Jessica Simpson's Wedding Night

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The beautiful blonde 22 year old pop singer Jessica Simpson was lost in a deep seductive kiss with her new husband Nick Lachey one of the singers from the boy band 98 degrees. They had just gotten married that Saturday Afternoon on October 26, 2002. Jessica had always dreamed of her wedding day since she was a child. She was a hopeless romantic and now she was here finally with the man of her dreams. A very hot and sexy man that is.

Nick was huge compared to Jessica’s little frame. He stood over her running his hands up and down her beautiful petite body. His muscular arms wrapped tightly around her small body. Their tongues slithered together and Jessica could feel her whole body filled with excitement, as she was about to have sex for the first time in her life.

Jessica was a firm believer in no sex until marriage and now here she was married and ready to become a woman. Nick’s huge throbbing cock was already hard. He felt it almost crawl out of his tux as he kissed his beautiful bride. He felt lucky as hell to have someone as beautiful as Jessica wait for him to be her first. It was rare to find girls like this but she was one of them and he didn’t complain about that.

They had dated for a while and Nick was used to getting into girls pants quite easily. He knew his handsome looks and stardom could get him to get almost any girl he wanted. He’d banged so many groupies but was tired of all of the easy girls. He wanted a nice pure innocent girl that he could deflower. He wanted some nice tight pussy for once instead of used pussy. Jessica was all his now and he was going to make her first time as hot as possible.

“I love you Nick. Oh honey I’ve wanted this all my life!” Jessica cooed feeling her husband kiss her softly on her neck.

“Jessica I’m so ready to be inside of you. You know I want you to enjoy this.” Nick replied slowly unzipping her wedding dress.

Jessica closed her eyes as she felt her dress fall to the floor. She stood there in her sexy almost see through white bra and her white thong panties. Nick gasped looking at her beautiful body. Her skin was tanned and so young. Her breasts looked so huge and her nipples were already hard.

“Mmmm darlin’ you are so sexy!” Nick said as he looked at his bride up and down.

Jessica blushed. She was yearning to look at her husband naked for the first time. She’d never seen a naked man before, at least not in real life. Growing up in a strict home where here father was a minister, she couldn’t go around acting like a hussy. Now tonight would be the first time she let go of all her inhibitions and get down and dirty with a man. Her hot husband.

Nick had been planning this night ever since he’d laid eyes on Jessica. Even his friends from the band would all tell him how sexy and hot she was. It got him so excited to think that so many men wanted Jessica but only he had her.

Nick slid his arms up Jessica’s back and unsnapped her bra. Her bra quickly came off and slid down her arms. He licked his lips finally being able to see the beautiful breasts Jessica Simpson possessed. It’d been so many times he’d jacked off to think what her huge breasts looked like. He’d often touched them through her top when they made out but she wouldn’t let him put his hands inside her shirts. Now they were there in front of him totally bare.

He reached out gently touching them. Jessica moaned immediately having a guy feel her bare breasts for the first time. Nick caressed her breasts very lightly and slowly put her nipples between his fingers pinching them and twisting them gently. Jessica automatically felt wetness between her legs as her husband played with her tits. He leaned down and took one breast in his mouth hungrily sucking on it. Jessica tossed her head back as she moaned louder now. Nick’s mouth felt incredible on her breast. His nice thick lips were clamped tightly on her dark pink nipple. With his other hand Nick pinched her other nipple.

“Yes! Oh Nick that feels so good!” Jessica cried out.

Nick kept taking turns sucking on one tit and then the other. Her breasts were so gorgeous. They were huge at least a large c cup and so firm. He wondered how someone as hot as Jessica with such nice tits could get away with being a virgin.

“I love your tits Jessica. Uh I mean breasts.” Nick blurted out almost feeling his face turn red.

Jessica laughed softly. “Sweetheart there is no need to be so modest. Tell me nasty things like you do to those other girls you’ve slept with.”

Nick’s jaw dropped. He couldn’t believe his innocent wife was telling him to talk shit to her. Oh he was so ready to call her every name in the book. He’d always fantasized about getting down and dirty with her.

Nick grabbed her long hair gripping it tightly in his hands. Jessica gasped feeling her hair being pulled by this strong handsome man. Her brown eyes looked at him with plea and seduction.

