in her mouth and let her have her first taste of cock cream. But Eminem quickly pulled out and started to jerk his cock fast as so did Fred and Carson.

The three bad boys gathered around the pop princess and suddenly they all came simultaneously. Their cum splattered all over Christina’s pretty face. She opened her mouth trying to capture as much cum as she could. She felt it splash in her mouth so warm and tangy. She tried to swallow hard and fast wanting to have all of their cum swimming in her belly.

“Arrrrhhhhggggg!” Was all that could be heard as the three guys came on her face and mouth.

They all took turns dipping their cocks in Christina’s mouth letting her clean them up with her tongue. She loved the taste of cock cream and now understood why so many other girls did too. Her pretty face was covered with cum goo and she licked around her mouth trying to wipe it off with her tongue.

“Oh fuck! Look at her! She’s such a slut! What a whore letting us cum on her face!” Fred blurted out.

“I told you she was a slut. Now let’s see if we can bust that skanky pussy of hers!” Eminem cried out with excitement.

They pushed her little body down as
her back was on the couch and her legs way up in the air. Eminem opened her legs as far as they could go looking down at her wet and tight pussy.

“Damn look at that! I can’t wait to fuck that!” Eminem said as she moved closer to her.

“Hey Em, who said you can go first? I wanna fuck her first!” Carson said almost pushing Eminem aside.

“Hey fuck that! I wanna fuck her! She’s my bitch!” Fred said angrily.

Christina blushed as the guys fought on who got to fuck her first. Deep down she wanted Eminem to fuck her first. She loved the way he called her names and wanted him to fuck her and call her more names. He hated her and she hated him but that made her hotter.

“I want Eminem to go first.” She quietly said as they guys argued.

They all stopped to look at her closely. Carson’s blue eyes were fixed on her. He felt disappointed that he couldn’t go first. He’d fantasized about her since he first saw her and now she was ruining his fantasy by wanting Eminem first. Eminem felt his heart race at the thought of being Christina Aguilera’s first fuck. His cock was hard with anticipation ready to deflower her cunt.

Eminem knew how much Carson wanted Christina though. He felt sorry for him for being considered such a “nice” guy by the music industry and was going to go ahead and let him fuck Christina. He could care less about Fred though. Fred was going to have sloppy seconds. Eminem wanted to actually deflower Christina’s tiny puckered asshole.

“Carson man you can fuck her first. I know how bad you want her.” Eminem stepped aside letting Carson take full control.

Carson walked close to Christina looking straight into her eyes. He didn’t say anything just grabbed his hard thick cock and slowly started to ease his way inside her tight hole. Christina groaned loudly feeling a cock enter her pussy for the first time. She feared Carson going first since he was so big. She could feel her tiny pussy hole being stretched opened by Carson’s monster cock.

“Hmmmgggghhmmmm!” Christina cried out with almost tears running down her face.

“Take it bitch. Take my cock!” Carson rasped as he kept pushing his cock slowly getting all of it in her pussy. He could feel her pussy swallowing up his prick taking it in so good!

He trusted his hips slowly letting her adjust to his size. Fuck she’s tight! So young and so tight! Carson thought to himself as he started to fuck her with more ease.

Christina shut her eyes still feeling an enormous amount of pain but slowly that pain faded turning into major pleasure. Carson was now fucking her with more determination. Eminem and Fred watched and stroked their cocks ready to be next to fuck her.

“Christina you feel so fuckin’ good! Oh shit! You’re going to make me cum so fast! Fuck!” Carson kept pumping her knowing it wouldn’t be long before she would milk his cock with her pussy.

Christina loved the way a cock felt inside of her. All these years she had tried to save herself to a “special” man when she could have been doing this a long time ago. Her legs were wrapped tightly around Carson’s waist pulling him closer. She teased him with her cunt by tightening it more around his cock giving it more friction.

Carson knew he was going to cum even harder in her than he had on her face. He thrusted in and out of her fast and hard reaching down to pinch her nipples hard and hearing her moan.

“You like my cock bitch? Tell me you like my cock!” He demanded to Christina.

Christina didn’t have to lie. “I love your cock Carson! Fuck me good. I need to be fucked so good!”

“Yeah fuck that bitch. Fuck her skanky pussy! Bust that pussy!” Eminem cheered on.

Carson’s whole body tightened and he started to spurt his cum inside of Christina. They were hard spurts that gushed inside of her. She shuddered at first feeling cum enter her pussy for the first time. She loved the feeling of cum just shooting out inside of her.

“Yeah! Take my cum you fuckin’ cunt!” Carson panted after releasing his last spurt.

“Damn that bitch took your cum good Carson! I wonder if she can handle more cock. Can you handle more cock you fuckin’ whore?” Eminem asked pulling on Christina’s blonde hair.

Christian yelped. “Ow! Fuck! Let my hair go!”

“Shut up stupid bitch! Now answer my question, do you want more cock?” Eminem still had a hard grip on her hair.

“Y-yes! I want more cock! Fuckin’ give it to me!” She finally managed to blurt out.

“Get on all fours you cunt! Right now!” Eminem shouted.

Christina didn’t hesitate and got on all fours doggy style. Eminem slapped her ass hard turning it red. Christina cried out her pain and then she felt yet another slap. He spanked her ass again and again until the stinging sensation was actually making Christina hotter.

“You like getting your ass spanked bitch?” Eminem asked pulling her hair again.

“Yes! Fuck yes!” Christina moaned.

Eminem looked at Fred who was hard as a rock. “Hey Fred you ready to fuck this bitch? You ready for sloppy seconds?” He almost laughed.

Fred made a hateful face. “Hey fuck you. You’re just jealous because she was mine first.”

“Yours? No that’s not true. She was actually Carson’s first.”

