Jessica Alba shows me just how fantastic she is

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I work on a lot of sets so it’s no surprise when I see a movie star. One actress caught my eye, and that was Jessica Alba. She was so hot. Every part of her body was perfect. Her eyes,hair,skin, her large 34c breast and her heart shaped ass were enough to get my cock rock hard. One day like any other I was working on a movie set and who should I see but Jessica Alba. My heart started to race. I had everyone speed up what they were doing to get the set ready. Just seeing her made me want to make sure nothing was wrong with the equipment.
The director was impressed with the speed that each set was setup and to my surprise so was Jessica. It was time ti leave when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was her, my goddess Jessica Alba.
“Ms. Alba what’s the matter. Is everything okay?”
“You can call me Jess.Your name is?”
“My name is Raymond Sahar.You can call me Ray though.”
“Well Ray I hand to have my car towed and I was wondering if you could give me a ride.”
“I would be honored to, but aren’t some of the other actors able to give you a ride?”
“They could but with the way you checked and re-checked the sets makes me feel safe with you.So how about that ride then?”
“Hop on Jess.”
Jessica Alba got on my motorcycle bike. My cock was getting hard when I felt her put her arms around my waist. I took off driving her back to her house. It was about an hour before we got there. As I was about to leave she invited me inside.When she closed the door she caught me off guard and pushed me against the door kissing me. I was in shock, but kiss her back and put my arms around and grabbed her ass with my hands.After she broke the kiss we were both breathing really hard.We stared into eachother eyes, and I then picked her upand I put her on the couch and kissed her again. I took off her shirt and jeans leaving her in her bra and panties. I took off her bra and sucked on her tits. She let out moans of pleasure, and told me she wanted to fuck me from the moment she saw me. Jessica told me to take her to her bedroom. Once there she took my clothes off and then threw me on to the bed.She took her panties and got on the bed with me. Jessica took my cock in her hand and started to lick the precum off my cock. Then she put my cock in her mouth and kept sucking it. Jessica 69 and I licked her pussy as she sucked my cock.Her moans kept growing as I fucked her with my tongue.
I turned her on her back and took my cock and shovedit into her pussy. I went harder and faster with every thrust. I sucked on her tits as I kept on fucking her. I was about to cum she put her legs and said cum inside of me. She started to scream I’m CUMMMMIINNGGG!!!!!!!!!. As I her pussy pulled on my cock I cummed too. Since my cock was lubed up from our juices I turned Jessica over and started to fuck her virgin ass. She was moaning in both pain and pleasure but told me to keep going. My cock got hard again. She got on top of me and started to ride me. Her phone started to ring, but she took it and threw it out the window and it fell into her pool.She started to fo faster which made my cock get harder seeing her breats bouncing up and down. I got and sucked and played with her tist and she kept fucking me. After a while she moaned I’m cumming and I came with her. We just lay in her bed in eachother arms.

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Jessica Alba shows me just how fantastic she is, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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