“Jessica I’m so ready to fuck you tonight. I’ve been wanting to fuck you since I first saw you! Do you want to be a slut with me Jessica?” Nick rasped as he looked at his wife deep in her eyes.

Jessica felt so helpless and so turned on. “Fuck me Nick. Show me what I’ve been missing! I want to be a slut!”

Nick let her hair go and knelt down to begin taking off her white thong. He ran his hands up and down her long legs first and slowly ran his tongue on her firm thighs. Jessica couldn’t take her eyes off her husband. He looked so hot just licking her thighs and she loved the way he was starting to grip her buttocks.

Nick grabbed each side of her thong and started to slide it down her luscious legs. He didn’t want to see her pussy yet. He fought hard to keep his eyes off her cunt and finally managed to get her thong off.

Jessica couldn’t believe she was finally completely naked in front of a man. Nick got back up and kissed his wife hard. He felt as if he would already cum inside his pants. No other woman had ever turned him on so much. All those sluts he’d slept with were fun to fuck but that’s it. This woman was special. She was his wife and such an innocent girl.

Nick easily picked Jessica up and carried her over to the huge hotel bed. He layed her down on silk sheets and kissed her some more. He got back up and slowly started taking off his tux. Jessica looked closely as her husband was getting naked for her. He had such an awesome body. His chest was muscular and his six-pack stomach was so delicious to look at. He took his top off and slowly started to take the bottom portion off which Jessica was anxious to look at.

Nick was about to unzip his pants and he looked at his wife. She had her legs closed trying to conceal her virgin pussy. He smiled at her and she just stared curiously at him.

“Jessica open your legs darlin’.”

She blushed. Slowly she spread her legs showing her husband the most delicious shaved pussy he’d ever seen. Nick gulped as he looked at his wife’s pussy for the first time. She was such an angel. Her pussy lips were nice and thick and her slit was long. He couldn’t get a look at her clit yet but soon enough he would.

“Play with your pussy Jessica.” Nick ordered as he rubbed his cock over his pants.

Jessica didn’t hesitate. She ran her hand down her flat tummy and onto her aching pussy. She rubbed her fingers on her cunt and slowly spread her lips ready to expose her pink swollen clit to her husband. Nick squeezed his cock through his pants as he looked at her clit. It was a big clit that begged for him to suck on it.

Jessica continued to rub her clit and she let out soft moans as she closed her eyes.

“No Jessica darlin’ look at me please.” Nick requested.

Jessica opened her big brown eyes and looked deep into Nick’s eyes. They both played with themselves as they stared at each other. Jessica kept rubbing her clit in a circular motion and fast. She bit her lip and
moaned louder. She’d never masturbated in front of a guy before and never thought doing it would turn her on so much.

ick couldn’t believe how sexy his wife looked touching herself. He wondered how many times she’d played with herself as she thought of him. He left her there pleasing herself as he continued to take of the rest of his clothes. Jessica looked anxiously at her husband as he was down to his boxers. She could already see his cock hard as a rock and ready for her. Her pussy was now drenched from playing with it.

Nick slowly slid off his boxers finally standing naked in front of his virgin wife. Jessica’s eyes widened as she saw her husbands huge cock. She’d never seen such a big cock, not even in the movies or magazines she’d seen. She feared that cock would hurt her, but yet she longed to have it inside of her, stretching her, making her a woman.

“Look at my cock Jessica. Look at it while you touch your pussy.” Nick said quietly.

Jessica kept her eyes on her husbands cock. She was so ready to cum just looking at it. Its huge mushroom head was wet with precum and she could almost see the cock veins pulsate. He was shaved just like she was. His balls were huge and looked so swollen. Jessica licked her lips and rubbed her fingers faster on her clit. She panted as she began to orgasm.

“Oooooh Nick! Oh Nick! I’m c-cumming!” She wailed as her tiny body quivered while her orgasm rippled through her.

“Yes! Cum for me. Oh Jessica you look so hot cumming!” Nick said as he grabbed his cock and squeezed it.

Jessica slowly caught her breath looking up at her husband who was speechless from watching her masturbate. She gave him a sexy little smile and opened her arms for him to join her in bed.