That comment made Fred mad as hell. “Whatever! Move aside I wanna fuck her!”

Fred got behind Christina sliding his cock in quite easily. Fuck! That Carson motherfucker just busted her pussy! She’s so damn loose!

Fred started to thrust in and out of Christina and she moaned softly but he knew she wasn’t getting much penetration. Feeling frustrated he took his cock out and moved to the front of her face. He slapped his cock on her face hard.

“You’re too fuckin’ loose bitch. Now suck me off I don’t want any of your skanky pussy!”

Christina gladly accepted his cock in her mouth putting plenty of suction on it. Fred tossed his head back enjoying the pleasure of her 19-year-old mouth. Her lips wrapped perfectly around his cock as she looked up at him while she sucked him off.

“Yes suck it like that you bitch! Suck my cock! Milk my cock!” Fred cried out in almost a high-pitched voice.

Eminem stared at Christina’s ass with lust. Her ass was nice and round and her skin felt so soft. He was ready to pound on that ass like he’d always wanted to. He leaned down spreading her ass cheeks open showing off her pink puckered asshole.

“Hey Carson look at this! Fuck this hole is even tighter than the one you had!”

Carson looked and immediately his cock got hard again looking at her beautiful ass. Carson didn’t hesitate for a moment and just ran his tongue on her asshole as Eminem kept her ass cheeks spread wide.

Christina squirmed a bit as she felt her ass being licked for the first time. It felt different but yet so erotic! She began to bob her head fast on Fred’s cock and slowly took in his balls in her mouth as well. Fred looked down as Christina had her mouth full of his cock and balls. He knew he was going to explode hard in her tiny mouth.

Carson kept licking Christina’s ass and then Eminem joined in on the fun. They both took turns licking her asshole up and down and rimming it.

“Yes! Get her asshole nice and wet cuz I’m gonna fuck it!” Eminem said as he started to get ready to stick his cock up Christina’s ass.

Carson hungrily licked her ass until it was almost dripping wet with his saliva. He stood back as Eminem began to rim her asshole with his cock. He was going to just go ahead and ram it up her ass but instead he rammed it in her pussy getting his cock nice and wet with her juices to make the ass fucking more enjoyable. He slipped his cock in and out Christina’s pussy making her moan into Fred’s cock.

Once he got his cock wet, Eminem slid his cock out and gently started to enter Christina’s tight asshole. Christina squinted her eyes as
she felt the first cock ever entering her ass. She gripped Fred’s cock harder in between her lips making him wanna shoot his load in her mouth.

“Ahhhh fuck! I’m cumming you fuckin’ bitch! Drink my cum. Chug it down!” Fred moaned loudly cumming in Christina’s mouth.

Christina felt Fred’s long cum ropes shoot out in
her mouth and she swallowed every drop of his cum nicely. In the meantime, she could barely breath as Eminem began to jam his cock up her ass.

“Mmmm she’s so fuckin’ tight. Oh yes! I’m gonna fuck her ass good!” Eminem said, as his cock was just halfway in her ass. With a little more effort he finally got all the way in her ass. Christina yelped in agony not enjoying the ass fucking too much at first.

Carson looked at her pain and it almost broke his heart. He managed to slip underneath Christina ready to lick her cunt. Fred took his softening cock out of Christina’s mouth and practically fell the ground having no strength in him.

Christina felt tears almost coming out of her eyes as she was getting her ass deflowered. Suddenly she started to like it more as soon as Carson began to lick her pussy. Christina whimpered softly as she got her pussy eaten out and her ass fucked. The anal fuck was beginning to actually feel good.

Eminem started to fuck Christina’s ass hard making his balls slap against her ass cheeks. Carson licked and sucked on her clit making sure she came in his mouth. Christina found herself enjoying this a bit too much. The feel of Eminem’s cock up her ass was turning her on and the fact that Carson was eating her out was even hotter.

She tried to fight back but it was impossible! She was gonna cum so hard! Fred saw that her nipples became more erect and scooted over to her. He grabbed both of her nipples hard in his fingers pinching them. Christina was slowly losing herself.

Eminem loved the way her ass felt. It was the tightest thing he’d ever fucked. He wanted to just leave his cock inside of her ass for as long as he could. This little skank was gonna make him cum and it was going to be a hard orgasm. Fucking her up the ass would make up for all the things she’d said about him.

“I’m gonna cum in your ass you fuckin’ slut! Take my cum you bitch! You horny little bitch!” Eminem said breathlessly as he started to cum in Christina’s ass. At that same moment Christina felt herself releasing a much more intense orgasm. Her whole body tightened and she cried out her sweet orgasm.

Carson felt her juices just ooze out fast as he lapped them up. Her whole tiny body was quivering with delight as she came. Eminem had shot out his load inside her ass and he kept his cock in her ass making sure his cum stayed inside.

“You’re such a ho! You’re one fuckin’ hot ho!” Eminem wheezed as he tried to catch his breath.

Carson got up from underneath Christina and Fred let her sensitive nipples go. They all stood around her looking at her having been deflowered from all her three holes. She was such a little tease to all the guys who watched her videos and now she was a total slut.

Christina slowly turned to lay down on her back still naked and still aching for more fucking. She was thinking to herself what was going to happen from this day forward. Would these guys tell their friends she was a slut? God she only hoped so!

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    very nice description of what can happen backstage my props to you man.. very descriptive writing and very detailed

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    Excellent work Jessy girl. I see I had been out of touch for too long. Missed reading your hot stories. This one is especially descriptive. it’s hot!

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  4. Just Awesome...

    I wish I was Christina having me sucked and fucked by a 3-some!! It would be too sweet to be true!! GREAT STORY JESS!! I hope to read more!!

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