harry potter and the secret of cho chang part 1

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For all harry potter fans if you are reading this is strictly prohibited for groups below 18.
And I appologise for this.
But if u are an erotica lover. Then enjo…………….

It was the last meeting of DA before christmass holiday.
Harry let them to revise what they have learnt so far.
There was a lot of improvement in all the members.

It was time to go back.
All of them left the room in grous of 2 or 3.
Finally harry realized only he and cho was left in the room of requirement.
He looked at cho. Cho was moving inch by inch towards harry.
Next thing he saw was cho`s lips were locked with his.
And it was wet. For a minute or so they kissed.
Then cho said ” harry I love u …I love u so much..”
Harry couldn`t resist he dragged her towards him and kissed her passionately.

Suddenly he withdraw…
Harry began
” am sorry cho.. I shouldn`t have…”
“no harry don’t be sorry… I like u…” she was now closer than ever “i
Have been hoping for this to happen for years….. will u fuck me harry”
Harry couldn’t say any thing before she was kissing his chest.
Now harry has nothing to do he dragged her and lay her in a sofa.
He slowly removed her dress.
Now she was left with only bra and panty.
Harry removed his cloak.
And he stripped completely before cho.
Who was no holding his 6 inch long coke.
She put it to her mouth and blow jobbed.
His cum fell all on her face.
Cho said”ohhhhh harry dig it in my pussy aaaah”
Harry moved and put his cock into chos sweet little hole..
She cried of pleasure “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah oooooooooooooooh yeahhhhh”
“oooooooh haaary come on deep”
harry started to pump his dick in and out.
“u have a small hole darling”…..
“but u have a nasty big cock harry.aaaaaaah”
“yewwwwwwwwwwwww oooooooooooooooh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”
“faaste faatser ooooooh aaaaaaaah”
Now he is pumbing like nothing.
Cho was screaming
“yeah harry cum in mee aaaaaaaa”
Harry was reaching his climax for second time of night
With a cry he spit full cum inside chos sweet pussy.
She was screaming like mad.
Suddenly they heard a knock
Harry looked back.


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