Nick quickly got on top of his wife kissing her and holding her tight.

“Oh Jessica that was so beautiful. So fuckin’ beautiful!” Nick moaned in her ear.

She laughed softly running her fingers through his hair. “I love you. Make love to me please.”

Nick kissed her softly and instead of entering her he slid his body down until he had his head between her legs. Jessica got up on her elbows and looked down as Nick began to lick her pussy. She’d never known any other pleasure more intense than having her pussy eaten out. Jessica opened her mouth but nothing came out. It was nothing but pleasure that she was feeling. A pleasure so indescribable. She gasped for air as Nick’s long tongue flicked her clit fast. Her little body began to squirm around.

“Mmmmhhhmmm! Nick! Oh yes! Lick me! Taste me!” She called out letting her head fall back on the bed as she closed her eyes tightly.

She knew it wouldn’t be long until she came again. She squirmed more as she felt Nick’s thick lips wrapped around her clit. He sucked on her clit hard loving her taste. She was so unbelievable. Her juices were so delectable that he never wanted to stop licking and sucking her.

Jessica touched squeezed her big breasts as her husband ate her out. His tongue felt so good between her legs. She felt the room spinning around as she started to come to her climax. Her moans became more intense and her body quivered harder than ever.

“Ahhhhoooohhhhh!” She cried out as her juices oozed on to her husbands mouth.

“Hmmmmhhhmmm,” Nick mumbled as he sucked on her clit.

Jessica felt as if her orgasm had gone on forever. Her body now felt weak but yet she couldn’t wait to attack her husband. She wanted his cock so bad at this point. Nick drew himself away from between his wife’s legs and quickly went to kiss her.

They kissed so hard and full of passion. Jessica could taste herself in her husband’s mouth. They both kissed sharing the taste of her cum.

“Jessica suck my cock.” Nick demanded breathlessly.

Jessica had never ever sucked a cock so was afraid she might do it wrong. She looked up at her husband with hurtful eyes. “Nick, I-I don’t know how to suck cock.”

Nick kissed her cheek and stroked her angelic face. “Just put your mouth around it and I’ll guide you. Please I want you to suck me off. I need to cum in your mouth.”

Jessica got up and knelt down in front of her husband. Nick sat on the bed holding his hard cock. He looked at her and raised her face up putting his cock right in front of it. Jessica stared closely at his member and began to feel her mouth water. She often thought about what a guys cock would feel like in her mouth or how his cum would taste.

“Put it in your mouth slowly. Just wrap your lips around it.” Nick said softly guiding his wife to suck his cock.

Jessica did just that. She took his prick in her mouth slowly being careful not to bite. Her gorgeous lips wrapped nicely around it and Nick moaned as her felt the warmth of her mouth.

“Mmmm yes like that baby. Oh fuck like that!”

Nick grabbed her hair again and made sure to lift her face back up for her to look him in the eye as she sucked him off. “Now bob your head back and forth slowly until you get used to it. Remember slowly.”

Jessica’s head bobbed back and forth as she savored the taste of his precum. He was so salty but the taste was making her so wet! She continued her rhythm nice and slow. Nick looked at her lips gliding back and forth on his long thick shaft. She looked so beautiful just sucking him off.

“Yeah! Suck it Jessica! Oh suck my cock baby! Make me cum!” Nick continued to beg for his orgasm.

The beautiful blonde pressed her lips tighter on her husband’s cock. She could feel it throbbing in her mouth. Never in a million years had she thought she’d be sucking a guy off.

Nick could feel his balls tightening up ready to spurt hot cum in his wife’s mouth. He couldn’t wait to have her swallow his load taking it in her virgin mouth. He’d be the first and hopefully the only guy to cum in her sweet mouth.

Jessica began to wiggle her tongue at the tip of Nick’s cock as she had it in her mouth. That drove Nick to the edge. He held her head in place at first feeling his cock pulsate hard in her mouth then he quickly bobbed her head up and down fast spurting long ropes of cum in his wife’s mouth.

Jessica felt herself shudder at the first taste of cum drowning her mouth. She felt herself begin to choke a little bit as she tried to capture all the taste her husband had to offer.

“Drink it babe! Oh baby swallow it all!” Nick demanded breathlessly.

Jessica managed to swallow all of Nick’s cum so gracefully. She loved the way he tasted and couldn’t wait to taste him more and more. They’d have the rest of their lives to exchange their juices and she looked forward to that more than anything now.

Nick let go of the hard grip he had on Jessica’s hair and helped her back up. She sat on his lap and leaned her head on his shoulder. Nick stroked her long blonde hair and kissed her forehead.

“Oh baby you sucked me so good! God I am still so hard for you! Look at me!” Nick said showing his still hard cock to his wife.

Jessica kissed him softly. “I’m ready for this cock to be inside of me.” She grabbed his cock tightly in his hand.

Nick felt his cock twitch in her hand. He too was ready to be the first man to enter her pussy. He felt like the luckiest man alive at that moment to be her first fuck. He picked her up again as she felt so light in his arms. He laid her down standing over her. Grabbing her legs and pushing her towards him, Jessica felt her heart racing.

Nick put her long legs over his shoulders and glided his cock on her pussy. Jessica waited to be deflowered by the man she loved more than anything in the world. She suddenly felt a small sharp pain as Nick began to enter her. Nick grunted feeling his cock slowly being swallowed up by Jessica’s incredibly tight cunt.

Mmmm she’s so tight! So fuckin’ tight! Such a beautiful woman! Nick thought as he entered her little by little.

Jessica’s eyes were shut tight as she felt a cock entering her for the first time. She whimpered quietly in pain as her husband ent
ered every inch of his aching cock into her. Once inside of her, Nick could feel her warm tight little pussy gripping his cock and securing it inside of her. He
had never felt such a nice pussy his entire life. Jessica was amazing taking all his cock. He knew he was the envy of almost any hot-blooded American male being able to fuck Jessica Simpson.

Nick began to thrust his hips as his cock went in and out of Jessica’s pussy. She moaned now sounding more of pleasure than pain. With each thrust, Nick could feel his cock being suctioned in harder by Jessica’s tight pussy.

“Mmmmggghhhhh Nick go faster baby! Oooh it’s starting to feel so good!” Jessica whined.

Nick did just that. He started fucking his beautiful wife fast and with determination to hopefully make her cum. Jessica looked lovely laying there letting him fuck her and take away all her innocence. Her big breasts moved fast in circular motion as he fucked her.

Jessica’s pussy was too tight already making Nick want to cum. He reached out to play with her clit while he fucked her. Jessica shrilled loudly feeling his fingers twisting her clit and rubbing it.

“Mmmm baby you’re so tight! You’re going to milk my cock aren’t you?” Nick rasped looking deeply into Jessica’s eyes.

Jessica couldn’t respond. She was loved the feeling of his cock inside of her. She just nodded hoping to soon be filled with her husbands cum.

Nick rubbed her clit faster with his fingers watching her eyes close and flutter. “Cum for me Jessica. Cum on my cock baby.” He whispered.

Jessica felt a rush of excitement flow through her. She felt her body tauten and she had a beautiful orgasm on her husbands cock. Nick could feel her pussy constrict grasping his cock so tight.

“Oooohhh Ahhhhhhhhmmmmmggghhh!” She groaned.

Jessica’s body was trembling with excitement. Her nipples hardened and her pussy was now aching her husband’s cum. “Cum in me Nick. Oh Nick let me feel your cum!”

Nick pumped her pussy faster as he felt his balls releasing his sperm. His cock erupted inside his wife’s chaste fuck hole.

“Arrrggggggghhhhhhaaarrrhhh!” He cried out loudly as he came hard. It must have been five or six spurts that were drowning Jessica’s pussy. His cum shots were violent making Jessica almost jump up.

Jessica loved the way her husband’s seed was flowing inside of her. “Mmmm Nick! Oh Nick you came inside of me! Baby you feel so good!” Jessica said softly gripping Nick’s arms tightly as he slowly recovered from his orgasm.

Nick slowly put Jessica’s legs down and fell on the bed next to her. Jessica laid her head on his muscular chest feeling his heart racing. He held her tight never wanting to let her go. It had been a wonderful first time. Just like she’d always fantasized and like he always dreamed of.

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